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Reflect (リフレク Rifureku?, lit. "Reflec"), Reflera (リフレラ Rifurera?), and Reflega (リフレガ Rifurega?) are a series of magic that appear in Kingdom Hearts II. Reflect magic momentarily summons a spherical shield of light around the user, fending off enemy attacks, and counters with small explosions.


Sora using Reflega in Space Paranoids.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Reflect is a spell that can be used by Sora. It briefly produces a barrier of light that blocks any attacks. Unlike the Guard ability, Reflect can be used while airborne and can deflect attacks from all directions. While some attacks cannot be blocked with Guard, Reflect defends Sora from any incoming damage until the barrier has dispersed. If an attack is successfully guarded, the barrier unleashes a series of small, random light explosions as it disperses, dealing a flat amount of damage based on Sora's Magic stat to anything hit by the blast. Reflera and Reflega summon increasingly larger barriers and counter with larger, higher-damaging blasts. Reflect magic costs 10 MP to use, and deals Neutral damage.

In Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, Reflega is an action ability when the Guardians of Light fight against the Replica Xehanorts. When used, Aqua, Xion, and King Mickey combine their powers to create a large Reflega to protect the Guardians from all incoming attacks. After three group attacks from the Replica Xehanorts, the Reflega can be shattered by pressing X to deal significant damage.

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