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Gifted Miracle

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Gifted Miracle allows the user to focus and summon a healing light from the heavens.

Gifted Miracle (ミラクルギフト Mirakuru Gifuto?, lit. "Miracle Gift") is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. It reloads the user's cards and resets the reload counter while restoring HP to friends and foes alike.


In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Gifted Miracle is a Magic Sleight.

Learning Gifted Miracle[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

  • Sora can obtain Gifted Miracle from a Halloween Town Bounty.
    • Its card combinations are:
    Simba (card).png + Fire (card).png + Jack (card).png
    Summon card + magic card + Jack
    Bambi (card).png + Blizzard (card).png + Potion (card).png
    Bambi + Blizzard + item card