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Idyll Romp

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Idyll Romp
(パラダイススタンプ Paradaisu Sutanpu?, lit. "Paradise Stamp")
Idyll Romp KHRECOM.gif
Bambi zigzags around the battlefield, confusing the enemy.
Element Power Card Combination Enemy Card Boost
Neutral x0.1 per hit Bambi (card).png + Kingdom Key (card).png + Kingdom Key (card).png
Bambi + attack card + attack card
Crescendo (card).png

Idyll Romp is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. It allows the user to summon Bambi to confuse enemies.


In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Idyll Romp is a Summon Sleight. When used, Bambi is summoned, whereupon he zigzags across the battlefield, confusing enemies.

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Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

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