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D-Thundaga (Dサンダガ D Sandaga?, lit. "D Thundaga") is a technique in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It allows the user to drop lightning on foes.


D-Thundaga is a D Magic Type Overclock Finisher. When activated a ring of lightning appears which can be guided around the field with the D-Pad. Pressing A allows Data-Sora to to drop a single fork of lightning on the ring, harming nearby enemies, and holding down A intensifies the lightning at the cost of slowing down the speed the ring can move. Lasts for 15 seconds at MAX, 11 seconds at LV3 and 6 seconds at LV2. D-Thundaga lasts longer, moves faster, and has a larger attack range than D-Thundara.

Learning D-Thundaga[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

Pete uses D-Thundaga in the second stage of his boss fight against Data-Sora in Hollow Bastion. When that happens, Data-Sora must avoid him until Pete reverts back to his physical form.