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Questploration (フリークエスト Furī Kuesuto?, lit. "Free Quest") is a gameplay mode that appears in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It allows Data-Sora to roam a world freely without any given mission or objective. Questploration is unlocked for each world, except Hollow Bastion Part II and Castle Oblivion, after the world's story is completed. In Questploration, Data-Sora can find missed rare prize blox, battle Heartless, talk to NPCs, revisit System Sectors, and discover new ones if the player's Scan level is high enough.

A major feature of Questploration is the introduction of Quests. Each world has one character who assigns three quests in consecutive order. Quests require Data-Sora to find a specific key item and return it to the owner in exchange for a reward.

List of Quests[edit]

Character Item Description Obtained Reward
Selphie Life Preserver (浮き輪
An adorably designed life preserver. Destiny Islands: Sector B / 8000 SP Feather Chain
Jump Rope (なわとび
A jump rope with colorful grips. Destiny Islands: Sector C / 18000 SP Gravity Drop
Folding Fan (ハリセン
?, lit. "Slapping Fan")
A folding fan that makes a loud "clap" when struck. Hollow Bastion Part II: Sector A / 1500 SP Shock Fall
Cid Wrench (スパナ
?, lit. "Spanner")
An essential tool when working with bolts. Traverse Town: Sector E / 7000 SP Thunder Charm
Waistband (はらまき
A big, warm waistband. Hollow Bastion Part II: Sector B / 3000 SP Triple Blizzaga
Goggles (ゴーグル
Eyewear worn by pilots. Traverse Town: Sector F / 129000 SP Judgment Triad
Alice Teacup (ティーカップ
A cup in which tea is served. Wonderland: Sector B / 700 SP Debug Device: R
Glass Vial (ガラスのびん
Garasu no Bin
An empty glass vial. Wonderland: Sector D / 8300 SP Heavy Chain
Red Rose (赤いバラ
Akai Bara
A white rose that has been painted red. Hollow Bastion Part II: Sector C / 1600 SP Pulse Tracer
Phil Wristbands (リストバンド
Special wristbands that contain weights. Defeat the Rock Titan. Debug Device: R
Barbell (ダンベル
?, lit. "Dumbbell")
An extremely heavy barbell. Whew! Olympus Coliseum: Sector A / 37000 SP Exo Spark
Leather Gloves (革のグローブ
Kawa no Gurōbu
Training gloves designed to protect the hands. Defeat the Ice Titan. Liberty Crown
Aladdin Silver Ring (銀の指輪
Gin no Yubiwa
A beautiful ring, despite having no special powers. Agrabah: Sector D / 47000 SP Debug Device: R
Crystal Earrings (水晶のイヤリング
Suishō no Iyaringu
Earrings with an air of mystery but no special powers. Hollow Bastion Part II: Sector D / 4000 SP Night Lenses
Ruby Hairpin (紅玉の髪かざり
Kōgyoku no Kami Kazari
?, lit. "Ruby Hair-ornament")
An intricate hairpin with otherwise no special powers. Agrabah: Sector E / 310000 SP Icicle Mine