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Kingdom Hearts Magical Puzzle Clash

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Kingdom Hearts Magical Puzzle Clash
Kingdom Hearts Magical Puzzle Clash Logo KHD.png

Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Release date(s)
Genre Arcade
Game modes Single-player
Platform(s) Online Flash Game

Kingdom Hearts Magical Puzzle Clash, stylized as Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Magical Puzzle Clash, is an online flash game released to the Disney website by Square Enix and Disney. The game was made to promote Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and is not canon to the series in any way.


Kingdom Hearts Magical Puzzle Clash is an arcade style puzzle game similar to Bejeweled. The game starts with a small plot summary of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, saying that as members of the Organization, Roxas, Xion, and Axel must defeat the Heartless and release captured hearts. Then, the player is allowed to choose which character to play as. The purpose of the game is to switch two tiles so that there is a row of at least three, after which the tiles disappear, and more fall from above the game board. As matches are made, HP is taken from the Heartless.

At the same time, in a smaller game board, the Heartless is making matches, which also deals damage and depletes HP from the character. The game includes a power-up for each character, as well as tiles that represent magic spells which can be used to obstruct the opponent. These tiles can only be accessed by allowing them to drop to the bottom of the game board. In addition, two special tiles allow for complete clearing of tiles horizontally and both horizontally and vertically. As the game progresses, HP is increased for both the character and the opposing Heartless. There are five worlds which can be played in: Agrabah, Wonderland, Olympus Coliseum, Neverland, and Beast's Castle. Each world has five levels, including a final boss level to clear the world.


Power Ups[edit]

Power Up Name Description
Gem (Row Destroyer) KHD.png
Row Destroyer "Earn the Row Destroyer power up by matching 4 tokens at once!"
Gem (Crossroad Destroyer) KHD.png
Crossroad Destroyer "Earn the Crossroad Destroyer power up by matching 5 tokens at once!"
Gem (Roxas's Power Up) KHD.png
Roxas's Power Up "Use this power up to destroy all the tokens present on the board that matches its color."
Gem (Xion's Power Up) KHD.png
Xion's Power Up "Use this power up to change the color and shape of tokens."
Gem (Axel's Power Up) KHD.png
Axel's Power Up "Use this power up to collect several tokens chosen at random all at once!"


Spell Name Description
Gem (Blind) KHD.png
Blind "A hovering cloud blocks the opponent's view. Only visible tokens may be swapped."
Gem (Block) KHD.png
Block "A cap appears on the upper part of the board, temporarily preventing new tokens from falling into play."
Gem (Blizzara) KHD.png
Blizzara "Reduce a moderate amount of the enemy's hit points."
Gem (Confusion) KHD.png
Confusion "All tokens change color but only in appearance. You can no longer tell which is which."
Gem (Cure) KHD.png
Cure "Heal a small amount of hit points."
Gem (Cura) KHD.png
Cura "Heal a moderate amount of hit points."
Gem (Curaga) KHD.png
Curaga "Heal a huge amount of hit points."
Gem (Firaga) KHD.png
Firaga "Reduce a huge amount of the enemy's hit points."
Gem (Freeze) KHD.png
Freeze "Freeze a certain amount of tokens on your opponent's board."
Gem (Petrify) KHD.png
Petrify "Several tokens on your opponent's board are turned to useless stones."
Gem (Randomizer) KHD.png
Randomizer "Several tokens on the opponent's board are swapped at random."
Gem (Remedy) KHD.png
Remedy "Removes a harmful opponent's spell."
Gem (Remove) KHD.png
Remove "Removes all power ups from your opponent's board."
Gem (Remove Spell) KHD.png
Remove Spell "Removes a randomly chosen spell from your opponent's spell board."
Gem (Silence) KHD.png
Silence "Prevents your opponent from casting spells."
Gem (Slow) KHD.png
Slow "Opponent's tokens move slower."
Gem (Thunder) KHD.png
Thunder "Reduce a small amount of the enemy's hit points."




  • The game's instructions mistakenly title Organization XIII as "Organization VIII".
  • The game mistakenly labels the worlds as "realms".

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