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8-Bit Blast

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8-Bit Blast (8bitボム 8 Bitto Bomu?, lit. "8-Bit Bomb") is a Link Summon that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to summon and control Wreck-It Ralph to build and then destroy a set of explosive blocks that damage enemies upon detonation.


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In Kingdom Hearts III, 8-Bit Blast is the Link Summon attached to the Pixel Heartbinder. It has a base duration of 40 seconds. When used, Sora summons Wreck-It-Ralph and rides on his back, where he can then control him to run, jump, or rush forward. With Build, Ralph can place blocks with lights that stun enemies in their direction, then detonate in the light's direction when Finish is used. There are a total of six unique block types that can be placed, with each having a different number and configuration of lights. Ralph has a selection of four block types, chosen at random, that he can place from the menu at the bottom screen. The list of possible light configurations for the block types is as follows:

  • A. 1 light (up)Symbol - Crown.png
  • B. 1 light (forward)
  • C. 2 lights (forward, down)
  • D. 3 lights (left, right, down)
  • E. 3 lights (forward; 3 spots)
  • F. 4 lights (forward, backward, left, right)

Left and Right or R1 can be used to change the block type to place. Up to six blocks can be placed, with the number of placeable blocks left being displayed in the block menu.

When Finish is used, the first-placed block is destroyed, sending flying block fragments and bursts of flame in the illuminated areas that damage enemies and destroy other blocks in their path, causing them in turn to send block fragments and flames in their illuminated area, resulting in a chain. The power of the Finish attack increases with each chain.

Command Input Description
Run (走る
Left Stick Moves at Sora's running speed.
Jump (ジャンプ
Circle Jumps slightly high; there's a large cooldown gap upon landing.
Build (クリエイト
?, lit. "Create")
X Strikes the ground (attacking surrounding enemies) and creates a block (jumping atop it).
Rush (ラッシュ
Square Rams enemies (punches while falling when in the air), stunning struck enemies.
Finish (フィニッシュ
Triangle Falls from the air and destroys placed blocks with a punch.

Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Repel LV Status
Build (クリエイト
?, lit. "Create")
Magic icon Neutral 1.0 0 1 0.1 X
Rush (Ground) (ラッシュ(地上)
Magic icon Neutral 1.5 0 1 0.1 O Stun (100%/15 seconds)
Rush (Air) (ラッシュ(空中)
Magic icon Neutral 1.0 0 1 0.1 O Stun (100%/15 seconds)
Finish (フィニッシュ
(fragments) Magic icon Neutral 2.0 per hit 0 1 per hit 0.1 O

(flame burst) Magic icon Neutral 6.0Symbol - Crown.png 0 5 0 O


8-Bit Blast revolves around setting up for its powerful Finish command, which excels in single-target damage. After placing the first block, always make sure to place the next block within its illumination range, and so on for the next block, so that they all chain into each other for the maximum chain damage bonus. For the order of block placement, it is most optimal to place block type A first (which is always in the possible selection), then B, E, and/or F for striking enemies on the ground with the chain-detonations, then C or D to cover the downward facing direction, and finally a pair of horizontal blocks for the remaining two available blocks. Once the enemy is within illumination range of the 5th or 6th block, it is safe to initiate the Finish command.

The Rush command can be a good way to keep more agile enemies in position before placing the first block to catch them with its illumination range, as Rush will inflict Stun on hit enemies for 15 seconds.

8-Bit Blast is especially powerful against humanoid bosses, such as those fought in the Keyblade Graveyard due to being easiest to catch with the light's stunning range and then to have the blocks placed in a way that ensures a full chain combo. However 8-Bit Blast can still be used to great effect against larger bosses like the Grim Guardianess, albeit with a little more difficulty in getting the maximum chain. While powerful against these bosses, being able to deplete multiple HP bars with a single use of its Finish command, 8-Bit Blast is a poor choice for bosses that keep a high distance above the ground, such as the King of Toys and Sköll.

Learning 8-Bit Blast[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Sora can use 8-Bit Blast upon receiving the Pixel Heartbinder.