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Ethereal Blade

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Ethereal Blades (エアリアルブレード Eariaru Burēdo?, lit. "Aerial Blade") are the weapon of choice for Xemnas. Ethereal Blades are beams of solidified Nothingness which act according to Xemnas's will, allowing him to hold them without a hilt or handle. He can summon or dismiss them at will, and uses them primarily as bludgeoning weapons. The Ethereal Blades can also be used as projectiles and can suspend themselves in midair around a target before falling in on them. The Ethereal Blades are named after negative emotions, or terms related to authority. His signature weapon is called Interdiction.

Young Xehanort wields weapons similar to Ethereal Blades.

Xemnas's Ethereal Blades[edit]

Young Xehanort's Ethereal Blades[edit]