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The Premium Menu (プレミアムメニュー Puremiamu Menyū?) is a gameplay option in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. The menu allows the player to affect the difficulty of the game to a greater extent than simply changing the difficulty options.

During Sora's Dive to the Heart at the start of the game, after choosing a power, Sora is given a choice between a "Usual Adventure" (represented by Sora chasing Pluto at the end of Kingdom Hearts), which locks the Premium Menu, an "Easy Adventure" (represented by Sora's tea party at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance), which unlocks the EZ Codes, and a "Challenging Adventure" (represented by the Battle of the 1000 Heartless in Kingdom Hearts II), which unlocks the PRO Codes. By defeating Yozora in the Secret Episode, both options are unlocked on the current save regardless of the initial choice.

The Premium Menu is accessed from the normal pause menu by pressing the touchpad on the DualShock 4 controller.

As of the Version 1.10 update, the number of premium codes active are now displayed on the in-game HUD.

EZ Codes[edit]

The Premium Menu with EZ Codes unlocked.

EZ Codes (FASTPASS CODE?) are unlocked by choosing an Easy Adventure. The choice is described in the Dive to the Heart as "an easier path to fulfilling objectives". There are two types of EZ Codes: Battle Codes, which affect combat, and Support Codes.

By default, all EZ Codes are set to OFF when unlocked. While EZ Codes are activated, certain Trophies cannot be acquired.

Code Type Effect Notes
Deadly Blow (デッドリーブロウ
Deddorī Burou
Battle Code You can defeat enemies in one hit. However, certain enemies and bosses are immune to this effect. Bosses with cutscenes dividing "phases" of the battle, such as the Catastrochorus in San Fransokyo, will merely be reduced to 1 HP before moving on to the next phase. Enemies and bosses with armor gauges that replace their HP gauges will have their armor gauge depleted by Deadly Blow without affecting their HP.
Auto-block (オートガード
Ōto Gādo
?, lit. "Auto Gaurd")
Battle Code Enemy attacks are automatically blocked. Auto-block does not activate when you are attacking, or when you are using forms with no blocking. Sora will perform a block with no input when Auto-block is activated. However, he will not perform an auto-block during attack animations, even if a block can be activated via player input at that time.
HP Regen (HPリジェネ
HP Rijene
Battle Code Your whole team's HP automatically regenerates.
MP Regen (MPリジェネ
MP Rijene
Battle Code Your whole team's MP automatically regenerates. However, MP Regen does not activate while recharging MP.
Focus Regen (FOCUSリジェネ
FOCUS Rijene
Battle Code Your Focus Gauge automatically recharges.
Form Charge (フォームチャージ
Fōmu Chāji
Battle Code Your Formchange Gauge gradually increases over time. The Situation Command meter will increase at a fixed rate regardless of Sora's battle performance, and a Formchange command (if available) will always be generated.
Attraction Pass (アトラクションパス
Atorakushon Pasu
Battle Code Attraction indicators appear more frequently during battle.
Best Combination (ベストコンビネーション
Besuto Konbinēshon
Battle Code Team commands appear more frequently in battle.
Overflow (オーバーフロー
Battle Code The Rage Form command appears more frequently in battle.
Everlink (エバーリンク
Battle Code Links last for a much longer duration.
AP Free (APフリー
AP Furī
Battle Code The AP cost of all abilities is reduced to 0. When toggling this code from ON to OFF, your whole team will have their set abilities removed.
Survival (サバイバル
Battle Code Strength and magic stats are tripled for both allies and enemies.
Cooking Master (クッキングマスター
Kukkingu Masutā
Support Code You will always earn an Excellent rating when cooking with Little Chef.
Shop Discount (ショップディスカウント
Shoppu Disukaunto
Support Code All shop items are half price.
Gummi Ship Meister (グミシップマイスター
Gumi Shippu Maisutā
Support Code In Gummi Editor, your gummi ship level is set to 99, and your inventory of all gummi items will be set to maximum. Your previous inventory cannot be restored. This is the only EZ Code that cannot be disabled once activated.

EZ Code Merits[edit]

Merits (ACHIEVEMENT?) can be earned through the Premium Menu with EZ Codes unlocked by completing certain objectives. The activation of EZ Codes is not necessary to achieve merits, with the exception of the Survival Challenge.

Challenge Image Description World
Aerial Challenge (エリアルチャレンジ
Eriaru Charenji
Aerial Challenge Merit KHIIIRM.png Defeat 13 enemies in the air without landing!
Enemies defeated with magic, links, team commands, or attractions are not counted.
Rage Form Challenge (レイジフォームチャレンジ
Reiji Fōmu Charenji
The Rage Form Challenge Merit icon Defeat 20 Shadows/Neoshadows at one time using Rage Form. -
Link Challenge (リンクチャレンジ
Rinku Charenji
The Rage Form Challenge Merit icon Use any link to defeat 77 enemies at one time! -
Icebreaker Challenge (アイスブレイクチャレンジ
Aisu Bureiku Charenji
?, lit. "Ice Break Challenge")
The Rage Form Challenge Merit icon Freeze and Shatter 30 enemies in one battle! -
Gigas Challenge (ギガースチャレンジ
Gigāsu Charenji
The Rage Form Challenge Merit icon Use any attraction to defeat 5 Gigas toys at one time! Toy Box
Sky Walk Challenge (スカイウォークチャレンジ
Sukai Wōku Charenji
The Rage Form Challenge Merit icon Travel from the tower in the forest to the Kingdom of Corona without walking on the ground, and landing only up to 5 times! Kingdom of Corona
Schwarzgeist Challenge (シュヴァルツガイストチャレンジ
Shuvarutsugaisuto Charenji
The Rage Form Challenge Merit icon Clear the Schwarzgeist in Misty Stream with an A rank! -
Bowling Challenge (ボウリングチャレンジ
Bouringu Charenji
The Rage Form Challenge Merit icon Defeat 10 enemies at one time using the team attack Scream Strike. Monstropolis
Survival Challenge (サバイバルチャレンジ
Sabaibaru Charenji
The Rage Form Challenge Merit icon Clear a Difficultly ★★☆ Battlegate while only having the battle code "Survival" ON. -

PRO Codes[edit]

The Premium Menu with PRO Codes unlocked.

PRO Codes (BLACK CODE?) are unlocked by choosing a Challenging Adventure. The choice is described in the Dive to the Heart as "a harder yet more glorious path". PRO Codes are ranked by difficulty through a count of stars.

By default, all PRO Codes are set to ON if unlocked in the Dive to the Heart, and OFF if unlocked by defeating Yozora. However, PRO Codes do not take effect during the Dive to the Heart or during tutorials.

Code Difficulty Effect Notes
Default Status (デフォルトステータス
Deforuto Sutētasu
★★★★★ Your whole team's stats are returned to their initial default status, regardless of level. Only applies to stats directly gained from Level Ups. Stats from equipment, cuisine, and direct sources like the Strength Boost item are unaffected. Riku, Aqua, Roxas, and Kairi have fixed stats when playable and are not affected.
Zero Defense (ゼロディフェンス
Zero Difensu
★★★★ Your whole team's defense is set to 0. However, Defense boosts from equipment are still applied.
HP Slip (HPスリップ
HP Surippu
★★★ During battle, your whole team's HP automatically decreases over time until it reaches dangerous levels. A given party member's HP will cease decreasing once it is considered "critical". If Sora's max HP is reduced to 1 by certain bosses, HP Slip will not finish him off.
MP Slip (MPスリップ
MP Surippu
★★★★ During battle, your whole team's MP automatically decreases over time, and MP recharge time is doubled. If Sora's MP is reduced to 1, MP Slip will not trigger an MP recharge.
No Shotlocks (シュートフロー禁止
Shūtofurō Kinshi
?, lit. "Shootflow Ban")
★★ You cannot use Shotlocks. Airstepping is still available.
No Cure (ケアル禁止
Kearu Kinshi
?, lit. "Cure Ban")
★★★★★ Your whole team cannot use Cure magic. This also includes Baymax's Care Spray ability.
No Battle Items (バトルアイテム禁止
Batoru Aitemu Kinshi
?, lit. "Battle Item Ban")
★★★ During battle, your whole team cannot use items.
No Links (リンク禁止
Rinku Kinshi
?, lit. "Link Ban")
★★ You cannot use links.
No Formchanges/Grand Magic (フォームチェンジ/強化魔法禁止
Fōmuchenji/Kyōka Mahō Kinshi
?, lit. "Formchange/Magic Strengthening Ban")
★★★★ You cannot use formchanges or grand magic. The third phase of the final battle against Master Xehanort will still force Sora into Rage Form.
No Attractions (アトラクションフロー禁止
Atorakushon Furō Kinshi
?, lit. "Attraction Flow Ban")
Attraction commands do not appear outside of certain special battles. The horde battle at the Keyblade Graveyard will still allow use of Mountain Coaster.
No Team Attacks (連携アクション禁止
Renkei Akushon Kenshi
?, lit. "Cooperation Action Ban")
Team commands do not appear outside of certain special battles. The Laugh Gauge battles in Monstropolis still allow use of Scream Strike, and the fight against Dark Baymax exclusively uses Baymax's Interceptor Wing and is not disabled.
No Kupo Coins (モグメダル禁止
Mogu Medaru Kinshi
?, lit. "Mog Medal Ban")
★★ Kupo coins in your possession have no effect.
Ability Limit (アビリティリミット
Abiriti Rimitto
★★★★ A maximum limit of 30 is placed on abilities you can install on Sora.

PRO Code Merits[edit]

Merit Points can be earned by defeating certain bosses with PRO Codes set to ON. Each star of a PRO Code earns the player a multiplier of 1.25 for the basic merit points that can be achieved for the boss. When all PRO Codes are activated the merit points multiplier is set to 50.00, accumulating to 530,000 maximum possible merit points across all bosses. At certain thresholds of merit points, the player's Merit Rank is increased. If any Battle Codes are active on the EZ Code menu, merit points cannot be earned.

Merit points can be earned from the following bosses:

World/Episode Boss Basic points Max points
Olympus Rock Titan 100 5,000
Ice Titan, Lava Titan, Tornado Titan 200 10,000
Twilight Town Demon Tide 100 5,000
Toy Box Angelic Amber 100 5,000
King of Toys 200 10,000
Kingdom of Corona Chaos Carriage 100 5,000
Grim Guardianess 200 10,000
Monstropolis Lump of Horror 200 10,000
Arendelle Marshmallow 100 5,000
Sköll 200 10,000
The Caribbean Lightning Angler 100 5,000
Davy Jones 200 10,000
San Fransokyo Darkubes 100 5,000
Dark Baymax 200 10,000
Keyblade Graveyard Demon Tide 200 10,000
Young Xehanort, Ansem, Xemnas 200 10,000
Dark Inferno 400 20,000
Scala ad Caelum Armored Xehanort 200 10,000
Master Xehanort 200 10,000
Re Mind Armored Xehanort 200 10,000
Limitcut Episode Ansem 500 25,000
Xemnas 500 25,000
Xigbar 500 25,000
Luxord 500 25,000
Limitcut Episode Larxene 500 25,000
Marluxia 500 25,000
Saïx 500 25,000
Terra-Xehanort 500 25,000
Limitcut Episode Dark Riku 500 25,000
Vanitas 500 25,000
Young Xehanort 500 25,000
Xion 500 25,000
Limitcut Episode Master Xehanort 500 25,000
Secret Episode Yozora 600 30,000

PRO Code Merit Ranks[edit]

Merit Rank Image Points needed
M The M Merit Rank icon 11,250
L The L Merit Rank icon 30,000
K The K Merit Rank icon 50,000
J The J Merit Rank icon 65,000
I The I Merit Rank icon 90,000
H The H Merit Rank icon 115,000
G The G Merit Rank icon 145,000
F The F Merit Rank icon 169,000
E The E Merit Rank icon 225,000
D The D Merit Rank icon 250,000
C The C Merit Rank icon 300,000
B The B Merit Rank icon 325,000
A The A Merit Rank icon 364,125