Full Course Bonus

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Full Course Bonus (フルコース Furu Kōsu?, lit. "Full-course Dinner") is an extra, temporary ability granted by consuming a full meal in the Cuisine menu—starter, soup, fish dish, meat dish, and dessert—in addition to the stat bonuses normally awarded by eating Food. They are generated randomly from a set which depends on the number of ★★★ dishes included in the meal, and each additional ★★★ dish adds more abilities to the options, as well as increasing the duration of the ability awarded. If the meal is constructed by the player, the Bonus will not be displayed until meal is consumed, but if the player selects "Chef's Choice" to allow Little Chef to construct the meal, the Bonus can be previewed before consuming the meal. While the resulting Bonus is generally randomized, a specific Bonus can be locked in by saving the meal and its effects to the player's list of favorites.

★★★ dishes Duration Bonuses
0+ 30' Cuisine Extender
1+ 34'30" Hearty Meal
2+ 39' Firaza, Blizzaza, Overtime, Prize Proliferator
3+ 43'30" Thundaza, Waterza, Aeroza, EXP Incentive, Top Condition
4+ 48' Berserk Charge, Rags to Riches
5+ 52'30" Curaza, More Grand Magic