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Games in Chronological Order[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Series Timeline.png

Timeline of Events[edit]

Age of Fairy Tales - The First Keyblade War
Missing Image.png When the Master of Masters is a boy, a war rages between the physical manifestations of light and the thirteen darknesses. To finally win against light, Darkness abandoned its physical form and became a whole entity, but its will could not be maintained. In order to propagate and increase their numbers, it begins to infect people's hearts with darkness, turning them into Pureblood Heartless. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png During his adulthood, the Master of Masters takes six apprentices, gifting each of them Keyblades forged from their hearts, who are then renamed Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi, Ira, and Luxu.
Reporting In 01 KHXBC.png The Master of Masters writes the Book of Prophecies, warning that Darkness would watch from nearby to learn the events of the future. Once the book is completed, he gifts it to five of six of his apprentices, the foretellers.
The Foretellers 01 KHXBC.png The Unions are created in Daybreak Town, each led by a foreteller, with the aim to recruit Keyblade wielders and collect Lux to battle Darkness. KHCHI icon.png
The icon for Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
Missing Image.png Before the foretellers were given their roles, the Master of Masters and Luxu would meet in the Control constantly where they discussed the past and the future of the world. Luxu expresses disappointed that the Dandelions would have to flee to a new world to rebuild rather than fight against Darkness. However, the Master of Masters assures him that there is a way to defeat Darkness, but it will take many lifetimes to accomplish it. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Aware that Darkness could not be defeated without a physical form, the Master of Masters's real purpose of training his students was to make their hearts strong enough so they could lock the seven strongest darknesses away. The Master of Masters intends to have the five of the remaining six would be locked within the Union leaders, leaving the last to be caged within Data-Daybreak Town. The icon for Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
Originally uploaded by Levi657 The Master of Masters tasks each of his foretellers a crucial role they must carry out if he should ever disappear. Luxu is tasked to observe the events to come with the No Name and ensure the Book of Prophecies is written, pass it along to worthy apprentices down the generations, and safeguard a mysterious black box. The icon for Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
Case of Ira 01 KHXBC.png The Master of Masters vanishes without a trace, leaving the Unions to carry on without him. The icon for Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
The Power of Light 01 KHUX.png Player is recruited into one of the Unions. Together with their chosen Union, and newfound friends Ephemer and Skuld, they experience many adventures in Daybreak Town and the hologram worlds created by the Book of Prophecies. KHCHI icon.png
Originally uploaded by Levi657 The foretellers discover a traitor in their midst with the appearance of a Nightmare Chirithy. Due to the loss of a security blanket in the Master's guidance, and their own ineptitude and incompetence in carrying out their roles, they begin to suspect one another of treason. The squabbling eventually turns into all-out battles among the Unions, all but ensuring the coming of the prophesied Keyblade War. KHCHI icon.png
The icon for Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
Missing Image.png Unbeknownst to them all, it was the Nightmare Chirithy that stole Lux causing the Keyblade wielder's hearts to be consumed by darkness, turning them into Darklings. KHUCHI icon.png
Originally uploaded by Levi657 Master Ava forms the Dandelions, an organization of gifted Keyblade wielders, meant to avoid the Keyblade War and work to rebuild the new world to come. Ephemer and Skuld join, however Player refuses. KHCHI icon.png
The icon for Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
One Last Wish 01 KHUX.png Strelitzia, Lauriam's sister, one of the chosen leaders of the Dandelions, secretly tries to recruit Player into their ranks but she is murdered before she can, and her Rulebook is stolen by a mysterious figure. KHUCHI icon.png
Changing Destiny 01 KHUX.png Ava defies her Master's orders by gifting the Book of Prophecies to Brain, one of the chosen leaders of the Dandelions, instead of his own personal pick. KHUCHI icon.png
Originally uploaded by Levi657 The First Keyblade War takes place in the badlands of the Keyblade Graveyard. Tens of thousands of Keyblade wielders lose their lives in the battle - Player however is rescued by Ephemer and Skuld and taken with them. The foretellers disappear sometime before the War ends. Luxu watches from a distance with the No Name in hand as thousands of Hearts are engulfed into Kingdom Hearts. KHCHI icon.png
The icon for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-
Screenshot of "The Third to Arrive" cutscene from KHUX featuring Ventus and Ephemer The five leaders of the Dandelions gather in the Keyblade Graveyard: Ephemer, Skuld, Lauriam, Brain and Ventus. KHUCHI icon.png
A Witch Out Of Time 01 KHUX.png Daybreak Town is rebuilt as a hologram world to serve as the new home to the Dandelions. All of its residents have their memories of the Keyblade War erased, as if it never happened. Maleficent appears from the future following her demise in Hollow Bastion, showing up in one of the hologram worlds. KHCHI icon.png
KHUCHI icon.png
The Plan 01 KHUX.png The Dandelions leaders try to figure out their roles and how to rebuild their world. Brain voices his intent to be the "virus in the system", and change destiny from what is written in the Book. Meanwhile, Maleficent is approached by a shadowy entity known only as "Darkness", who promises to return her to her own time. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Sometime later, the Union leaders peaceful world is interrupted when data glitches, apparitions and the Darklings appear. Through, Brain's deductive reasoning the group discovers escaping in the Keyblade War they were trapped in a data version of Daybreak Town KHUCHI icon.png
Elrena 01 KHUX.png Lauriam begins his investigation into his sister's murder, while Brain concocts his own plans to thwart the Master's vision of the future. "Darkness" informs Maleficent of a device known as the lifeboat, which can purportedly return her to her own time. Lauriam confronts her, but she defeats him and manages to escape in one of the pods. KHUCHI icon.png
The Odd Name Out 01 KHUX.png While solving the glitches, Brain discovers that Ventus was never meant to be one of the Dandelion's leaders. Together with Ephemer, they confront him to try and ascertain who appointed him among their ranks. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Upon further discussion the group, despite believing Ventus' innocence, ask him to remember his encounter with Master Ava. He recalls meeting her in a dimly lit house and leaving together, not remembering much else. However, understanding that it wasn't Ava's intention to change the leaders, Brain concludes that Darkness was who appointed Ventus among their ranks, replacing Strelitzia with him. So they return to the clock tower to inform Lauriam. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png With Darkness' help Maleficient escapes to the real world, but not her own time. The entity suggests using a second pod to get there. Though, it turned down her offer to come, since it has some unfinished business. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png The strain of trying to remember puts Ventus in his sleeping corridors. Meanwhile, the others notice that he was there during Strelitzia's disappearance and slowly realize that Darkness is closing in. Through his dreams Ventus fully remembered what happened during his and "Master Ava's" encounter, causing him to wake up in sorrow, as he felt responsible for what happened to Strelitzia. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Now that the leaders were aware that Darkness was here, they were left with many unanswered questions. And yet, their conversation is interrupted by a grief-stricken injured Lauriam who overheard and misheard everything; demanding answers from his comrades about his sister. Ventus informs them that he was responsible for Strelitzia's demise despite their protest and Lauriam turns his anger on him prompting the boy to go unconscious again as Darkness emerges from him, making its presence known to everyone. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png While conversing with Darkness, the Union leaders discovered that it has no goals. When they asked why it killed Strelitzia, the entity admits that it was a hidden desire of Ventus's, as he wanted power, much to his comrades' protest and disbelief. Darkness reveals they are an old acquaintance of the Master of Masters and that Ventus is meant to harbor the Darkness as the "fated child". Brain leads the others in a fight to destroy Darkness. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Meanwhile even though the Nightmare Chirithy was gone, the Darklings followed Player through their investigation of them and the glitches. As the Darklings grew stronger, the heartless appear to be drawn to the light of keyblade but like Luariam it too was searching for a mysterious person regardless the Player returns to Daybreak Town. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png The fight with the Darkness entity continues until Ephemer is left standing, he and Brain discover that the real reason it's here to transfer a signal. Along with Skuld, they learned that the entity used Ventus separate itself from the hive mind; soon Luariam comes too accepting the truth that Darkness killed his sister and not Ven. Then, Player arrives to help fight the Darkness once more. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png They are told by Darkness, the true purpose of the lifeboat pods and that Maleficient's departure had already begun the lock-down and destruction of the data world regardless they still fight against the entity but since Darkness had no form it couldn't be destroyed. Then, the Darklings return and the group discovers they were after Ventus. Afterward Ventus wakes up enveloped in light dispelling the creatures of Darkness and moves on to destroy the entity on his own giving it a form his comrades could defeat. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Luxu makes his way into Data Daybreak Town noticing the world's destruction, while there he finds the data of one individual calling them the "true Dandelion" and takes them back to the real world. Then, meets one of the Darkness entities there surprised it isn't apart of the "whole" and told it; his reason for being here and uses the pod to send the "true dandelion" into the future. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Luxu continues to conversate with the Darkness even more about the use of the remaining pods, learning of entities plan to "expand" but refusing to let the being end up at his next destination point, Luxu fights against it knowing the other five are in the Data World. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png The fight with Darkness leaves Ventus unconscious while the others figure out their next move. Elrena and her Chirithy come with news of seeing Strelitzia to Luariam and everyone moves to the basement below the Clock Tower discovering five active pods left and the state of Data Daybreak Town deteriorating but with many still trapped. The Union Leaders split up, Brain using his knowledge to help the others from the real world, Lauriam going to find answers about his sister with Elrena accompanying him and for his safety Ventus goes with them. While Skuld, Player and Ephemer remain in the Data World to attend to the other Dandelions. Before leaving Brain passes down his Keyblade and the book of prophecies to Ephemer as he was the one that was suppose to obtain them from Master Ava. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png However as Brain and the others make it to the real world they realize they aren't safe there either let alone can save everyone else that is still there but finds a way to save Ephemer, Skuld and Player. For it to work Brain sends Ventus, Lauriam and Elrena into the future while he waits the for the others. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png As Brain waited for the others he meets Luxu where he was informed that the lifeboat was incomplete as the users needed a medium and someone who remembers them at their destination. Luxu was ashamed that Brain was so smart but had one life meanwhile Ephemer and the others were attacked by the other remaining Darknesses. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Despite briefly beating them back but as of their previous encounter they couldn't be destroyed. Aware that all of them wouldn't survive desperate to save their friends, Player pretends to be controlled by the Darkness and attacked Ephemer and Skuld but before delivering the final blow Player and the remaining Darknesses were sent to the cable connection lane. Afterwards the two remaining pods appear. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Ephemer and Skuld return to the real world, just in time to see it engulfed in darkness. They return to their pods and teleport to the future, with all five flung into different points in time. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Player and the Darknesses are also engulfed in a bright beam of light. Player finds themselves and their Chirithy surrounded by their fellow sleeping wielders, whose Chirithy transform into Dream Eaters to protect their hearts. Faced with the choice to sleep forever or reincarnate, Player chooses to reincarnate. KHUCHI icon.png
Indeterminate Years
Full view of Scala ad Caelum Ephemer founds the picturesque city of Scala ad Caelum, the "city of Keyblade wielders," over the remains of Daybreak Town. The head Masters of the city are bequeathed the No Name, and continue to pass it down through the generations. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Brain finds himself at Scala ad Caelum, where he meets Sigurd and learns of Ephemer's founding. KHUCHI icon.png
Missing Image.png Player's heart enters that of a newborn at Scala ad Caelum: Xehanort. One day, a hooded figure takes Xehanort from his home and brings him to the Destiny Islands, watching as Xehanort grows up. KHUCHI icon.png
Best Of Friends 01 KHDR.png As Xehanort grows up, he starts having dreams of Player's experience in the Keyblade War. One day in his youth, Xehanort meets his future Heartless, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, who opens up a portal to leave the islands and seek the answers to his dreams. The portal sends Xehanort to Scala ad Caelum, and together with his friends Eraqus, Hermod, Bragi, Urd and Vor, he begins his training under the watchful eye of Master Odin. KHDR icon.png
The Search 01 KHDR.png Seven upperclassmen from Master Odin's class disappear while hunting for Heartless. Xehanort and his friends are tasked with finding their whereabouts. KHDR icon.png
Four Years Later 01 KHDR.png Four years after the incident regarding the upperclassmen, Xehanort and Eraqus visit a cemetery in Scala ad Caelum. Xehanort places flowers on four gravestones, with a determination to see other worlds before undertaking the Mark of Mastery exam. KHDR icon.png
Where It Started 01 KH3D.png During his travels, Xehanort is approached by Ansem and is recruited into the Real Organization XIII, destined to take part in the Second Keyblade War. KHDR icon.png
KH3D icon.png
Missing Image.png After accomplishing his duties in the future, Xehanort returns to his time without any memories of the future. Shortly afterwards, he meets the Master of Masters and is gifted a Black Coat, which will shield him from darkness and allow him to see even more worlds.
An Encounter 01 KHIIIRM.png Xehanort returns from his travels, now jaded and cynical of what he has seen of the worlds and of human nature. He confides the results of his journey with the Master, and with a little bit of coaxing from him, is now determined to become the Dark Seeker, with the aim to save the worlds from a "false light" and return balance. 3RM icon.png
Missing Image.png Xehanort and Eraqus both pass their exams and earn the Mark of Mastery. Xehanort is bequeathed the No Name and begins his dark journey as a Seeker. Eraqus takes the role of a Guardian, and begins his dutiful watch over the Land of Departure.
Flashback The Keyblade Masters 01 KHBBS.png Many decades pass, with Xehanort and Eraqus both growing into old men. In the Land of Departure, Xehanort reveals his intentions to restart the Keyblade War and learn its many secrets. Eraqus, outraged by his recklessness, confronts him and in the ensuing clash Xehanort scars his old friend's face. The two bitterly part ways. BBS icon.png
Flashback Vanitas's Making 01 KHBBS.png Some years later, Xehanort discovers Ventus and trains him as his apprentice. Ventus however fails to meet his expectations, and thus Xehanort extracts the darkness from his heart, creating the being Vanitas. This severely damages Ventus's heart, and leaves him in a comatose state. BBS icon.png
Birth by Sleep 01 KHBBS.png Still comatose, Xehanort decides to lay Ventus's body to rest on his homeworld of Destiny Islands. Ventus, however, manages to regain some of his sentience back, summoning his Keyblade. Xehanort, now seeing opportunity once again in the young Ventus, takes him to Eraqus where the boy can train with his old friend's apprentices, Terra and Aqua. Meanwhile, what is left of Ventus's heart forms a connection with another young heart - of a boy named Sora. With Sora's help, Ventus is slowly able to heal his own heart. BBS icon.png
Missing Image.png After the separation, Ventus meets Terra and Aqua in the Land of Departure becoming Master Eraqus' new apprentice. Despite being welcomed with opened arms, when asked about his past Ven fell unconscious because of amensia and was watched over by Aqua until he awakens. When he does Aqua alerts her master and Terra. BBS icon.png
Missing Image.png With time Ventus begins to recover and through training he along with Terra and Aqua become close friends as they all share the same dream of becoming Keyblade Masters. The day before the exam Aqua makes Wayfinders for herself and her friends reminding them that they'll always be connected. BBS icon.png
The Search for Master Xehanort
No partial logo/ slightly larger Terra and Aqua prepare to take their Mark of Mastery exam. Eraqus, wanting to bury the hatchet with Xehanort, invites his friend to observe the exam. Xehanort accepts, but unknowingly to Eraqus, kick starts his plans into motion. BBS icon.png
Another Road 02 KHBBS.png Aqua passes the exam, while Terra fails. Seeing opportunity in his instability, Xehanort coaches the young man into channeling his darkness, not resisting it, as the surest way of obtaining more power. BBS icon.png
The Masked Boy 01 KHBBS.png Shortly after, Xehanort disappears while Yen Sid informs Eraqus of a new threat: The Unversed, monsters who feed on negative emotions and have been causing a ruckus in many worlds. Eraqus tasks Terra and Aqua to deal with the threat, presenting Terra with a second chance at proving himself. Secretly, however, he tasks Aqua to observe and keep an eye on him, and to immediately bring him back should he be seduced by the darkness. As Terra departs on his mission, Vanitas appears before Ventus and taunts him regarding Terra's well-being and future. Worried about his friend, Ventus rushes after him to Eraqus' shock. Eraqus tasks Aqua to immediately bring him back as she departs. BBS icon.png
The Abomination 01 KHBBS.png Throughout a series of adventures on multiple worlds, Aqua and Ventus both try to catch up to Terra to no avail. Terra, however, has been in contact with Master Xehanort multiple times. Xehanort explains that Vanitas is the source of the Unversed and a monster of his own making, begging him to stop him at all costs. As Terra departs, Xehanort can only laugh at the young man's naivete as his plans grow closer to fruition. BBS icon.png
Another Keyblade Wielder 01 KHBBS.png Ventus clashes with Vanitas for the first time in the Keyblade Graveyard, but loses the battle. Yen Sid's apprentice King Mickey comes to his rescue, and the two manage to fight him back. Slightly more satisfied with the second result, Vanitas places Ventus "on probation" and departs. The Star Shard Mickey used to reach Ventus begins to malfunction once again and throws him out into another world. BBS icon.png
Walls of the Heart 04 KHBBS.png All of the players gather in the city of light, Radiant Garden. Aqua encounters the young girl Kairi, a Princess of Heart and devoid of any darkness. In a fight against a pack of Unversed with Mickey, she unintentionally bequeaths Kairi a Keyblade. After Terra, Aqua and Ven fight together against a powerful Unversed, their friendship begins to crack as Terra's insecurity clashes with Aqua's apparent callousness. Terra continues his mission on his own while Ventus continues to chase after him, leaving Aqua to ponder just how much her own task has hurt them. BBS icon.png
A Shady Character 01 KHBBS.png Terra encounters the rough-and-tumble ruffian Braig, one of Radiant Garden's guards. The mystery man has apparently taken Master Xehanort hostage, hoping to wrest a Keyblade for himself either from Terra or Xehanort. In the ensuing battle, Terra gives into the darkness and horrifically injures Braig, forcing him to flee. Terra, horrified at what he has done, accepts that he can no longer return to his home as he is. Xehanort comforts him and accepts him as his own apprentice, naming him "Master Terra." After Terra departs, it is revealed that Xehanort and Braig were in cahoots the entire time. BBS icon.png
The Boy in the Mask Appears 01 KHBBS.png Aqua encounters Vanitas in Radiant Garden. Despite barely winning, the masked boy laughs in her face and confesses she is a "backup" in case Ventus turns out to be a failure, then disappears into a Dark Corridor. BBS icon.png
Memorized 04 KHBBS.png Ventus, depressed and despondent, encounters the exuberant Lea and his sarcastic best friend Isa. He is immediately challenged into a friendly fight with Lea and wins. His spirits lifted from the banter between the friendly Lea and Isa, Ventus returns to his own mission of finding Terra. BBS icon.png
Where the Heart Goes 04 KHBBS.png Much to the annoyance and dismay of castle guards Dilan and Aeleus, Lea and Isa repeatedly infiltrate the castle dungeon where they meet and befriend a mysterious young girl, dubbed merely "Subject X." The two swear and oath to break her out one day. BBS icon.png
KH3 icon.png
From KHInsider During his journey, Terra comes across two young boys on Destiny Islands - Sora and Riku. Sensing the earnestness and sense of justice in Riku's heart, Terra performs the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony, ensuring the child will one day wield a Keyblade of his own, and makes him promise to keep their meeting a secret. Shortly after, Aqua meets the two boys herself. Sensing that Terra has already passed a Keyblade to Riku, she makes the two boys promise to always look out for each other. BBS icon.png
Former Master 01 KHBBS.png Ventus learns of his origins from Vanitas, that he is one-half of Xehanort's plan to recreate the Keyblade War and forge the χ-Blade. Confused, he returns to the Land of Departure and confronts Master Eraqus, demanding to know the truth. Once again heartbroken over Xehanort's intentions, Eraqus steels himself to eliminate Ventus, seeing that as the only choice to stop his plans. BBS icon.png
Master and Pupil Trade Blows 01 KHBBS.png Master Xehanort informs Terra of Eraqus's intention to kill Ventus. Rushing to his friend's aid, Terra engages in a fierce duel against his Master, fully giving into the power of darkness in the process. While he wins, it is Xehanort who appears and murders Eraqus, stabbing his friend in the back with his Keyblade. As his Master - and father - fades away in Terra's arms, Xehanort appears before Terra to gloat of his intentions. Summoning a large orb of darkness, he lays waste to the Land of Departure before vanishing. Meanwhile, Aqua learns of everything that has transpired from Yen Sid. BBS icon.png
Gathering 02 KHBBS.png The three friends meet at the Keyblade Graveyard, ready to confront Xehanort and their own demons. As Xehanort and Vanitas appear before them, a fierce battle ensues that shakes the very foundations of the land. In the distance, Mickey appears ready to lend a hand. BBS icon.png
The Last Bastion of Free Will 01 KHBBS.png Terra confronts Master Xehanort, enraged and ready to slay him. After they fight, Xehanort reveals that he planned on losing to begin with: With Terra succumbing to the darkness, his body has now become the perfect young vessel to host his Heart. With the power of the No Name, Xehanort extracts his own Heart and inserts it into Terra, his Keyblade Armor falling to the ground dismantled. Now Terra-Xehanort, the old Master begins to walk away to enact the next stage of his plan when he is suddenly engulfed in a cage made of pure energy - Terra's own armor has taken a life of its own. Now nothing more than a Lingering Will, full of hate and regret, it engages Xehanort and defeats him. As they are engulfed by a powerful light, the Will vows to set things right. BBS icon.png
Heart to Heart 01 KHBBS.png Ventus engages in battle against Vanitas, however he is not able to defeat him. With the requirements to forge the legendary weapon now met, they merge and create the χ-Blade. However, in his own Station of Awakening, Ventus engages with Vanitas one more time. He defeats and destroys his dark half, but in the process, also damages the χ-Blade and his own heart. BBS icon.png
The χ-blade Goes Berserk 01 KHBBS.png Aqua prepares to assist Terra in his fight against Xehanort, but ends up in a fight against Braig instead. Despite losing, the thug reveals that his only goal was to buy Xehanort enough time to possess Terra and promptly skedaddles. Aqua is suddenly attacked by Vanitas and knocked out. When she comes to, she discovers Ventus holding the χ-Blade, but her friend is not himself: He has been completely taken over by Vanitas. Mickey shows up and comes to her aid and the two battle and defeat Vanitas. With his defeat by Aqua's hand on the outside, and Ventus' hand from within, the χ-Blade shatters and blows them all away out into the Ocean between the worlds. Aqua however managed to hold onto Ventus, protected by their Armor. BBS icon.png
The Chamber of Waking 01 KHBBS.png Now safe in the sanctuary of Yen Sid's Mysterious Tower, Aqua finds herself unable to wake Ventus. She resolves to return to the Land of Departure, the one place where she can keep him safe. Recalling a certain trick Master Eraqus has taught her, Aqua uses Eraqus's Keyblade and transforms the Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion, a labyrinthine world said to be impossible to navigate to anyone but her, content that Ventus will be safe within the Chamber of Waking. BBS icon.png
Return my friend's heart 01 KHBBS.png Sensing a strong darkness emanating from Radiant Garden, Aqua makes her way there, discovering Terra in a complete daze, his hair now white. Despite repeated attempts to reach out to him, Xehanort once more takes over his body and engages Aqua in combat. She wins, however, and with a little bit of help from Terra, lands a definitive blow. However, Terra begins to sink into the darkness. Desperate to save her friend, Aqua sacrifices both her Armor and her Keyblade to spirit him away out of the darkness, condemning herself to the dark abyss instead. BBS icon.png
Higher quality. Terra's body is discovered by the leader of Radiant Garden, Ansem the Wise, but identifies himself as Xehanort. Devoid of all of his memories, the young man becomes an apprentice scientist of Ansem, growing close to Braig in the process - who himself is suspect of the amnesia. The Sage-King Ansem however looks upon this "friendship" with uneasy eyes. Unknown to everyone inside, deep within Terra's heart, the young man and Master Xehanort continue their "property dispute", debating over who will ultimately take control. Xehanort reveals that Terra is simply one of many seeds he has planted for his future plans, while Terra reveals that Eraqus's heart has taken refuge in his. BBS icon.png
Where the Heart Goes 01 KHBBS.png Due to their connection Sora senses Ventus' sadness and they meet again in the young boy's Station of Awakening. There Ven asks if he could stay with Sora to help him mend the damage in his heart once more and the boy accepts stopping the wielder's heart from being lost. BBS icon.png
Castle of Dream's appearance in A fragmentary passage. Aqua wanders the barren Realm of Darkness aimlessly, with her hope of getting out fading with each day. Upon being confronted by numerous Darksides, Terra and Ventus's Keyblades suddenly appear to her rescue, renewing her sense of hope. After battling the vicious Dark Hide, she discovers to her horror that the Castle of Dreams has fallen to the darkness. BBSFM icon.png
Missing Image.png Lea and Isa continue their infiltration into the castle to rescue Subject X. However, one day, Braig appears before her and proceeds to take her away. The two become despondent to discover she is no longer there. KH3 icon.png
The King's Memory 04 KHII.png Mickey appears before Ansem the Wise, warning him that his experiments are treading into dangerous territory. Ansem, now aware of the horrors he could have unleashed, orders Xehanort to immediately halt their experiments. KH2 icon.png
Missing Image.png Lea and Isa are finally welcomed into the castle as Ansem's apprentices.
My Name is Ansem 04 KH3D.png Xehanort defies Master Ansem, not only continuing their ghastly human experiments, but ultimately betraying him and even stealing his name. With the help of Braig, Even, Dilan, and Aeleus, the five of them banish Ansem to the Realm of Darkness. Shortly after, Xehanort turns his Keyblade on everyone else, transforming them and himself into Nobodies. Simultaneously, his Heartless - Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness - is born. Some time later, Lea and Isa too are turned into Nobodies. KH3D icon.png
Missing Image.png Radiant Garden, overrun with Heartless, is turned into nothing but a ruin, now known as Hollow Bastion. Leon, Yuffie, Cid and Aerith manage to escape and find sanctuary in Traverse Town, while Maleficent takes Hollow Bastion as her own.
Lost Memories 01 KHMOM.png In the midst of the take over a young Kairi is found by Terra-Xehanort and cast out of her world to test the connection to the Princesses of Heart and the Keyblade wielder. Thanks to Aqua's spell she ends up on Destiny Islands meeting Sora and Riku. MOM icon.png
Where It Started 01 KH3D.png Xehanort's Heartless, Ansem, travels nearly 70 years back in time, to visit his younger self on Destiny Islands. Teaching him the method of time travel, both become members of the real Organization XIII. KHDR icon.png
KH3D icon.png
The Dark Seeker Saga - Part 1
Aqua looking up at the Castle of Dreams in the Realm of Darkness. Aqua continues her lonely trek throughout the Realm of Darkness. As time moves differently in this realm, ten whole years pass on the outside. The icon for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-
Opening 01 KH.png "I've been having these weird thoughts lately... like, is any of this for real or not?"

Sora finds himself at the mysterious Station of Awakening. He is assaulted by monsters - Heartless - and must choose a weapon to which to defend himself with; the Sword, Shield, or Staff. After battling a Darkside, he finds himself drowning in darkness...
KH1 icon.png
The Outside World 01 KH.png ...Only to discover it was all a dream. Sora, Riku and Kairi plan to sail away from their small island and see what lies beyond. Together, they build a raft that will take them past their own shores. KH1 icon.png
Swallowed by Darkness 01 KH.png Riku, however, grows impatient. He opens the Door that protects the Heart of their world, and allows a swarm of Heartless to render it asunder. Riku vanishes into the Darkness while Kairi disappears without a trace. Now armed with the Keyblade, Sora once more battles a Darkside amidst the storm, but is whisked away to a brand new world - Traverse Town. KH1 icon.png
Disney Castle 01 KH.png King Mickey has been investigating the disappearances of the stars - signs of worlds fading to the darkness one by one. He tasks Goofy, captain of his royal guard and Donald, his court magician, to head to Traverse Town and locate a man named Leon, who will lead them to the "key." KH1 icon.png
The Start of an Adventure 03 KH.png Sora runs into Leon and Yuffie, while Donald and Goofy converse with Aerith on the state of the worlds. They learn that Sora is the bearer of the Keyblade and only he can fight the Heartless, while a man named Ansem may hold the truth to everything. Together, they set out to find King Mickey and Sora's friends. KH1 icon.png
Ingame graphics, that one looks like an old version... The three half-pints experience a wondrous adventure through many different worlds, meeting many different faces - some familiar, some not; from the wild Tarzan to the tortured soldier Cloud Strife. As they journey to seal the keyholes and prevent the Heartless from ruining the worlds, Maleficent gathers her own forces - the Villains - to plot her domination and get in Sora's way every once in a while. She manages to manipulate Riku into serving her, under the pretense of being able to save Kairi. As Sora continues his quest, he begins to have mysterious hallucations of Kairi. KH1 icon.png
A Dark Proposal 01 KH.png Sora and Riku reunite in Traverse Town. However, Riku has seemingly grown jealous that Sora simply "replaced" him and Kairi with new friends. With further goading from Maleficent, Riku abandons Sora altogether. KH1 icon.png
Shadow Sora 02 KH.png Sora and the gang continue their quest, with Riku now treating them with outright hostility. Everything culminates in a fateful encounter aboard Captain Hook's ship in Neverland. Riku reveals that Kairi lost her heart and he has been safeguarding her lifeless body. Now possessing control over the Heartless and the darkness, he summons a shadowy copy of Sora to attack them while he returns to the ruins of Hollow Bastion with Kairi in tow. KH1 icon.png
The True Master 01 KH.png Sora confronts Riku in Hollow Bastion. Riku reveals that he was the original bearer of the Keyblade, with Sora as nothing more than a mere delivery boy. He takes his weapon, and along with it his companions, who are promised to follow whoever wields it. Beast, determined to rescue Belle from Maleficent, has arrived and joins forces with Sora to reclaim what they have lost. KH1 icon.png
Ansem addresses the existence of other worlds and their connections. Goofy and Donald betray Riku, and along with the strength of his heart, Sora reclaims the Keyblade. They battle and Riku loses, but he manages to flee. They learn that Maleficent plans to use the Princesses of Heart to open the keyhole in Hollow Bastion, granting her greater control over the darkness. They manage to foil her, and she is destroyed - somehow traveling millenia back in time to Daybreak Town. Sora once again confronts Riku, discovering that his friend has not been himself for a very long time. Xehanort's Heartless, known as Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness, has taken Riku's body as his own, and from the power of the princesses, has forged his own Keyblade of heart. They battle, and Sora narrowly wins. He realizes that Kairi's heart has been inside him the entire time - and the reason why has been seeing visions of her. He uses the power of the Keyblade of heart to free hers, but in the process turns into a Heartless. KH1 icon.png
Xemnas administers Organization XIII's naming ceremony to its newest member, Roxas. In Twilight Town, Sora's Nobody is born in the process. Unable to remember - or feel - anything, he is approached by Xemnas, Xehanort's Nobody. He is given the name Roxas, and inducted into Organization XIII. FM2 icon.png
358 icon.png
Sora's Back 02 KH.png Sora, as a Heartless, wanders around Hollow Bastion for a short while until he runs into Kairi, Donald and Goofy. Despite his nature, he refuses to attack them and Kairi quickly realizes what - or who - the Shadow really is. Protecting him from the rest of the Heartless with an embrace, Kairi restores Sora's human form and the four escape the castle back to Traverse Town. KH1 icon.png
The Unknown 01 KH.png With Cid's help, the trio return to Hollow Bastion, as they must seal the keyhole and stop the outpouring of Heartless from it. They discover the Princesses have been freed, but alarmingly they sense a strange power other than darkness. Upon entering the Castle Chapel, Sora, Donald, Goofy and Beast are confronted by Xemnas, who tests Sora's strength before disappearing. The trio seal the keyhole while Leon and his friends return to Hollow Bastion, their old home. They learn that Ansem has fled to End of the World, and to truly stop the Heartless, they must travel there and put an end to him. Elsewhere at the End of Sea, Xemnas informs Roxas that he has been to see Sora. KH1 icon.png
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358 icon.png
Meet Roxas 01 KHD.png Roxas is formally introduced to as the thirteenth member of the Organization. 358 icon.png
Heartless 01 KHD.png Seven days later, Xion is also introduced to the Organization as their fourteenth member. Roxas begins undertaking his first missions under the tutelage of Axel and the group's many colorful characters. He learns that his usage of the Keyblade is vital, as he is the only one who can supply their Kingdom Hearts with fresh hearts, in the hope that it will make them whole one day. 358 icon.png
A World Restored 02 KH0.2.png Sinking further into Darkness, Aqua is rescued by King Mickey, who has arrived there to find the Keyblade from the Realm of Darkness - the Kingdom Key D. He explains that they must close the door lest ruin will befall more worlds. The two fight against wave after wave of Heartless to protect Riku as races to the Door. They successfully protect him, but in the attack Aqua is once again stranded in the Realm of Darkness while her Keyblade, the Master's Defender, is left behind on Destiny Islands. The icon for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-
Ansem pontificates on darkness. The trio arrive at End of the World and confront Ansem in a series of epic battles. Ansem summons Kingdom Hearts, intent to take its darkness for himself. Sora, however, is certain that Kingdom Hearts is truly light. With the door open, the light engulfs and destroys Ansem, but they must close quickly it to begin restoration of the worlds destroyed. King Mickey and Riku arrive to help, but the only way to close it fully is from both sides, trapping the latter two in the Realm of Darkness. The door is successfully closed, and Destiny Islands begin to return - with Kairi already back on the beach. Sora, however, is on the other side and cannot reach her, only promising her that he will return one day. Finding themselves on an expansive plain, the three catch glimpse of Pluto with a letter in his mouth - bearing the Hidden Mickey symbol, and begin to chase after him. KH1 icon.png
Axel and Saïx 01 KHD.png The Organization prepares to staff their newest headquarters, Castle Oblivion. Marluxia is made to be its lord, with Larxene, Vexen, Lexaeus and Zexion being sent as well. Saix orders Axel to Castle Oblivion as well, certain that some of the younger members plot to commit treason. 358 icon.png
Promise of a Reunion 02 KHRECOM.png In the middle of the grassy plains, Sora is confronted by a man in a Black Coat - Marluxia, and goaded into setting foot in Castle Oblivion, with the potential of maybe finding Riku or King Mickey inside. As the three journey up the castle and experience the memories of their past adventures, their memories are slowly being rewritten by the witch Namine, while a copy of Riku, the Riku Replica constantly confronts them. Marluxia, along with Larxene, plot to use Namine's power to turn Sora into their puppet in an attempt to initiate a coup within Organization XIII. Axel actively betrays and undermines their efforts however. It all culminates in a fierce battle against Marluxia at the top of the castle, and the powerful Nobody is destroyed. Namine, however, has completely disrupted Sora's memories and replaced Kairi with herself in his heart. They all agree to restore his original memories and forget everything that has transpired in the castle, but to do that he must sleep inside a pod for a year. Meanwhile, Axel takes the Riku Replica with him to enact the next stage of his plan. COM icon.png
Where the Road Leads 01 KHRECOM.png As Sora ventures upwards in Castle Oblivion, Riku is spirited away to its basement levels by an unknown "voice." Three other members of the Organization, Zexion, Lexaeus, and Vexen are aware of Marluxia's treachery, and plot to turn Riku into their own puppet of darkness as a countermeasure, but they too are foiled at every step. One by one they fall, until Marluxia is finally defeated. Zexion confronts Riku in a final bid to turn him, but fails and is then executed by Riku Replica at Axel's behest. Riku defeats and destroys the Replica and proceeds onward, intent on not letting the darkness consume him. Finally reunited with King Mickey, the voice is eventually revealed to be a man named DiZ, who needs Riku to make a certain "choice." With Namine's help, Riku faces the darkness in his heart - Ansem - and triumphs. Choosing the "road to dawn", Riku and Mickey don the Organization's black coats and ready themselves to protect Sora as he sleeps to regain his memories. COM icon.png
Roxas's Keyblade 01 KHD.png Roxas begins undertaking missions with Xion, and learns that she too is capable of wielding the Keyblade. The reclusive Xion begins to open up to Roxas, and the two begin to bond. 358 icon.png
Terminated 01 KHD.png Right after Sora is placed into his pod to regain his memories, Roxas falls into a coma for several weeks. After he finally wakes up, he learns that everyone who was dispatched to Castle Oblivion has been terminated. He continues to carry out missions with the help of Xigbar, whose dismissive and nonplussed attitude is of little comfort. 358 icon.png
Riku Turns Into Ansem 01 KHD.png It turns out not everyone at Castle Oblivion expired, as Axel returns from his mission. At Roxas' insistence, he, Axel and Xion all begin to glow into close friends. However, he begins to experience Sora's memories, and grows increasingly suspicious of the Organization's motives and his role within the group. 358 icon.png
Xion's Defeat 01 KHD.png To stay one step ahead of the Organization, Sora is moved from Castle Oblivion to the mansion in Twilight Town. Xion confronts Riku, wearing the Organization's coat and a blindfold, who claims her identity and Keyblade to be a sham. He urges her to "merge" with her original self, and she becomes torn between that and of staying with Axel and Roxas. 358 icon.png
Quietude 01 KHD.png Xion discovers that she is an imperfect replica of Roxas created by Xemnas and Vexen should Sora or him, who Xemnas intends to use as part of the Organization's plans, be of no use to them. Her physical appearance is the result of Sora's strong memories and feelings towards Kairi. As Namine continues restoring Sora's memories, they begin to affect Xion by scrambling her own. Wanting to be her own person, Xion has a falling out with Roxas and Axel and leaves the Organization. 358 icon.png
Resolve 01 KHD.png Labeled as useless to the Organization, Xemnas orders Xion to be either captured or destroyed. When Axel and Xigbar confront her, she suddenly appears to Xigbar as Ventus, catching him off guard and quickly defeating him. Fed up with everything that has been happening, Roxas defects from the Organization. 358 icon.png
Xion's End 01 KHD.png Xion is captured and reprogrammed by Xemnas. Having nowhere to go, Roxas returns to the only other place he can call home: the Twilight Town clock tower. There, he encounters Xion. She reveals her face has become a reflection of Sora's, and in a series of battles attempts to absorb him. Following her defeat, she starts to crystallize and Roxas immediately begins to lose his memories of her. With her last words, she begs Roxas to stop Xemnas and his plans. 358 icon.png
The Beginning of Everything 01 KHIIFM.png Having inherited Xion's Keyblade, Roxas begins to dual-wield a pair of his own: the Oathkeeper & Oblivion. He returns to The World That Never Was, intent on stopping Xemnas and claiming control over his life. He is confronted by Riku, who knows that without Roxas; Sora will never regain his memories and wake up. The two engage in a fierce duel, with Roxas winning the first round. Upon removing his blindfold, Riku accepts the darkness in his Heart and transforms into a visage of Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. With newfound strength, he easily overpowers Roxas and defeats him. DiZ appears, and takes the unconscious Roxas back to his lair in Twilight Town. 358 icon.png
KH2 icon.png
The First Day 01 KHD.png DiZ digitizes Roxas into a simulated copy of Twilight Town, his memories and personality replaced with a new one to throw the Organization off his scent. As Roxas wakes up in his bedroom, he excitedly runs outside as summer vacation is coming to a close, wondering if he and his friends will finally visit the beach today. 358 icon.png
The Dark Seeker Saga - Part 2
Their Treasure 02 KHII.png Roxas, devoid of all memories of his past life, tries to enjoy the last week of his summer vacation in the Simulated Twilight Town. Shadowy forces are at work however: Axel, desperate to get his friend back. Diz, a man thirsting for revenge against Organization XIII, meeting Namine and reobtaining the keyblade. Day after day, they continue to upend his life until it culminates in his memories returning to him and a fateful encounter with Sora. Roxas has no choice but to become one with him again, if Sora is to ever regain his memories and awaken. Roxas's summer vacation has come to an end. KH2 icon.png
I'm Pete 01 KHII.png Sora, Donald and Goofy wake from their slumber in Twilight Town, meeting some friendly faces with Hayner's gang, and some not so friendly ones in Seifer's crew. After getting their bearings from Master Yen Sid, and a little bit of help from King Mickey, the three set off on another adventure, determined to stop Organization XIII's machinations. Maleficent also revives back to her old self, having returned back to her natural timeline following her sojourn in Daybreak Town.
Oh, and Pete is there too, Maleficent's latest flunky. While he does have control over the Heartless, he's just a few cans shy of a six-pack to be much of a threat.
KH2 icon.png
Gathering of the Organization 02 KHII.png The pint-and-a-half trio reunite with Leon's gang in Hollow Bastion. They have been working hard to rebuild the world back to Radiant Garden, and have officially invited Sora and his companions to be the Restoration Committee honorary members. The celebration is short-lived however, as Xemnas and the rest of the survivors of the Organization confront the Keyblade bearer. KH2 icon.png
From the HD 2.5 Website Japan. The trio begin their latest quest to protect the worlds from the darkness. Throughout their journey, they encounter many new friends, villains, a few members of the Organization, and foil Pete's many pathetic schemes at every turn. KH2 icon.png
Axel Closes in on Kairi 01 KHII.png Axel goes rogue and plots to turn Sora back into a Heartless, seeing this as the only way to reunite with his best friend Roxas. His latest scheme involves kidnapping Kairi, however she manages to get away from him and find herself in Hayner's hideout. The sanctuary is short-lived however, as Axel quickly finds her and takes her. His own victory too is short lived, as she is promptly taken away from him by Saix, the Organization's second-in-command. Sora returns to Twilight Town and learns of her appearance - and disappearance there. He confronts Saix, who reveals that Axel is no longer acting in the Organization's best interests and has become a threat to them both. Sora returns to his quest, determined to foil the Organization, find the King and Riku, and rescue Kairi. KH2 icon.png
What the MCP is After KHII 01.PNG A great darkness approaches Hollow Bastion. Facing an impending attack, the team returns to Leon's gang to help out. On the way, they are reunited with Cloud Strife, meet the perky Tifa, and at long last find King Mickey. Leon's group has discovered Ansem's computer, which they believe will give them some information on Organization XIII and Riku's whereabouts. Sora's careless handling of the computer however results in the three of them getting zapped into Space Paranoids, the world that happens to be the operating system that runs the entire castle. After a short adventure with Tron, the three find their way back to the real world. KH2 icon.png
The Truth About Ansem 02 KHII.png King Mickey drops a major bombshell on everyone: The man they had defeated at End of the World wasn't Ansem at all! He was in fact his apprentice, Xehanort, and had taken his master's name and work shortly after banishing him. Some time later, he turned himself and the rest of the apprentices into Nobodies and Heartless. The Nobody that was created in the process, Xemnas, is now the leader of Organization XIII. KH2 icon.png
Sephiroth Descends 01 KHII.png The encroaching darkness has finally arrived at Hollow Bastion. A wave of over a thousand Heartless appears and begins to attack. Everyone begins to work together to fight off the invasion. Sephiroth appears before Sora and begins to seek out Cloud, intent to settle the score. KH2 icon.png
Room of Sleep Aqua's Armor.png While everyone is busy dealing with the invasion, Xemnas sneaks into the castle's computer room and accesses a hidden spiral staircase that leads to some sort of dungeon. At the end of the hall, he enters the Chamber of Repose, where Aqua's rusted armor has been laid to rest. He sits down on the large chair and is once more reunited with his "friend." FM2 icon.png
Nocturne Melody Demyx 01 KHII.png As they run to where the Heartless are gathering, Sora and the gang are confronted once more by Demyx, the cowardly Organization member they had a brief encounter with in Olympus Coliseum. Sora's dismissive attitude, however, seems to trigger an emotional response from Demyx. The Melodious Nocturne snaps, and relentlessly attacks the "traitor." After a difficult fight, Demyx is defeated and begins to fade into the darkness, while Sora is left to wonder at what had just happened. KH2 icon.png
Ansem's Apprentice 02 KHII.png The Battle of the 1000 Heartless begins, as Xemnas removes his hood at long last and reveals his face, gleefully overlooking the battle. KH2 icon.png
Xemnas' Thoughts 04 KH.png After the long and arduous battle, the trio and King Mickey confront Xemnas. Xemnas knows nothing of Kairi's whereabouts, however he leaves behind a cryptic clue that Mickey may know something about Riku. Xemnas disappears into a Corridor while Mickey jumps in after him. Suddenly, Axel appears behind them, disappointed that Sora has so easily fell into the Organization's trap. He reveals that their true aim is to use Sora to destroy Heartless and set their Hearts free, thereby allowing Xemnas to create his own artificial Kingdom Hearts. With it, they will have the power to be whole at last. Axel however is forced to flee when Saix appears. Saix cruelly taunts Sora and attempts to goad him into destroying more Heartless, but help arrives from the most unlikely of places: Maleficent, seeing the Organization as a common enemy, comes to their aid and buys them time to escape! Shortly before leaving, Sora finds himself in the Realm of Darkness, with a hooded man gifting him with a white box. Inside the box, a photograph and a bar of sea-salt ice cream. The three depart to continue their quest. KH2 icon.png
Parle from Organization XIII 01 KHII.png The trio continue ever onward in their journey, determined to rescue Kairi, Riku, Mickey and foil the Organization - despite the group raising the stakes more than ever. As they revisit the many friends have have made, they make some encounters with the Organization as well. In Beast's Castle, the group runs into the vicious Xaldin, who attempts to turn Beast into a Heartless and Nobody, but is defeated and destroyed. In Port Royal, the group also meets Luxord, the affable and gentlemanly gambler who has been conducting experiments on the Cursed Medallions. KH2 icon.png
Conclusion 01 KHII.png A return trip to Hollow Bastion, and to Space Paranoids, finally allows Leon's group to truly begin work on restoring Hollow Bastion to what it truly was - the city of light, Radiant Garden. Later, Sora encounters Sephiroth, who wishes to test the Keyblade bearer's mettle, curious if it will choose him as its new wielder. Despite the master swordsman's formidable skill, Sora ekes out a victory, but Sephiroth shrugs it off and claims only Cloud can defeat him and requests Sora bring him along. Once Cloud arrives, a fierce battle ensues. Tifa appears and tries to help, but the two fly off into the sky and continue their clash. Tifa departs, still determined to find Cloud. KH2 icon.png
Encounter with Lingering Will 01 KHIIFM.png A strange portal opens in Disney Castle. Sora and the gang pass through it and find themselves in the middle of a dusty badland - the Keyblade Graveyard. There, they encounter the Lingering Will. The Will senses the power in Sora, but confuses him for Xehanort and attacks in a blind rage. Despite the nearly insurmountable odds of facing against the Will's strength, Sora manages to claim victory. The Will however claims it has nothing to give Sora but its sheer hatred for Xehanort, and returns to its rest. FM2 icon.png
From the HD 2.5 Website Japan. Something strange is afoot in Twilight Town - Chip and Dale's scanners are picking up two Twilight Towns! The trio returns to investigate and find that Mickey has located Ansem the Wise. He believes that he has infiltrated the Organization's world and plans to enact his revenge plot. The trio, Mickey, and Hayney's group locate the computer that DiZ used to create the Simulated Twilight Town where Roxas resided. Once they enter, they located the portal to the Organization's homeworld, The World That Never Was. On their way there, they are attacked by countless Nobodies but Axel appears to lend a hand. In an explosive attack, Axel eliminates all of the Nobodies but fatally injures himself in the process. As he fades away, he admits to Sora that he made him feel the same way Roxas did, and dies with content. The group passes through the gateway and arrive in the alley of a dark city, the Organization's homeworld at long last. KH2 icon.png
While Roxas Was Sleeping 01 KHII.png The group makes their way through the Dark City when Sora is suddenly attacked by a young man in a Black Coat, and transports him to the Station of Awakening. Summoning two Keyblades in hand, a battle ensues with Sora narrowly scraping out a victory. Content with the result, the young man lowers his hood, revealing himself to be Roxas, and admits to Sora that "you make a good other." Sora returns to the Dark City, leaving Donald and Goofy confused as to what just happened. KH2 icon.png
The Freeshooter Xigbar 02 KHII.png The group finally arrives at Xemnas's castle, and encounter one member of the Organization after another: Xigbar, who appears to know a lot more about Sora and the Keyblade than he lets on; Luxord, who seemed genuinely distraught at "Roxas" slaying him; and lastly, Saix, desperate for a Heart. All three are defeated and fade into the darkness. Along the way, Kairi escapes and finally wields a Keyblade of her own, Riku, armed with a Keyblade, reveals himself to Sora at long last - still wearing Ansem's face back from his battle with Roxas - and Mickey encounters DiZ, who removes his bandages to reveal he was Ansem the Wise all along. Realizing how much damage his quest for vengeance has hurt the people around him, Ansem departs with Mickey intent to stop Xemnas and atone for his actions. Meanwhile, Maleficent and Pete have also infiltrated the castle, intent to take it for themselves. KH2 icon.png
Why Do You Hate the Darkness 01 KHII.png After a battle of ideologies with Xemnas, Ansem sacrifices himself and destroys his Kingdom Hearts. The explosion manages to restore Riku to his true form, and the group pursues Xemnas to the top of the Castle. They defeat him, but Xemnas manages to absorb what is left of Kingdom Hearts for a last ditch effort to destroy Sora and his friends. After a difficult struggle, the group finally defeats Xemnas - seemingly for good. KH2 icon.png
Ending 01 KHII.png The group prepares to depart the Castle when Sora and Kairi are suddenly approached by Roxas and Namine. As their respective Nobodies, the two decide to finally return from whence they came and become one with them. Xemnas, however, is not done, and by summoning a massive Dragon-like machine, isolates Sora and Riku and confronts them in a series of battles. The two eventually win, though Riku sustains some injuries. The two are stranded in the Dark Margin and nearly resign to their fates until Riku chances upon a message-in-a-bottle Kairi had written earlier. This opens a door of pure light that allows the two to finally reunite with everyone in Destiny Islands. KH2 icon.png
Blank Points 02 KHBBS.png Following the explosion of his device, Ansem once again finds himself on the shores of the Dark Margin, the place where Xehanort had initially exiled him too. He encounters Aqua, and the two converse. He reveals to her that the worlds had nearly fallen to darkness multiple times, but each time a boy with a Keyblade in hand saved the day. Aqua wonders if this boy was either Terra or Ventus, but Ansem confirms it was neither of them - that it was instead a boy named Sora. Aqua recalls her encounter with Sora, and she smiles as tears of joy stream down her face, he sense of hope renewed at long last. BBS icon.png
The icon for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-
Beneath the Hood 01 KHREC.png Jiminy Cricket discovers a strange message in his journal that he does not recall writing: "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it." Mickey, Chip and Dale digitize the journal into data in an attempt to decipher the meaning of the message, while Donald and Goofy stick around to see what the fuss is about. The data ends up being corrupted by numerous bugs, so they summon a Data-Sora and try and fix it. Data-Sora relives many of Sora's own adventures from his first journey, though with some differences here and there: The bugs, along with attempts by Maleficent and Pete to to conquer the Datascape. Eventually, it is revealed that a data copy of Namine left that message behind. Sora's own Heart contains painful memories that do not belong to him. If he is to help the people to whom the memories belong, he must endure the hurt. As Data-Sora was capable of enduring it, Mickey departs knowing a difficult new journey lies ahead. Elsewhere, Maleficent confides in Pete that the Journal and the "Date Escape" is strikingly similar to the worlds created by the Book of Prophecies, and intends to take its powers for herself. KHC icon.png
KHREC icon.png
Blank Points 08 KHBBS.png Mickey returns to Yen Sid's tower to explain everything that had transpired. Upon learning that both Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas have been felled, Yen Sid realizes that this has paved the way for the real Xehanort to revive - Master Xehanort. He orders Mickey to summon Sora and Riku at once, to begin their real training and earn the Mark of Mastery. Shortly after, the letter from Mickey makes its way to Sora, Riku and Kairi. Realizing that the stakes have never been higher, Sora resoundly answers the call, determined to save everyone hurt by Xehanort's machinations and put a stop to him. KH2 icon.png
BBS icon.png
KHREC icon.png
Dark Seeker Saga Finale - The Second Keyblade War
Beyond the Sea 01 KH3D.png Sora and Riku are summoned to Yen Sid's tower, to begin their Mark of Mastery exam. Yen Sid explains Xehanort's history and the history of the Keyblade War to them, before sending them one year back in time, just before they began their journey. They must journey to the Sleeping Worlds and unlock seven keyholes that will grant them the Power of waking, a power vital for the upcoming battle. Aboard their raft, they are attacked by a phantom of Ursula. They defeat her, but their raft is demolished and they sink into the sea while a Robed Figure looks on. Despite being unconscious and drowning, their Keyblades appear before them and open a pathway to the Sleeping Worlds. Their test begins. KH3D icon.png
Riku Meets Shiki 01 KH3D.png Their first stop is strangely familiar - Traverse Town. However, Sora and Riku have somehow been split apart. There, they meet Neku, Shiki, Joshua, Beat and Rhyme, who all appear to be taking part in some sort of "Reaper's Game." However, they are all confronted by a young man in a black coat who bears an uncanny resemblance to Master Xehanort from his youth. Joshua theorizes that Traverse Town has been split into two entirely separate dimensions, and the young-man is most likely to blame for it. After defeating the Dream Eater he summoned, they continue with their exam - still separated. KH3D icon.png
Enter Xemnas 01 KH3D.png As Sora and Riku continue on their individual journeys throughout the Sleeping Worlds, they are constantly hounded and tormented by the enigmatic young man. Not only that, but he always appears with a guest in tow - either Xemnas, or Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. A curiosity, as both of them have been definitively vanquished in their past journeys. KH3D icon.png
The Icky Jobs 04 KH3D.png Meanwhile, Lea, Aeleus and Ienzo find themselves wide awake in Ansem's computer room at Radiant Garden. As both their Nobodies and Heartless have been slain, it precipitated their resurrections as humans - though Dilan and Even are reportedly still unstable and recovering from their ordeals. Lea and Ienzo quickly take notice that even though they recovered, Isa and Braig are nowhere to be found. KH3D icon.png
The Worlds' Data 02 KH3D.png During the exam, Maleficent and Pete hold Queen Minnie hostage in exchange for Jiminy's Journal, the source of the Datascape. Their plans are quickly foiled by Lea's timely arrival, as he rescues the Queen and forces Maleficent to retreat. KH3D icon.png
Lea's Request 01 KH3D.png Back at Yen Sid's tower, Lea agrees to undertake some sort of trial of his own. Yen Sid ponders just what Xehanort's true intentions are, though assured that Xehanort cannot interfere with the exam as he believes Sora and Riku never met him before the start of their journey. To his horror, however, he is reminded that they did indeed meet him: Xehanort's formless heart, in the Secret Place on the Destiny Islands. He quickly realizes that Xehanort has used this event as his anchorpoint to travel to the past, and has secretly been guiding their exam from the very beginning. KH3D icon.png
Where It Started 02 KH3D.png Sora lands before Memory's Skyscraper in the Dark City, wondering why he has landed in The World That Never Was. He is then attacked and taunted by Xigbar, and then put to sleep by the mysterious young man. As Sora wakes up, he learns that the young man is in fact Master Xehanort himself, from a time before he became a Keyblade wielder. Xehanort's Heartless had travelled back in time and parted upon him the gift of time travel, and instructed him to gather his future selves for Master Xehanort's rebirth. Sora is once again placed into sleep, before finally awakening in the Dark City once more. KH3D icon.png
My Friends Are My Power! 01 KH3D.png As Sora makes his way throughout the Dark City, he is faced with memories and phantoms of people he has met before: Terra, Aqua, Roxas, Xion, Namine, and more. He attempts to chase after them, while Riku's voice in the distance begs him not to. Sora eventually comes face to face with Xigbar and Xemnas and discovers that they are all now vessels of Xehanort, carrying a small piece of his Heart within them. Despite the threats, Sora still aims to fight with his heart and with his friends as his power. Xigbar, rattled, runs away leaving Xemnas to deal with Sora. Despite defeating him, Sora collapses to the ground exhausted as darkness begins to enshroud him. Young Xehanort appears, taunting him that he has worn himself down to nothing. With his body and mind now completely vulnerable, Young Xehanort reveals that Sora has been their true objective the entire time, not Riku, as their intended new vessel for Xehanort's Heart. As Sora falls into sleep, his body is placed upon one of the chairs in Where Nothing Gathers, the meeting room of the Organization. KH3D icon.png
Sora's Nightmare 01 KH3D.png Riku reaches the Castle That Never Was, and begins to scale its walls and pathways. Upon reaching the top, he discovers Sora asleep trapped in an orb of darkness, chasing after dreams that will only further drown him. Despite repeated attempts to reach him, Sora's dreams physically manifest as a Nightmare - the terrifying Anti Black Coat, and engages Riku in combat. Despite winning, Sora sinks into the darkness as Riku is confronted by Ansem. He reveals that while Sora has been experiencing the dreams of the Sleeping Worlds, Riku has been inside Sora's dreams the whole time, explaining their split. The Sleeping Worlds have designated Riku as Sora's Dream Eater, meant to shield him from the Nightmares - symbolized by the Spirit sigil on Riku's back. Riku eventually defeats Ansem. KH3D icon.png
Seven Lights, Thirteen Darknesses 07 KH3D.png Riku and Mickey confront Young Xehanort in the heart of the castle, where he reveals that Xehanort's vessels are nearly gathered, with Master Xehanort himself and Sora the only ones not quite ready - the real Organization XIII. Riku attempts to rescue Sora, but is forced to fight against Young Xehanort, with his time manipulation powers in full display. Despite his victory, he and Mickey are quickly subdued by Ansem and Xemnas. Goofy and Donald come to their rescue, but they too fail. Master Xehanort is fully revived, and with the No Name in hand, prepares to claim Sora as his latest vessel. At the very last second, Lea swoops in and rescues Sora. To his shock, he discovers that Isa - or rather Saix - is also now one of Xehanort's vessels. With Master Xehanort missing his window of opportunity, the rest of the vessels all begin to fade as they are returned to their original timelines. Xehanort, however, is unconcerned and confident that everything will fall into place eventually. KH3D icon.png
Sora's Keyblade 01 KH3D.png Everyone returns to Yen Sid's tower, but find that they are unable to wake Sora up. His heart has been almost completely taken by darkness, and he has fallen into a deep slumber. The only way to save him is for Riku to open a Portal and dive in. He does so, but is confronted by Ventus's Keyblade Armor - which has been completely enshrouded by darkness and corrupted by a Nightmare. Riku battles and defeats the Armored Ventus Nightmare, revealing that it has been attempting to protect Sora the entire time. With the Kingdom Key in hand, Riku opens a keyhole that transports him to the shores of the Islands. There, he must answer three questions posed by visions of Roxas, Ventus and Xion. Upon answering the questions, he is met by a vision of Ansem the Wise. The Sage-King reveals that as part of his atonement, he hid the results of his research inside Sora himself - while he was recovering his memories in the pod - and assures him that Sora is already awake; he need only leave and see for himself. KH3D icon.png
Keyblade Master Riku 01 KH3D.png Riku wakes up to discover that everyone has been having a literal tea party without him. Despite the revelries, the results of the exam must be announced. Yen Sid names Riku a true Keyblade Master, but refuses to name Sora as such as his heart has succumbed to the darkness during the exam. Despite this, Sora is overjoyed for Riku and celebrates his ascension. To the surprise of everyone, Lea announces that he intends to catch up to Riku and become a Master one day, revealing that he had his own Keyblade the entire time, though he has yet to get a handle on summoning it. While everyone departs, Sora announces his return to the sleeping Traverse Town, wanting to get some more training before the final battle with Xehanort. Upon his return, he is greeted by all the Dream Eaters he has befriended during his journey. KH3D icon.png
Another Guardian of Light 04 KH3D.png Riku returns to Yen Sid's tower, accompanied by a certain someone. As Yen Sid prepares the Seven Guardians of Light, he reveals that Kairi will be among them, and she is to begin her training as a Keyblade wielder at once. KH3D icon.png
The Plan 02 KHIIIRM.png At the Keyblade Graveyard, Master Xehanort recalls his fateful encounter with the Master of Masters, wondering if he will ever discover the man's true identity one day. He is accompanied by Xigbar and Saix, as the three of them go over their current roster and weigh their options as to how to fill the ranks. Despite the failure of obtaining Sora, they reveal they still have two other potential vessels: the Riku Replica and Xion. 3RM icon.png
2.9 - The First Volume 03 KH0.2.png Together with Kairi and Riku in Yen Sid's tower, Mickey begins to retell the tale of how he met Aqua during their first journey, and why it's imperative that she be rescued. As Kairi prepares to begin her Keyblade training with Lea, Riku and Mickey depart to the Realm of Darkness. Shortly after, Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive from their own training and prepare to take the next step. Yen Sid notes, however, that after being nearly taken over by Xehanort Sora has nearly lost all of his power and strength, and would be no match for the Organization as he is. He must get his strength back, and acquire the Power of Waking. His first step is to see an old friend and a great hero who was once in the same situation: Hercules. The icon for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-
KH3 icon.png
An Unexpected Encounter 01 KHIII.png On the shores of the Dark Margin, Ansem the Wise and Aqua are confronted by Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. Aqua attempts to fight him, but without a Keyblade she is easily dispatched, left to drown in the water as darkness overtakes her. The Seeker then proceeds to kidnap Ansem. KH3 icon.png
Xigbar in the Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018 trailer. The trio land in Olympus, but find themselves in the middle of a great cataclysm! Hades has summoned the four Titans and has began his siege on Thebes and has captured the seat of the Gods. Together with Hercules, they fight to oust the persistent Lord of the Dead once again. Meanwhile, Maleficent and Pete have begun their search for the Black Box, certain it contains a copy of the Book of Prophecies. As Sora continues his quest, Xigbar appears to taunt him, hinting that he may know of his ultimate fate. KH3 icon.png
Strategic Moves 01 KHIIIRM.png As Maleficent and Pete search for the Black Box, Xigbar observes them from the distance when he is approached by Luxord, newly resurrected and a member of the real Organization XIII. Luxord attempts to ask Xigbar why he has him looking for this same Black Box, but Xigbar brushes it off as just another random order from Xemnas. Luxord instantly catches him in the lie, as he had already approached Xemnas regarding the Box. He recounts to him the riddle of the black goat and the white goat, hinting that he may be aware of Xigbar's true identity and agenda, but shrugs it off as he departs. Xigbar is left to wonder just who Luxord truly is and what his agenda may be. 3RM icon.png
Riku gives up his Keyblade Riku and Mickey have successfully entered the Realm of Darkness, but Aqua is nowhere in sight. Moreover, the Heartless there are several times more powerful than on the outside, and they are quickly overwhelmed. With their Keyblades broken, they are forced to retreat. KH3 icon.png
Nothing's As It Should Be 01 KHIII.png After visiting Twilight Town once more, the trio departs on their true journey ahead, armed with new tools and garments. As they continue their adventures across many worlds, they run into more members of the real Organization XIII: Marluxia, Larxene, Young Xehanort, Vanitas and Dark Riku, who cause them no shortage of trouble.
Riku and Mickey continue with their own journey to the Realm of Darkness, while in Radiant Garden, Ienzo begins his analysis of the data Ansem the Wise placed inside Sora, hopeful to find a way to resurrect Roxas.
Lea and Kairi continue their training.
KH3 icon.png
Cutscene image During their journey in the Toy Box while dealing with Young Xehanort's machinations, Sora first learns of the popular action-RPG video game franchise Verum Rex. Rex the Dinosaur is convinced that Sora is an action figure of the game's main hero, Yozora. Sora, upon looking at the poster, remarks that he looks much more like Riku than himself. KH3 icon.png
The Organization's Origins 01 KHIII.png Two more members of the real Organization XIII are revealed: Vexen and Demyx, although for the time being they are "benched." As Xigbar continues to order them to search for the Black Box, in secrecy Saix, Vexen and Demyx plot to betray Master Xehanort. KH3 icon.png
Kingdom Key variant Keyblade Sora opens a pathway that for some reason returns him to Destiny Islands, where he finds the Master's Defender on the beach. The Keyblade then opens a doorway for him into the Realm of Darkness. Back in the Dark World, Riku and Mickey continue battling powerful Heartless with their new Keyblades, but are quickly overwhelmed by Aqua herself - who has succumbed to the darkness and despair. Sora jumps to the rescue and manages to defeat her and restore her to normal, returning the Keyblade to her. KH3 icon.png
Atonement 02 KHIII.png Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness has taken Ansem the Wise to the mansion in Twilight Town, planning to force the Sage-King to work for the Organization. Hayner's gang, with help from Vexen, are able to free Ansem from the Seeker's clutches and spirit him to safety. Vexen reveals that with some help from Demyx, he was able to smuggle empty Replica vessels to Ienzo for the purposes of resurrecting Roxas and Namine. The scientist expresses a desire to atone for everything that has transpired. KH3 icon.png
An End to Slumber 01 KHIII.png Aqua takes Sora, Donald and Goofy to the gates of Castle Oblivion. With the power of the Master's Defender, she restores the Castle to its original form - the Land of Departure. Upon entering its halls, they locate Ventus - still asleep. Before they can recover him, they are attacked by Vanitas. Aqua challenges him to a one-on-one duel and wins, but the villain still nearly eliminates her. In an effort to save Aqua, Ventus's heart jumps from Sora's body back to his own, waking him up on the process. Vanitas retreats, and Aqua and Ven are reunited at long last. KH3 icon.png
Opposing Goals 01 KHIII.png The Guardians are fully assembled in Yen Sid's tower. They take the night off to relax, collect their thoughts and prepare for the Second Keyblade War. Lea meets with Saix one more time atop the tower in Twilight Town, and eat sea-salt ice cream together. KH3 icon.png
The final showdown The Guardians arrive at the fated land, the Keyblade Graveyard, and are greeted by Master Xehanort himself. As they pass through the rocky crevice and out into the open battlefield, they are confronted by Dark Riku and Terra-Xehanort, the final member of the Organization. They are all quickly overwhelmed, and with the summoning of an unimaginably large wave of Heartless, the Guardians all fall one by one. Sora is the last one left, but he too is inevitably overpowered and dies as a result. KH3 icon.png
Chirithy and Sora - Final World Sora - now translucent - wakes up to find himself in the middle of an endless sea and sky. There he is greeted by the curious critter Chirithy. The quippy cat explains that they are in what's known as The Final World, the end of the road - an afterlife where only the attachments and regrets of those with strong hearts remain. Sora, however, should find himself lucky in that his actual body has also found its way there, making it possible for him to return - he must simply collect himself first, literally. As Sora restores his body back to normal little by little, he meets many of the stars that populate the realm, including those of Namine, who promises to lend Sora a hand once he returns, and a Nameless Star who reveals to Sora that she is waiting for someone dear to her: A man named Yozora. After he gets his old self back, Chirithy reveals to Sora that he has long acquired the Power of Waking: It is his strength to reach the Hearts of others. KH3 icon.png
Light in the Darkness 01 KHIII.png Sora begins to use the Power of Waking to resurrect all of his friends, one by one, whose Hearts are all held captive by a special Heartless called the Lich. As Sora continues to do so, Young Xehanort appears before him, amused at how recklessly Sora is using his newfound power and explains that it is a power used for traversing hearts to reach worlds, not for traversing worlds to reach hearts. As he leaves, he states that there's no hope for Sora - there is a high price to pay for his transgression over the laws of nature, and he has doomed himself to the debt. KH3 icon.png
Cutscene image The Guardians are all revived, to a point in time from just before they are attacked by Dark Riku and Terra-Xehanort. The two appear before them once more, but this time the Guardians are aided by an unlikely ally - the Lingering Will, courtesy of Namine. As the swath of Heartless attack, Sora is aided by the countless Keyblades of wielders and Masters past, and with a brief vision of Ephemer, Sora is able to cut through the Wave with the power of the Union χ. Master Xehanort summons the Skein of Severance, signaling the beginning of the Second Keyblade War. As the Guardians make their way towards the gauntlet, Donald, Goofy and Master Yen Sid stay behind to keep the Heartless at bay. KH3 icon.png
Riku and Riku 01 KHIII.png Sora helps Riku and Mickey defeat the Organization members. Dark Riku's heart is removed from his vessel by the Riku Replica to provide Naminé a body, and Xigbar seemingly falls to his death. Demyx arrives shortly afterwards to retrieve Dark Riku's body. Luxord hands Sora a wild card that could help turn the tables, Larxene admits that she only joined the Organization to tag along with someone, and Marluxia regains his memories of his old self. KH3 icon.png
3RM icon.png
The Guardian reveals itself as Terra Sora assists Aqua and Ventus in fighting Terra-Xehanort and Vanitas. Upon Vanitas's defeat, Sora and Ventus implore Vanitas to join them as their brother, but Vanitas fades away, content on being their darkness and shadow. Terra-Xehanort nearly kills Ventus and Aqua, but the Dark Figure - revealed to be holding Terra's heart - saves them. With Sora's help, Terra regains control of his body. KH3 icon.png
The Last Light 02 KHIII.png Sora, Kairi, and Lea fight Saïx and Xion. Saïx overpowers them and Xemnas attempts to have Xion kill Lea, but Sora intervenes, saying Xion's name and restoring her memories. Roxas returns in his own replica body and, with Sora, Kairi, Lea, and Xion's help, reclaims the Recusant's Sigil as a sign of their friendship. Xemnas kidnaps a weakened Kairi, and Saïx is defeated, making amends with Lea before fading away. KH3 icon.png
3RM icon.png
Xehanort kills Kairi Sora catches up with Riku and Mickey at the Tower of Endings, where Master Xehanort explains that with nine clashes completed, he only needs four more to forge the χ-blade. The Guardians defeat Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort; Ansem expresses pride at Riku's growth, Xemnas admits that he feels loneliness, and Young Xehanort declares that Sora's time in the world is doomed. Master Xehanort invokes the final clash by crystallizing Kairi to motivate Sora and forges the χ-blade at last. However, the Guardians and their allies soon trap Xehanort in his own Portal and hold off Kingdom Hearts so that Sora, Donald, and Goofy can finish Xehanort off. KH3 icon.png
3RM icon.png
Checkmate 03 KHIII.png Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter Xehanort's Portal and arrive in Scala ad Caelum. They are forced to fight off twelve Replica Xehanorts before ultimately engaging in a final clash with Xehanort. As a last-ditch effort, Xehanort uses the χ-blade to nearly kill Sora, but with Donald and Goofy's power, Sora manages to deliver the fatal blow. Battered and weakened, Xehanort confesses that everything he did was to remake the world into one without darkness. Sora tells him that a real leader knows that destiny cannot be controlled. As the rest of the Guardians arrive, Xehanort is confronted by the spirit of Eraqus, who convinces him it is checkmate. An initially reluctant Xehanort surrenders the χ-blade to Sora, congratulating him on his hard-fought victory. Eraqus apologizes for his behavior towards his students and departs with Xehanort into the afterlife. KH3 icon.png
Connecting Hearts 01 KHIIIRM.png After sealing Kingdom Hearts, Sora decides to use the Power of Waking to save Kairi. Under Chirithy's guidance, he returns to the Second Keyblade War and relives the Guardians' battles with the Organization, tracing their hearts until he is forced to relive Kairi's destruction. He then goes to Scala ad Caelum to retrieve the fragments of Kairi's heart, but is confronted by Xehanort, who tells him that there are two more. As the Guardians fend off the Replica Xehanorts, Sora finds the final two fragments in Riku and Mickey before finally reviving Kairi. The Replica Xehanorts are forced to fight Sora and Kairi in a final battle, and are ultimately vanquished by the Guardians before Sora and Kairi return to the future. 3RM icon.png
Sora dies With Xehanort gone, the Guardians return home: Roxas, Lea, and Xion reunite in Twilight Town with Hayner, Pence, Olette, and a revived Isa; Terra, Ventus and Aqua pay their respects to Eraqus before Ventus reunites with his Chirithy, and Sora and Kairi assist Ansem the Wise in reviving Naminé. The Guardians and their allies gather in Destiny Islands, but as a consequence of abusing the Power of Waking, Sora fades away. KH3 icon.png
3RM icon.png
Lost Masters 01 KHIII.png Back in the Keyblade Graveyard, a still-alive Xigbar reclaims the No Name Keyblade with the Black Box beside him and summons four of the foretellers: Masters Aced, Ira, Invi and Gula. Xigbar reveals himself to be the latest incarnation of the Master's sixth apprentice, Luxu. In order to realize the Master's prophecies, he manipulated Xehanort into orchestrating the Second Keyblade War, but that he also had another role. Aced demands to know what his true role was, while Xigbar muses by stating "I hope you like long stories." In the distance, Maleficent and Pete observe the reunion of the Lost Masters. KH3 icon.png
Screenshot taken from Yozora's ending Riku begins having a peculiar, recurring dream. In a mysterious city filled with tall buildings and skyscrapers, he and Sora awaken separated and disoriented. As Riku walks off to search for him, he feels the presence of Yozora watching him from atop a skyscraper. Some distance away, the Master of Masters appears overlooking the city, and with his hands compares the gleaming full moon to the light of Kingdom Hearts. KH3 icon.png
The Secret Promise 01 KHIIIRM.png Riku pays a visit to the Land of Departure, his promise to Terra fulfilled. Together, Terra, Aqua and Ventus don their Keyblade Armor and head off into the Realm of Darkness to search for Sora. 3RM icon.png
Sora's Disappearance
Recreated Data 01 KHIIIRM.png One year has passed. Terra, Aqua and Ventus continue to search the Dark World. Donald, Goofy and the King are revisiting all of the worlds Sora has visited. Hayner's gang have been analyzing Roxas's and Xion's memories for clues, and Kairi has voluntarily placed her heart into a deep sleep, so that Ansem, Even and Ienzo may search her heart for Sora's whereabouts. Despite the best efforts of everyone, Sora is nowhere to be found. Riku visits Leon, Cid, Yuffie and Aerith at Radiant Garden to see if they had made any progress. It turns out that Cid has managed to recreate the data of the Real Organization XIII, but they're far too powerful to access. The only way to do so is to have a data copy of Sora engage them all in one-on-one combat. Upon completion, however, all they get is an inconclusive analysis and they're back to square one. The Fairy Godmother appears at Yen Sid and Merlin's request, who believe that Riku's dreams may hold the key. Riku recalls that he has been having that one particular recurring dream, and begins to recount it... 3RM icon.png
Like, Is Any of This for Real or Not 01 KHIIIRM.png Meanwhile, Sora finds himself in The Final World once more, now illuminated by a starry night sky. While glad that he is at least whole, he desperately calls out to see if anyone else is around. From the distance, a voice does indeed call out to him and Sora immediately begins to run towards the sound. Stepping out of the darkness is a young man Sora instantly recognizes: Yozora. Surprised that he is a real person after all, Sora enthusiastically introduces himself but Yozora is instantly suspicious of his identity. He questions why he is "using Sora's name", and summons his crossbow and sword. They are suddenly transported atop the 104 building in the middle of a city, and Yozora explains that it was in this place where he endured some trials and was asked to "save Sora." Yozora attacks and the two begin their battle, and despite the young warrior's exceptional combat prowess and strange technology, Sora narrowly claims a victory. Yozora states contently that his power are not yet needed, and he fades away with a warm smile as Sora is taken back to The Final World.

Yozora wakes up in the backseat of a car to the voice of his driver, and recalls the first words spoken by Sora.
"I've been having these weird thoughts lately... like, is any of this for real or not?"
3RM icon.png
The Answer 01 KHMOM.png Following her sojourn into her own heart and experiencing the memories of Sora and those connected to him in order to find him, Kairi finds herself facing a memory of Master Xehanort in The Final World. Following a fierce clash, he overpowers her, but a manifestation of Sora takes over her body and defeats him. However, his voice was not capable of reaching either of them, cluing Xehanort to his location. He shares the clue with Kairi: Sora is in a world opposite of light, darkness, and reality itself. MOM icon.png
To the Other Side 01 KHMOM.png With Kairi finally waking up, Riku arrives in Ansem's laboratory to share news of his own clue: The dream of a city with tall buildings and skyscrapers. Ansem, Ienzo and Even theorize that the world opposite of reality is unreality, or fiction, but know next to nothing of it. The Fairy Godmother arrives and reveals she knows the location of the third "key" necessary to bring Sora back. She takes Kairi and Riku to The Final World and reveals this third "key" to be the Nameless Star. By using the Power of waking and turning her into a Portal, Riku is able to use her as a medium and travel directly to the city he dreamt of: Quadratum. Kairi, still remembering both of her losses against Xehanort, opts to stay behind to get stronger instead. MOM icon.png
Another Key 01 KHMOM.png Kairi, Donald, Goofy and King Mickey arrive at the Mysterious Tower to inform Master Yen Sid of the latest developments. Perplexed by the uncharted water that is the existence of a fictional world, Yen Sid recounts the story of how the ancient masters themselves may have crossed over to the other side of reality. He orders King Mickey to visit Scala ad Caelum and conduct an investigation into this tale. He also orders Donald and Goofy to inform everyone else to halt their search for Sora, while Kairi makes the decision to apprentice herself to Aqua in her bid to get stronger. MOM icon.png