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Speed Combo

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Speed Combo in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
Speed Combo allows the user to overwhelm enemies with a quick string of normal combo attacks, ending with two powerful strikes.

Speed Combo (クイックコンボ Kuikku Conbo?, lit. Quick Combo) is a Type B Overclock Finisher in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It allows the user to unleash an overwhelming series of attacks.


Speed Combo is a Command Input Type Overclock Finisher. When it is activated, a circular display appears on the screen, along with a ten-second timer. Directional arrows scroll upwards one at a time, prompting the player to press a direction on the D-pad. Each successful press causes Data-Sora to execute a strike with the Keyblade, while an pressing an incorrect direction deducts one second from the timer. Fifteen successful presses causes Data-Sora to execute a more powerful, final strike, ending the technique. If Speed Combo is used at Clock LV3 instead of Clock MAX, only seven presses need to be executed, but the timer starts at only seven seconds, and if it is used at Clock LV2, only five presses need to be executed, but the timer starts at four seconds.

Combo-altering abilities such as Sonic Arts and Impact Arts will change the attacks unleashed during Speed Combo.

Learning Speed Combo[edit]

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