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The Gear Matrix with the Kingdom Key and Blade Rush equipped.

The Gear Matrix (デコレーションマトリックス Dekorēshon Matorikkusu?, lit. "Decoration Matrix") handles Data-Sora's equipment in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, including Keyblades, accessories, and Finish commands. In effect, the Gear Matrix determines how the Overclock system is implemented.

Accessories are equipped in a similar fashion to the rest of the series, with each granting special bonuses, such as resistance to certain elements or stat boosts. More Accessory Slots can be acquired through progression on the Stat Matrix.


As Sora successfully uses the Attack command and deck commands on enemies or certain objects, the clock gauge fills up. Each time the gauge fills completely, the clock level increases by one, activating an ability on the equipped Keyblade's unique Clock Ability Tree and moving on to the next tier. The abilities that will be activated on the tree can be selected on the touchscreen, or in the Gear Matrix. As a Keyblade chip levels up through use in battle, additional abilities will be unlocked on the tree.

When an endpoint on the tree has been reached, filling the clock gauge again changes the Attack command to activate the equipped Finish command. The higher the clock level is when using the Finish command, the more powerful it is. Once the command has been used, the clock level returns to one, and all abilities on the tree from level 2 and on will deactivate.

Keyblade chips[edit]

Keyblade Name Description Obtained
as seen in the Ultimania Keyblade KHREC.png Kingdom Key The keychain originally attached to your Keyblade. Its powers will serve you in countless battles. Default
Wishing Star KHREC.png Keyblade KHREC.png Wishing Star A Keyblade that is capable of swift strikes. Its powers will automatically keep you safe. Clear Traverse Town
Lady Luck KHREC.png Keyblade KHREC.png Lady Luck A Keyblade that restores your HP when you block. Its powers negatively affect enemy status. Clear Wonderland
Olympia KHREC.png Keyblade KHREC.png Olympia A combo-mod Keyblade capable of powerful blows. Its powers let you smash through enemy defenses. Clear Olympus Coliseum
Three Wishes KHREC.png Keyblade KHREC.png Three Wishes A combo-mod Keyblade capable of a string of hits. Its powers will bring you great treasure. Clear Agrabah
Oblivion KHREC.png Keyblade KHREC.png Oblivion A Keyblade that rewards wielders who share its hurt. Its powers will draw out your full potential. Defeat Data-Riku at Hollow Bastion I.
Zero-One KHREC.png Keyblade KHREC.png Zero/One A Keyblade newly wrought within the datascape. Its powers render all opponents helpless. Defeat Sora's Heartless
Oathkeeper KHREC.png Keyblade KHREC.png Oathkeeper A Keyblade that will guard you from many hurts. Its powers help accelerate your growth. Defeat Data-Roxas with a ★ rank.
Metal Chocobo KHREC.png Keyblade KHREC.png Metal Chocobo A combo-mod Keyblade capable of crushing blows. Its powers assist those who seek supreme strength. Rare prize blox in Layer 27
Lionheart KHREC.png Keyblade KHREC.png Lionheart A combo-mod Keyblade capable of a blur of hits. Its powers assist those who seek supreme speed. Purchase for 348000 SP from the System Sector in the Alleyway
Ultima Weapon KHREC.png Keyblade KHREC.png Ultima Weapon An incredible Keyblade with a wealth of abilities. Its powers let you fell enemies at a single stroke. Purchase for 1500000 SP from the System Sector in the Entrance Hall (UL)

Finish command chips[edit]

Only one Finish command can be equipped at a time. There are three types of Overclock Finishers: Simple Type Finish Commands are marked with a light blue symbol, Command Input Type with a red symbol, and D Magic Type with a purple symbol. Simple Type Finish commands are performed by pressing A when prompted, and require no further interaction from the player. Command Input Finish Commands are performed by pressing A when prompted, followed by pressing various buttons at specific times. D Magic Type Finish commands are performed by pressing A when prompted, followed by using the D-Pad to aim, and tapping A repeatedly.

Name Description Obtained
Type A Finish KHREC.png Blade Rush (ラッシュブレード
Rasshu Burēdo
?, lit. "Rush Blade")
Devastate foes with a flurry of attacks. Initial finisher obtained at the start of the game
Type A Finish KHREC.png Energy Bomb (エナジーボム
Enajī Bomu
Surround yourself with orbs of light, then detonate them all at once. Traverse Town: Item Workshop System Sector: 300 SP
Type A Finish KHREC.png Faith (ホーリー
?, lit. "Holy")
Send pillars of light lancing through enemies again and again. Agrabah: Entrance to Cave of Wonders System Sector: 600 SP
Type A Finish KHREC.png Mega Flare (メガフレア
Mega Furea
Lay waste to all foes around you by triggering a massive explosion. Hollow Bastion Part I: Rare Prize Blox in Library 2
Type A Finish KHREC.png Meteor Rain (メテオレイン
Meteo Rein
Bring countless meteors crashing down upon foes. Destiny Islands: Secret Place System Sector: 56000 SP
Type A Finish KHREC.png Zone of Ruin (ブラスティングゾーン
Burasutingu Zōn
?, lit. "Blasting Zone")
Summon a giant sword of light and smite enemies with one fell blow. Agrabah: Cave of Wonders Gauntlet System Sector: 620000 SP
Type B Finish KHREC.png Speed Combo (クイックコンボ
Kuikku Conbo
?, lit. "Quick Combo")
Press the D-Pad in the directions shown to unleash an overwhelming series of attacks. Traverse Town: Bring Dewey back to Cid
Type B Finish KHREC.png Star Rave (スターレイヴ
Sutā Reivu
Press each button rising up the top screen just as it overlaps the ☆ for a fierce rush of attacks. Wonderland: Rare Prize Blox in Tea Party Garden, top of ledge
Type B Finish KHREC.png Spinner Saw (エイミングソウ
Eimingu Sou
?, lit. "Aiming Saw")
Press each button as the spinner passes through it to crash through foes with a whirlwind attack. Hollow Bastion Part II: Traverse Town System Sector: 3600 SP
Type C Finish KHREC.png D-Fira (Dファイラ
D Faira
?, lit. "D Fira")
Use the D-Pad to aim and tap A to repeatedly hammer foes with fireballs. Wonderland: Aimless Path System Sector: 1800 SP
Type C Finish KHREC.png D-Firaga (Dファイガ
D Faiga
?, lit. "D Figa")
Use the D-Pad to quickly take aim and tap A to repeatedly hammer foes with fireballs. Avatar Mode: Get all 99 Dalmatians from scratch cards.
Type C Finish KHREC.png D-Blizzara (Dブリザラ
D Burizara
?, lit. "D Blizzara")
Encase yourself in ice and bowl over foes. Adjust your trajectory by holding A and using up and down on the D-Pad. Hollow Bastion Part I: High Tower System Sector: 1100 SP
Type C Finish KHREC.png D-Blizzaga (Dブリザガ
D Burizaga
?, lit. "D Blizzaga")
Encase yourself in ice and bowl over foes. Adjust your trajectory quickly by holding A and using the D-Pad. Avatar Sector: Reach 100th Floor and defeat Bug Data-Riku: 1000000 SP
Type C Finish KHREC.png D-Thundara (Dサンダラ
D Sandara
?, lit. "D Thundara")
Use the D-Pad to take aim, then press A to drop lightning on foes. Hold A to intensify the lightning. Olympus Coliseum: Vestibule System Sector: 74000 SP
Type C Finish KHREC.png D-Thundaga (Dサンダガ
D Sandaga
?, lit. "D Thundaga")
Use the D-Pad to quickly take aim, then press A to drop lightning on foes. Hold A to intensify the lightning. Moogle Shop: Buyable for 99000 munny after completing the game
  • Spinner Ray (エイミングレイ Eimingu Rei?, lit. Aiming Ray) automatically replaces the equipped Finish command chip when Goofy and Donald are both active party members during Hollow Bastion I.

Accessory chips[edit]

Accessories can be obtained by redeeming SP in various System Sectors or by completing various quests. The initial amount of accessories that can be equipped is one, but by hooking up chips to Accessory Expansions in the Stat Matrix, up to three additional slots can be unlocked, and as a result, up to four accessories can be equipped at any one time.

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