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The following is a series of promotional gameplay videos and trailers for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ and Kingdom Hearts Union χ.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[edit]

E3 2015 Trailer[edit]

E3 2015 Trailer
<youtube width="320" height="240">6_n9vybMPMQ</youtube>
<youtube width="320" height="240">CUFbrF85L7E</youtube>
<youtube width="320" height="240">BFFydxtkhYw</youtube>

Tokyo Game Show 2015 Trailer[edit]

TGS 2015 Trailer
<youtube width="320" height="240">7ZO3r_aWbeI</youtube>

Launch Trailer (North America)[edit]

Launch Trailer (North America)
<youtube width="320" height="240">ras838NFpno</youtube>

Development Team Message[edit]

Development Team Message
<youtube width="320" height="240">c-WMoBHPCYc</youtube>

E3 2016 Trailer[edit]

E3 2016 Trailer
<youtube width="320" height="240">g63DyZoccXc</youtube>

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]


<youtube width="320" height="240">PgDrwwUnY88</youtube>


<youtube width="320" height="240">kycDgmjpGsg</youtube>

Launch Trailer[edit]

Launch Trailer
<youtube width="320" height="240">k1twY4TrYDs</youtube>