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M.O.G. Card

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M.O.G. Card
The M.O.G. Card sprite
"A membership card you received at the Moogle Shop. With this, you'll be able to purchase exclusive items."
Japanese MOGカード
Rōmaji MOG Kādo

Item Rank Buy Sell
M.O.G. Card

The M.O.G. Card is a key item that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. It is obtained after spending a total of 10,000 munny in the Moogle Shop. It allows the player to purchase the following items from the Moogle Shop: Elixir, Mushroom Terrine+, Consommé+, Sole Menuninère+, Sweetbread Poêlé+, Chocolate Mousse+, Fire Bangle, Blizzard Choker, Thunder Trinket, Elven Bandanna, and Wind Fan.

Additionally, once the M.O.G. Card is obtained, Kupo Coins will fully restore Sora's HP instead of only restoring half, and will additionally restore 100 MP or 50% of the MP Charge gauge.


The M.O.G Card is a rewards card, featuring a moogle on its background. Mog is a recurring moogle name in the Final Fantasy series.

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