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This section focuses on the various enemies that appear in the Kingdom Hearts series. Currently a work in progress.

The Heartless[edit]

ShadowTR_zpsaf3uzbqy.png This user will chase his/her prey till the bitter end.
Code: {{user Shadow|}}   (edit, links)
Soldier%20HT_zpsgiguuifd.png This user is a member of the dark infantry.
Code: {{user Soldier|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Large Body|}}   (edit, links)
Airsoldier_zpskaoolnet.png Tally ho, chaps. We're ready for another aerial chase.
Code: {{user Air Soldier|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Powerwild|}}   (edit, links)
Bouncywild1_zpsfqmrmirc.png This user believes in the power of the almighty slingshot!
Code: {{user Bouncywild|}}   (edit, links)
Sniperwild_zpsrkb8jwqc.png This user calls his/her brethren to shoot from afar.
Code: {{user Sniper Wild|}}   (edit, links)
Rednocturne_zpsnegbicxk.png This user is on fire!
Code: {{user Red Nocturne|}}   (edit, links)
BlueRhaps_zpsumpacily.png This user is cold as ice.
Code: {{user Blue Rhapsody|}}   (edit, links)
Yellowopera_zpslyggwsjq.png This user has a rather shocking personality.
Code: {{user Yellow Opera|}}   (edit, links)
GreenReq_zps5yo9ulps.png This user is a skilled medic. You know the rule: don't shoot the medic.
Code: {{user Green Requiem|}}   (edit, links)
Blkblld_zpsazzyhgzf.png This user loves to sing in beautiful ballade.
Code: {{user Black Ballade|}}   (edit, links)
Gigasshadow_zpsfapzxbtw.png This user is overgrown...
Code: {{user Gigas Shadow|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Bandit|}}   (edit, links)
RedBandit_zpsskxv2ioz.png This user sets himself/herself apart from other petty thieves.
Code: {{user Red Bandit|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Fat Bandit|}}   (edit, links)
Potspider1_zpsgalgcwqx.png Rumor has it that defeating this user brings you lots of money...
Code: {{user Pot Spider|}}   (edit, links)
PotScorpion_zpstl5vrynq.png This user tackles, poisons and charges relentlessly!
Code: {{user Pot Scorpion|}}   (edit, links)
Searchghost_zpsk9ppqrtv.png This user has a penchant for draining others' health.
Code: {{user Search Ghost|}}   (edit, links)
GrandGhost_zpseqlydl6q.png This user cannot be healed.
Code: {{user Grand Ghost|}}   (edit, links)
BarrelSpider2_zpsnmbeudbm.png This user has an EXPLOSIVE temper!
Code: {{user Barrel Spider|}}   (edit, links)
WightKnightFM_zpsike8lwv6.png This user has been trained in the art of spooky dance...
Code: {{user Wight Knight|}}   (edit, links)
GargoyleFM_zpsmyh5kfab.png This user loves to slink away without notice.
Code: {{user Gargoyle|}}   (edit, links)
Chimera_zpsrkxbquhu.png This user seems to have been cobbled together from various bits lying around...
Code: {{user Chimera|}}   (edit, links)
Shelteringzone1_zpsnk57h894.png This user is a swift swimmer.
Code: {{user Sea Neon|}}   (edit, links)
Shelteringzone_zpsqp5tbhtp.png This user causes massive damage when knocking things or people aside...
Code: {{user Sheltering Zone|}}   (edit, links)
Aquatank2_zpsyxfcngik.png This user is a laid-back swimmer.
Code: {{user Aquatank|}}   (edit, links)
Screwdiver_zpscfacn7gb.png This user knows that water and electricity always make a fatal combination.
Code: {{user Screwdiver|}}   (edit, links)
ShadowSora_zpshf3t4c6g.png This user is a mere shadow of a newborn warrior...
Code: {{user Shadow Sora|}}   (edit, links)
Pirate_zpsv04zfmcl.png This user is a stark ravin' pirate, yarr!
Code: {{user Pirate|}}   (edit, links)
Airpirate2_zpsvvkqes9i.png This user prefers to do his/her pillaging in the air.
Code: {{user Air Pirate|}}   (edit, links)
Battleship2_zpsbnlr17fc.png This user appreciates a fine pirate vessel.
Code: {{user Battleship|}}   (edit, links)
Jet%20Balloon_zps1vycht8m.png This user lets other kamikaze fighters do the work for him/her.
Code: {{user Jet Balloon|}}   (edit, links)
Missilediver_zps2e3lquk7.png This user crashes into his/her adversary at top speed!
Code: {{user Missilediver|}}   (edit, links)
Darkball_zpsocbredqn.png This user pops up in front of you without warning.
Code: {{user Darkball|}}   (edit, links)
DefenderArt_zpsm4yrhk7q.png Beware this user's monstrous shield.
Code: {{user Defender|}}   (edit, links)
Wyvern_zpssrdpv2vr.png This user would rather be a winged dragon.
Code: {{user Wyvern|}}   (edit, links)
Wizard_zpspfsi1xom.png This user is a master of powerful spells.
Code: {{user Wizard|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Angel Star|}}   (edit, links)
Invisible_zps4ax0zox8.png This user attacks with a ring of dark flames.
Code: {{user Invisible|}}   (edit, links)
WhiteMushroom%20-%20GRAVITY_zpsbmnwjvn1.png Wh--whoa! Help! Put me down! Please!
Code: {{user White Mushroom|}}   (edit, links)
Blackfungus_zpsm4eqvppc.png This user poisons its foes. Or stuns them. Pick your poison (pardon the pun).
Code: {{user Black Fungus|}}   (edit, links)
RareTruffl_zpsbme1n9di.png This user likes to be bounced high into the air. Wheeeeee!
Code: {{user Rare Truffle|}}   (edit, links)
Pinkagaricus_zpszdmlyyh7.png This user dances by swaying from side to side!
Code: {{user Pink Agaricus|}}   (edit, links)
Neoshadow_zpshhl3lgpe.png This user is the next evolution of the dark being.
Code: {{user Neoshadow|}}   (edit, links)
XJ1cJ31.png This user is invisible...
Code: {{user Stealth Soldier|}}   (edit, links)
CreeperPlantFM_zpsvgrjjd32.png This user is here to brighten up anyone's front garden.
Code: {{user Creeper Plant|}}   (edit, links)
Crescendo_zpsbt73z5nw.png Heal... heal... heal...
Code: {{user Crescendo|}}   (edit, links)
TornadoStep_zpsqgmubozt.png This user never gets vertigo.
Code: {{user Tornado Step|}}   (edit, links)
Silverrock_zpsagff55k0.png This user can transform into a devastating ball of light.
Code: {{user Silver Rock|}}   (edit, links)
EmeraldBluesHT_zpsptmfjf0r.png This user creates wind just by twirling around.
Code: {{user Emerald Blues|}}   (edit, links)
Crimson%20Jazz_zpssxlsig5c.png This user derives much cruel pleasure from setting lots of mines!
Code: {{user Crimson Jazz|}}   (edit, links)
SpringMetal_zpsw5m53l4i.png This user creates tornadoes wherever he/she goes!
Code: {{user Spring Metal|}}   (edit, links)
Trick%20Ghost%20HT_zpsgzyn8ymh.png This user has two faces.
Code: {{user Trick Ghost|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Magic Phantom|}}   (edit, links)
RabidDogStd_zpscmfnoh5b.png Down, you bad dog! Down!
Code: {{user Rabid Dog|}}   (edit, links)
Hookbat2_zps4n1vsw9g.png This user annoys foes... and does so pretty well.
Code: {{user Hook Bat|}}   (edit, links)
Befuddler_zpsgpwkl0l8.png This user is only the start of your troubles...
Code: {{user Befuddler|}}   (edit, links)
Bookmaster3_zpspkdkygp8.png This user has mastered the use of three major elements.
Code: {{user Bookmaster|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Runemaster|}}   (edit, links)
MinuteBombStd_zpsuabdngbw.png This user is a ticking time bomb.
Code: {{user Minute Bomb|}}   (edit, links)
HammerframeFM_zpsoyfwxcph.png This user loves creating shockwaves!
Code: {{user Hammer Frame|}}   (edit, links)
Ironhammer_zpswtyfdcwg.png This user enjoys spinning frantically in the air.
Code: {{user Iron Hammer|}}   (edit, links)
Bulkyvendor2_zps9jjra5mv.png Capsule toys! Capsule toys for sale! Get 'em while they're hot!
Code: {{user Bulky Vendor|}}   (edit, links)
Fortuneteller1_zpsudfgz6rl.png This user foresees an attack!
Code: {{user Fortuneteller|}}   (edit, links)
CannonGun%20SP_zpstrgk9zsu.png Ready... aim... FIRE!!
Code: {{user Cannon Gun|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Camo Cannon|}}   (edit, links)
Rapidthruster_zpswllcvaan.png This user appears in swarms.
Code: {{user Rapid Thruster|}}   (edit, links)
Drillermole1_zpspyz8wozw.png This user likes to burrow underground.
Code: {{user Driller Mole|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Lance Warrior|}}   (edit, links)
MorningStar_zpsrsmtkaun.png This user is a living mace.
Code: {{user Morning Star|}}   (edit, links)
Fiery%20Globe_zps0qtz4szr.png This user is a little ball of fire.
Code: {{user Fiery Globe|}}   (edit, links)
Icecube_zpseuhyuznm.png This user is a small frozen specimen.
Code: {{user Icy Cube|}}   (edit, links)
Lunabandit2_zpsgovrbdkd.png This user is good with dual scimitars.
Code: {{user Luna Bandit|}}   (edit, links)
GargoyleKnight_zpstwv1vpjq.png This user becomes skilled with the sword when possessed by the darkness...
Code: {{user Gargoyle Knight|}}   (edit, links)
GargoyleWarrior_zpsre10ymph.png This user becomes adept at using an axe when possessed by the darkness...
Code: {{user Gargoyle Warrior|}}   (edit, links)
GraveyardFM_zpsdk1zjqcv.png This user respects the dead.
Code: {{user Graveyard|}}   (edit, links)
Toysoldier_zpsqotced0f.png This user makes the perfect gift... if ruining someone's childhood is an option.
Code: {{user Toy Soldier|}}   (edit, links)
Aeroplane1_zps0avxpb71.png Tally ho, chaps. We have a target to gun down.
Code: {{user Aeroplane|}}   (edit, links)
HotRod%20TR_zpsxa6ysjqe.png This user cannot be trusted behind the wheel.
Code: {{user Hot Rod|}}   (edit, links)
Madride_zpsoeur6kp2.png This user takes dangerous driving to a whole new level.
Code: {{user Mad Ride|}}   (edit, links)
Nightwalker_zpszgsaqfdj.png This user is here to suck the life energy out of you!
Code: {{user Nightwalker|}}   (edit, links)
Bolt%20Tower%201_zpsueybpi20.png This user would rather not be hit in the face.
Code: {{user Bolt Tower|}}   (edit, links)
MagnumLoaderR_zpseugrbyau.png This user enjoys zipping around the Game Grid at high speeds.
Code: {{user Magnum Loader|}}   (edit, links)
Strafer_zpssyz3wbwf.png C:\Users\Ansem>run ELECTRIFY.exe
Code: {{user Strafer|}}   (edit, links)
DevastatorNormal_zpstwhput9e.png C:\Users\Ansem>run ERADICATE.exe
Code: {{user Devastator|}}   (edit, links)
Reckless_zpszs24uxhg.png This user attacks without a care in the world.
Code: {{user Reckless|}}   (edit, links)
LivingBone_zpsrbnmrrlc.png This user makes a fine steed.
Code: {{user Living Bone|}}   (edit, links)
Shaman1_zpsdmbrq5kn.png This user is a figure of utmost standing in his/her tribe.
Code: {{user Shaman|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Necromancer|}}   (edit, links)
AerialKnocker_zpspyyo1dcw.png This user is a decently skilled boxer.
Code: {{user Aerial Knocker|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Aerial Champ|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Armored Knight|}}   (edit, links)
Surveillance%20Robot_zps5uh1bngb.png This user steadfastly watches over all who pass by...
Code: {{user Surveillance Robot|}}   (edit, links)
BitSniperArt_zpsftgqan9h.png This user awaits you at the end of the world...
Code: {{user Bit Sniper|}}   (edit, links)
AerialViking_zpsxqzcrvao.png This user is part of a mighty race of pillagers!
Code: {{user Aerial Viking|}}   (edit, links)
Megashadow_zps9zhkgejv.png This user is not your typical average grunt.
Code: {{user Mega Shadow|}}   (edit, links)
Scarlettango_zps5abaejdf.png This user is fiery and passionate.
Code: {{user Scarlet Tango|}}   (edit, links)
GreyCaprice_zpscvxnpxsy.png This user has mastered the use of antimatter long before the rest of humanity will ever do so.
Code: {{user Grey Caprice|}}   (edit, links)
Sapphireelegy_zpss0sga16i.png This user has mastered the art of teleportation.
Code: {{user Sapphire Elegy|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Pink Concerto|}}   (edit, links)
Turquoisemarch_zpsnma4aunl.png This user is a living water gun!
Code: {{user Turquoise March|}}   (edit, links)
Emeraldserenade_zps2shxxh42.png This user is tricky to finish off...
Code: {{user Emerald Serenade|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Dire Plant|}}   (edit, links)
Fireplant_zpsferdnwab.png This user spits fireballs.
Code: {{user Fire Plant|}}   (edit, links)
Iceplant_zpsparshnuw.png This user knows how to head-butt enemies.
Code: {{user Blizzard Plant|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Poison Plant|}}   (edit, links)
MASSIVEPOSSESSOR_zpskglvict5.png This user is a big ball of chaos.
Code: {{user Massive Possessor|}}   (edit, links)
RareVendor_zps8umxln56.png Whatever you do, don't let this user get away!
Code: {{user Rare Vendor|}}   (edit, links)
Guardian_zpsw9tjkrwe.png This user keeps constant guard over you...
Code: {{user Guardian|}}   (edit, links)
Destroyer_zpsubi8hrr6.png This user is programmed to destroy everything in his/her path!
Code: {{user Destroyer|}}   (edit, links)
Skaterbomb_zpsq1asi5ud.png This user is here to freeze you nicely in place.
Code: {{user Skater Bomb|}}   (edit, links)
Stormbomb_zps9xbhyftm.png This user draws you in... and then goes for the kill.
Code: {{user Storm Bomb|}}   (edit, links)
Detonator_zps9wjcxjk2.png This user would be a hazard to the general public if he/she should explode...
Code: {{user Detonator|}}   (edit, links)
Deserter_zps5bmeduko.png This user has just abandoned his ranks.
Code: {{user Deserter|}}   (edit, links)
Sergeant_zpskx504sxr.png This user will have you know that he/she is a sergeant and you will not disobey!
Code: {{user Sergeant|}}   (edit, links)
Commander_zpswl44cc4v.png This user has a high rank to boast about.
Code: {{user Commander|}}   (edit, links)
Flarenote_zpsjknsenxn.png Heal... heal... heal...
Code: {{user Flare Note|}}   (edit, links)
Bubblebeat_zpsh9gids3h.png Heal... heal... heal...
Code: {{user Bubble Beat|}}   (edit, links)
LargeArmor_zpskdkbpyvg.png This user blocks attacks from every direction.
Code: {{user Large Armor|}}   (edit, links)
Clay%20Armor_zpsatxelccs.png Look what this user made in pottery class.
Code: {{user Clay Armor|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Solid Armor|}}   (edit, links)
LandArmor_zps26p8i5kz.png This user is huge and solid... but blow a gust of wind and it would work against him/her...
Code: {{user Land Armor|}}   (edit, links)
SnapperDog_zpsrfmcipba.png This user's bite is worse than his/her bark!
Code: {{user Snapper Dog|}}   (edit, links)
Bullydog_zpsddapufor.png This user is quite the bully.
Code: {{user Bully Dog|}}   (edit, links)
Cymbalmonkey_zpskit6hfar.png This user is the epitome of disturbing.
Code: {{user Cymbal Monkey|}}   (edit, links)
Trickymonkeyart_zpsuq2ofkcc.png You thought you heard noise... until you heard this user...
Code: {{user Tricky Monkey|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Novashadow|}}   (edit, links)
Air%20Battler_zpsb7pfmrkb.png This user is aggressive in the air.
Code: {{user Air Battler|}}   (edit, links)
Aerial%20Master_zpscm4ljllm.png This user is a master of aerial combat.
Code: {{user Aerial Master|}}   (edit, links)
Artfulflyer_zpsb0xki1tw.png This user is an expert in using wind.
Code: {{user Artful Flyer|}}   (edit, links)
Skygrappler_zpso0td9ioa.png This user wrestles in the air.
Code: {{user Sky Grappler|}}   (edit, links)
SnowyCrystal_zpsyrifq9ro.png This user is a large frozen specimen and will take quite a while to melt...
Code: {{user Snowy Crystal|}}   (edit, links)
IceCannon_zpsirlc6b0l.png This user does not fire your typical cannonball at his/her foes.
Code: {{user Ice Cannon|}}   (edit, links)
Switchlauncher_zps0yepaac8.png This user doesn't quite like his place. Can he/she switch places with you?
Code: {{user Switch Launcher|}}   (edit, links)
JumboCannon_zpsp2bccslb.png This user is taller than most other Heartless... which isn't quite tall at all.
Code: {{user Jumbo Cannon|}}   (edit, links)
SpikedCrawler_zpshdpqzr9o.png This user is a slow, defensive crawler.
Code: {{user Spiked Crawler|}}   (edit, links)
ScorchingSphere_zpslgk36n1x.png Touch this user and you will burn!
Code: {{user Scorching Sphere|}}   (edit, links)
CreepwormArt_zps0bmcpco1.png This user is the meekest and most helpless of his/her kind.
Code: {{user Creepworm|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Hover Ghost|}}   (edit, links)
CarrierGhost_zpseioqcmu7.png This user will sweep you off your feet... and take your life!
Code: {{user Carrier Ghost|}}   (edit, links)
LivingPod_zpss7at9aw8.png This user will drain your life faster than you can say "Living Pod."
Code: {{user Living Pod|}}   (edit, links)
DualBlade_zpsx8ha5jp0.png This user has learnt from the best and the brightest: two blades work better than one.
Code: {{user Dual Blade|}}   (edit, links)
Chill%20Ripper_zpsxlzepbvc.png This user kills in cold blood.
Code: {{user Chill Ripper|}}   (edit, links)
Blitzspear_zps9j0eylz7.png This user will pierce you with lightning!
Code: {{user Blitz Spear|}}   (edit, links)
Stalwartblade_zpssgubib2o.png This user is sturdily built.
Code: {{user Stalwart Blade|}}   (edit, links)
Tailbunker_zpsezkg3nkz.png Ready the anti-air batteries; a wild user with bombs has been sighted...
Code: {{user Tailbunker|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Avalanche|}}   (edit, links)
Wavecrest_zpsk6u0tkyo.png Today's forecast: heavy rain.
Code: {{user Wavecrest|}}   (edit, links)
Phantomtail_zpsebqngl82.png Just how many Heartless is Captain Hook planning to summon—?!
Code: {{user Phantomtail|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Windstorm|}}   (edit, links)
GameAccomplishments-userDustflier.png This user has taken on the Dustflier, and won multiple times!
Code: {{user Dustflier|}}   (edit, links)
Orcus_zpsmnlrr3ex.png Have you ever heard of a demon more powerful than your worst nightmare?
Code: {{user Orcus|}}   (edit, links)
Blox%20Bug_zpsz9wvm4td.png This user is your standard-issue computer glitch.
Code: {{user Blox Bug|}}   (edit, links)
Danger%20Bug_zpszhy7q7js.png This user is the kind of computer glitch you do not want to approach head-on.
Code: {{user Danger Bug|}}   (edit, links)
Metal%20Bug_zpsdju2c0dn.png This user has the gift of temporary invulnerability.
Code: {{user Metal Bug|}}   (edit, links)
Prizebug_zpspm1ufwf1.png This user is not about to let you kill him/her for a prize!
Code: {{user Prize Bug|}}   (edit, links)
Eliminator_zpsr9oyeqxe.png This user is the kind of enemy that nightmares are made of.
Code: {{user Eliminator|}}   (edit, links)
Gold%20Tricholoma_zpsiregrfw8.png This user's very color suggest that rewards are near!
Code: {{user Gold Tricholoma|}}   (edit, links)
AchooMole_zpsprkcu7zj.png You think Sneezy is bad? Wait till you see this!
Code: {{user Achoo Mole|}}   (edit, links)
Appleface_zpslfoe50xg.png This user blushes a delicious, juicy red.
Code: {{user Apple Face|}}   (edit, links)
Applehead_zps2dqwutgd.png This user makes no more pretenses over the fact that he/she is poisoned.
Code: {{user Apple Head|}}   (edit, links)
ArmedWarrior_zpsdnwwf4d3.png This user looks heavy-duty, and will soon show you he/she truly is!
Code: {{user Armed Warrior|}}   (edit, links)
ArmoredArcher_zps4htakxhd.png This user is here to punish. Don't you be naughty, now...
Code: {{user Armored Archer|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Bite Egg|}}   (edit, links)
BitterMaccaron_zpsslum96dp.png This user knows that love is bitter, and not just sweet...

Code: {{user Bitter Macaron|}}   (edit, links)
CarpStreamer_zpslyr52trc.png This user is not going to be strung to a pole — not if he/she can help it!
Code: {{user Carp Streamer|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Charcoal Bag|}}   (edit, links)
JewelryBag_zpso11hgpoo.png This user hides within himself/herself a bagload of stolen treasure.
Code: {{user Jewelry Bag|}}   (edit, links)
PresentBag_zpsldz6mfwh.png Santa says beware; his Christmas deliveries have been sabotaged.
Code: {{user Present Bag|}}   (edit, links)
CommonSoldier_zps0wlahukq.png This user is so awesome that he rides a bear and plays with animals!
Code: {{user Common Soldier|}}   (edit, links)
CreepBouquet_zpsift3eg3l.png This user's red roses have been planted with a pest...
Code: {{user Creep Bouquet|}}   (edit, links)
PrankBouquet_zpsw770hur0.png This user has just received a gag bouquet.
Code: {{user Prank Bouquet|}}   (edit, links)
ChocolateStatue_zpszufanqhw.png This user is a delight for chocolate lovers everywhere.
Code: {{user Chocolate Statue|}}   (edit, links)
CloudSunrise_zpseedexumg.png Rise and shine; it's a brand new year!
Code: {{user Cloud Sunrise|}}   (edit, links)
Darkplant_zpsk7epnwu9.png This user knows what it's like to be a blight on an otherwise perfect world.
Code: {{user Dark Plant|}}   (edit, links)
Eggstealer_zpsrnxvktig.png This user is gonna help himself/herself to all the Easter eggs before anyone else can!
Code: {{user Egg Stealer|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Escapade Egg|}}   (edit, links)
Failsegg_zpshn8buztb.png This user is extremely fragile; handle with care. Or not.
Code: {{user Fails Egg|}}   (edit, links)
Fireworks_zps4bytzmit.png This user is a firework and is about to show you what he/she is worth!
Code: {{user Fireworks|}}   (edit, links)
FireworksL_zps5axw00pk.png This user likes to think he/she sparkles brighter than most.
Code: {{user Large Fireworks|}}   (edit, links)
FireworksXL_zpssktioj1w.png This user loves a spectacular fireworks display!
Code: {{user Huge Fireworks|}}   (edit, links)
FlowerRider_zpsupblkzag.png This user's preferred method of transport is a falling flower.
Code: {{user Flower Rider|}}   (edit, links)
Giftshadow_zpsubgqft5i.png Surprise! This user has just appeared in one of your presents!
Code: {{user Gift Shadow|}}   (edit, links)
CoinBag_zpsgdoab5vw.png Will defeating this user make you rich?
Code: {{user Gold Coin Bag|}}   (edit, links)
Pretender_zpscbjoympm.png BOO! This user can pretend to be much sought-after treasure, but not for long!
Code: {{user Pretender|}}   (edit, links)
GreatPretender_zpseih8zsdd.png This user is a great pretender, pretending that he's/she's doing well...
Code: {{user Great Pretender|}}   (edit, links)
GummiThrusterY_zpsistppywf.png This user only shows up when an anniversary draws near...
Code: {{user Gummi Thruster|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user High Wizard|}}   (edit, links)
Watermelon_zps1mmwgmg6.png This user is here to celebrate the summer!
Code: {{user Watermelon|}}   (edit, links)
Large%20Watermelon_zps2o6qaw2y.png This user is here to be shared by many!
Code: {{user Large Watermelon|}}   (edit, links)
HUGE%20Watermelon_zpsvbuyjnk4.png This user brings ultimate sweetness to our summer season!
Code: {{user Huge Watermelon|}}   (edit, links)
Branchees_zpsujmzqbq4.png This user has just been caught with his/her pants down.
Code: {{user Branchees|}}   (edit, links)
HighHeeledBoot_zps4exxqsei.png This user lives in a shoe, quite literally.
Code: {{user High Heeled|}}   (edit, links)
Skirt_zpsy3uo3lbo.png This user had better mind that the wind doesn't blow his/her skirt away.
Code: {{user Skirt|}}   (edit, links)
Wardrobe_zpszoizd3cf.png This user has a chest of horrors waiting to be unearthed.
Code: {{user Wardrobe|}}   (edit, links)
Roundricecake_zpsk7asviqp.png This user has just possessed an auspicious rice cake.
Code: {{user Round Rice Cake|}}   (edit, links)
RoundricecakeL_zpsatg7xumu.png This user desires to live long and prosper.
Code: {{user Large Round Rice Cake|}}   (edit, links)
Jackolantern_zpsqa7ha074.png This user waits faithfully outside people's doors on Halloween night.
Code: {{user Jackolantern|}}   (edit, links)
PumpkinSoldier_zpslouvntwm.png It's a chilly night, and this user has come out to play...
Code: {{user Pumpkin Soldier|}}   (edit, links)
LionDancer_zpso7ugx1mw.png This user is about to sacrilege a sacred dance...
Code: {{user Lion Dancer|}}   (edit, links)
MischiefEgg_zpsvcexwwgq.png This user just refuses to fly the coop!
Code: {{user Mischief Egg|}}   (edit, links)
LargeSnowman_zps45ekzock.png This user melts away in the warmer months.
Code: {{user Large Snowman|}}   (edit, links)
Ragereindeer_zpsn1p8hmma.png Uh, Santa... I think one of your reindeer has just turned rabid and is causing havoc all over the place.
Code: {{user Rage Reindeer|}}   (edit, links)
RodeoRider_zpsjrtjxkl5.png This user is good on horseback.
Code: {{user Rodeo Rider|}}   (edit, links)
RushSheep_zps4ottrsoq.png This user was born in the Year of the Sheep, baaaa!
Code: {{user Rush Sheep|}}   (edit, links)
StrangeTree_zpss88azikx.png This user's Christmas tree has just turned treant...
Code: {{user Strange Tree|}}   (edit, links)
TowerMaccaron_zpsfg8ivtg2.png This user's bitterness has towered several times over with the passing of time.
Code: {{user Tower Macaron|}}   (edit, links)
Violetwaltz_zpsaefiwirb.png This user is just as dark and gloomy as he/she looks.
Code: {{user Violet Waltz|}}   (edit, links)
Windupleafcake_zpslhepxx3r.png This user is a delight to children.
Code: {{user WindUpLeafCake|}}   (edit, links)
WobbleTiptoe_zps5qgkvfjr.png This user is trying to copy the seven dwarves' awesome dance... but isn't doing as well as we hoped.
Code: {{user Wobble Tiptoe|}}   (edit, links)
HeadBandit_zpssnlv7hbu.png This user often brags about all the loot he/she has stolen.
Code: {{user Head Bandit|}}   (edit, links)
Terriblebee_zpsykbbj5rt.png AGH! AAAAGH! A BEE! KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT—
Code: {{user Terrible Bee|}}   (edit, links)
Nimblebee_zpsvc7w6i4u.png This user is near impossible to swat.
Code: {{user Nimble Bee|}}   (edit, links)

Code: {{user Red Rose|}}   (edit, links)

Code: {{user White Rose|}}   (edit, links)
DrawlyClown_zpsraez2odt.png There's a reason why we don't like clowns all that much...
Code: {{user Drawly Clown|}}   (edit, links)
CircusBalloon_zpsnxi9qcza.png For your second anniversary, we're giving you A HAUNTED BALLOON!
Code: {{user Circus Balloon|}}   (edit, links)
JugglerTower_zpsniwozac3.png This user is part of an act of three sinister jugglers.
Code: {{user Juggler Tower|}}   (edit, links)
Rowdymaster_zpsqad6t6y6.png This user is a brash and brutal circus master.
Code: {{user Rowdy Master|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Munny Egg|}}   (edit, links)
Itemegg_zps9678n1qn.png It's got wrapping paper and a bow for crying out loud. There has to be an item inside!
Code: {{user Item Egg|}}   (edit, links)
SwingingSpook_zps7wvvn5w0.png This user is a swingin' spook.
Code: {{user Swinging Spook|}}   (edit, links)
CheerfulApe_zpsijzgd3r9.png This user was born in the Year of the Monkey, oo oo aa aa!
Code: {{user Cheerful Ape|}}   (edit, links)
CherryPossessor_zpsreubphrz.png A Possessor by any other name would smell as foul.
Code: {{user Cherry Possessor|}}   (edit, links)
BlackCostume_zpsiixdnzs2.png This user has succumbed to the darkness in battle.
Code: {{user Black Costume|}}   (edit, links)
CannonCamel_zps8inzc5ro.png Oh, I come from a land, from a faraway place, where the cannon camels roam.
Code: {{user Cannon Camel|}}   (edit, links)

Heartless bosses[edit]

DarksideMobile_zps9pbxecki.png The closer this user gets to the light, the greater his/her shadow becomes.
Code: {{user Darkside|}}   (edit, links)
DarksideSubsp_zpssvpiaic5.png This user's shadow manifests a little... differently.
Code: {{user Darkside Subsp|}}   (edit, links)
GuardArmorFM_zpsx3qdvx7w.png This user stands with the leader of the Heartless of Traverse Town.
Code: {{user Guard Armor|}}   (edit, links)
RedArmor_zpsomoxapuh.png This user likes to paint the arena red.
Code: {{user Red Armor|}}   (edit, links)
GuardArmorSubsp_zpsfjudvx0q.png This user prefers a different kind of Guard Armor.
Code: {{user GuardArm Subsp|}}   (edit, links)
Trickmaster_zpsblomoogt.png This user confuses people with herky-jerky moves.
Code: {{user Trickmaster|}}   (edit, links)
TrickmasterSubsp_zpstyvaw4rm.png This user is a much more FABULOUS juggler than his/her counterparts!
Code: {{user Trickmaster Subsp|}}   (edit, links)
StealthSneak_zps3rm5f6za.png This user relates to the darkness in Clayton's heart.
Code: {{user Stealth Sneak|}}   (edit, links)
Sneakarmy_zpsjzbrkh7b.png It appears that Clayton's darkness is back from the dead... and stronger than ever.
Code: {{user Sneak Army|}}   (edit, links)
Pot%20Centipede2_zpssmieaj6t.png This user is a town-destroying menace.
Code: {{user Pot Centipede|}}   (edit, links)
ParasiteCageArt_zpsjyckqrge.png This user is as nasty as a stomach virus.
Code: {{user Parasite Cage|}}   (edit, links)
AntiSora_zps7z9m2nds.png This user needs to confront his/her shadowy doppelganger once and for all...
Code: {{user AntiSora|}}   (edit, links)
Behemoth_zpsuin8ccr3.png This user is enamored by the mighty and powerful.
Code: {{user Behemoth|}}   (edit, links)
DestrBehemoth_zpsoq1yskt1.png This user is not just mighty and powerful, but has great aptitude too.
Code: {{user Destr Behemoth|}}   (edit, links)
Arc%20Behemoth_zpsj9plhwz1.png This user is mighty and powerful, but doesn't have as much aptitude as his/her brethren...
Code: {{user Arch Behemoth|}}   (edit, links)
Phantom1_zpsxaul305p.png This user is here to steal your heart...
Code: {{user Phantom|}}   (edit, links)
Thresholder_zps5tauqmwx.png You shall not pass this user!
Code: {{user Thresholder|}}   (edit, links)
Possessor_zpskzuo8aha.png This user is tiny, but causes a lot of mayhem.
Code: {{user Possessor|}}   (edit, links)
Shadowstalker_zps0iqj94dr.png This user uses his/her boundless energy to break free of his/her chains.
Code: {{user Shadow Stalker|}}   (edit, links)
Darkthorn_zpsubhrzrz9.png This user lives unbound and unchained.
Code: {{user Dark Thorn|}}   (edit, links)
Illuminator_zps8wbxplwp.png This user exists to snuff out the light.
Code: {{user Illuminator|}}   (edit, links)
Blizzard%20Lord_zpsptptugte.png This user is a big blue lump!
Code: {{user Blizzard Lord|}}   (edit, links)
Volcanic%20Lord_zpsersuvmyk.png This user is a big orange lump... because it can be.
Code: {{user Volcanic Lord|}}   (edit, links)
PrisonKeeper2_zpsydeowchr.png This user has the unsavory distinction of eating children for breakfast... and regurgitating them.
Code: {{user Prison Keeper|}}   (edit, links)
Stormrider_zpshn4t3hqb.png This user is a mighty guardian dragon... turned dark.
Code: {{user Storm Rider|}}   (edit, links)
Groundshaker2_zpswpu1ea9m.png This user causes massive tremors with his/her every movement!
Code: {{user Groundshaker|}}   (edit, links)
HunterStd_zps9cbdr0wv.png Defeat this user in battle, and reap the many treasures that he/she holds!
Code: {{user Hunter|}}   (edit, links)
HunterX_zps3wkfdxwn.png Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here...
Code: {{user Hunter X|}}   (edit, links)
Veillizard_zpsxftdxms0.png This user likes to haunt old, uninhabited mansions.
Code: {{user Veil Lizard|}}   (edit, links)
Lurklizard_zpsd4f1zmnv.png This user likes to lurk in weird places.
Code: {{user Lurk Lizard|}}   (edit, links)
PoweredArmor_zpsmnops3he.png Oh look! It's a stronger version of an enemy that appears several times in the series!
Code: {{user Powered Armor|}}   (edit, links)
Antlion_zpsinivlxly.png This user is the cause of desert sandstorms.
Code: {{user Antlion|}}   (edit, links)
Leechgrave_zpsyno4mzmh.png This user bids you prepare to die!
Code: {{user Leechgrave|}}   (edit, links)
Rulerofthesky_zps4jmvbczq.png This user is the embodiment of a pirate captain's greed.
Code: {{user Ruler Sky|}}   (edit, links)
Darkhide_zpsg6bgmipx.png This user is a newly-discovered specimen.
Code: {{user Dark Hide|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Carp Submarine|}}   (edit, links)
Cruelsweets_zpssrm7uwqq.png This user knows just how cruel rejection can be...
Code: {{user Cruel Sweets|}}   (edit, links)
EggMaster_zpsal9mhfql.png This user is out to ruin everyone's Easter Sunday.
Code: {{user Egg Master|}}   (edit, links)
HocusPocus_zpszhz7smum.png Hocus pocus, how atrocious!
Code: {{user Hocus Pocus|}}   (edit, links)
Jackinthebox_zpspxc4qa44.png This user is about to serve up a hot plate of herky-jerky this Christmas!
Code: {{user JackInTheBox|}}   (edit, links)
LionDanceHeadliner_zpsxi21dni8.png This user is headliner of a demonic dance.
Code: {{user LD Headliner|}}   (edit, links)
TridentAnchorStd_zps9dttxnen.png Beware this user's mighty jaws.
Code: {{user Trident Anchor|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Trident G|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Trident R|}}   (edit, links)
TridentAnchorSubsp_zpsnux6h7pi.png Ha! Bet you're taking these jaws seriously now, aren't ya? Aren't ya?
Code: {{user Trident Subsp|}}   (edit, links)
VenomSpider_zpsiwnzfzwh.png This user has a thing for poisonous spiders.
Code: {{user Venom Spider|}}   (edit, links)
ViciousSpider_zpsejm2ydct.png This spider should not be touched within close range.
Code: {{user Vicious Spider|}}   (edit, links)
Whitereturner_zpsnp7u2u0r.png This user is going to jilt someone on White Day...
Code: {{user White Returner|}}   (edit, links)
WitchBomber_zpszxsngnwv.png Bombs away! Eeheeheeheehee!
Code: {{user Witch Bomber|}}   (edit, links)
FierceQueenSubsp_zpsmozdmz5x.png This user has warned you enough times about the honey. The gloves are off.
Code: {{user Fierce Queen Subsp|}}   (edit, links)

The Nobodies[edit]

Dancer_zps1tw3iwb6.png Everybody dance! This user thinks Dancers are love.
Code: {{user Dancer|}}   (edit, links)
UserAssassin.png This user is a paid Assassin.
Code: {{user Assassin|}}   (edit, links)
UserDusk.png The user you see before you is known as a Dusk.
Code: {{user Dusk|}}   (edit, links)
UserTwilightThorn.png This user will be a thorn in your side for all eternity!
Code: {{user Twilight Thorn|}}   (edit, links)
Gambler_zpsyu6xrvr7.png This user is a Gambler. Raise or Fold?
Code: {{user Gambler|}}   (edit, links)
UserSniper.png This user is a Sniper and has got you in his or her sights.
Code: {{user Sniper|}}   (edit, links)
Sorcerer_zpsylntasrz.png This user is an unstoppable Sorcerer. Dare you try to break his or her poise?
Code: {{user Sorcerer|}}   (edit, links)
Berserker_zpsxrvxi22f.png This user is a mighty Berserker and warns you to move aside!
Code: {{user Berserker|}}   (edit, links)
Dragoon_zpsbi69h5on.png This user is a powerful Dragoon. You would do well to learn from him or her.
Code: {{user Dragoon|}}   (edit, links)
UserSamurai.png This user is a noble Samurai, now draw your weapon.
Code: {{user Samurai|}}   (edit, links)
UserCreeper.png This user is a stealthy Creeper; can you predict his or her next move?
Code: {{user Creeper|}}   (edit, links)
Specter_zpsvpzbwuan.png This user is a ghastly Specter, graceful yet carrying a traitor on his/her back.
Code: {{user Specter|}}   (edit, links)

The Unversed[edit]

Flood2_zpsujvkjiqt.png This user is tiny and tenacious.
Code: {{user Flood|}}   (edit, links)
Scrapper2_zpssmkrc4yq.png This user only travels in straight lines.
Code: {{user Scrapper|}}   (edit, links)
Bruiser1_zpslv0ymi4t.png This user knows that size matters.
Code: {{user Bruiser|}}   (edit, links)
RedHotChili2_zpsivdwfgh2.png Don't expect this spice churl to hold still.
Code: {{user RedHotChili|}}   (edit, links)
Monotrucker2_zpsibekekjh.png This user knows how to pick a fight with pickaxes.
Code: {{user Monotrucker|}}   (edit, links)
Thornbite1_zps0cndwvjp.png This user bears no roses... only thorns.
Code: {{user Thornbite|}}   (edit, links)
Shoegazer2_zpshzdixios.png This user only wants to hop around and defend! Leave this user alone!
Code: {{user Shoegazer|}}   (edit, links)
Spiderchest2_zps7rxk0uyg.png This user is going to EAT YOU!
Code: {{user Spiderchest|}}   (edit, links)
Archraven1_zpsh2aaectw.png This user will make off with your treasure... because he/she likes to.
Code: {{user Archraven|}}   (edit, links)
Hareraiser1_zpshwcze3yn.png Cute? Nope. Meet the anti-cuddly.
Code: {{user Hareraiser|}}   (edit, links)
Jellyshade%20O_zpsy2dew4oo.png This user is fiery, but would rather stick with the group.
Code: {{user Jellyshade|}}   (edit, links)
VilePhial2_zpsctavwe06.png This user would gladly pump his/her comrades full of HP.
Code: {{user VilePhial|}}   (edit, links)
SonicBlaster2-1_zpsf7s1k5gg.png Currently acquiring coordinates...
Code: {{user SonicBlaster|}}   (edit, links)
WildBruiser1_zpsymxgqvum.png Where this user goes, a lot of monkey business will follow.
Code: {{user WildBruiser|}}   (edit, links)
BlueSeaSalt_zps5obynu9r.png Don't expect this chilly adversary to hold still.
Code: {{user BlueSeaSalt|}}   (edit, links)
YellowMustard_zpsuaecmykh.png Don't expect this crafty condiment to hold still.
Code: {{user YellowMustard|}}   (edit, links)
Mandrake1_zpsqmj3m1xb.png Get ready to be poisoned, confused, and generally messed around by this user.
Code: {{user Mandrake|}}   (edit, links)
ChronoTwister2_zpsazjyhzjs.png This user would rather hide in the sand in its hourglass.
Code: {{user ChronoTwister|}}   (edit, links)
Axeflapper_zpszagpnm7t.png This user gives out powerful wind blasts.
Code: {{user AxeFlapper|}}   (edit, links)
PrizePod1_zpsvnvs2gtt.png Do you call dibs on this user's deliciousness?
Code: {{user PrizePod|}}   (edit, links)
Blobmob2_zpsreeagbh4.png This user knows how to make duplicates of himself/herself.
Code: {{user Blobmob|}}   (edit, links)
GlidewinderB_zpsk1gji3ec.png This user is an avid racer.
Code: {{user Glidewinder|}}   (edit, links)
Flamebox_zpsmeuconsz.png This user is gonna set the place on fire!
Code: {{user FlameBox|}}   (edit, links)
LoneRunner_zps26h6xiep.png Try and catch this user... if you can...
Code: {{user LoneRunner|}}   (edit, links)
Vitalityvial_zpsapmzr4xe.png This user is about to poison the room; can you keep up?
Code: {{user VitalityVial|}}   (edit, links)
Ringer_zpsb685axe1.png One by one, they materialize, until there's a horde of this user around...
Code: {{user Ringer|}}   (edit, links)
GluttonousGoo_zpsr4goodhg.png This user advises you to get your grubby hands away from his/her precious orbs.
Code: {{user GluttonousGoo|}}   (edit, links)
FloatingFlora_zpswyskz3c8.png This user wants you to watch that he/she doesn't fall.
Code: {{user FloatingFlora|}}   (edit, links)

Unversed bosses[edit]

WheelMaster1_zpseyvr8oqx.png This user likes tearing up people's emotions with cruel timing.
Code: {{user Wheel Master|}}   (edit, links)
SymphonyMaster1_zpsxa8e9xsg.png Drum roll please!
Code: {{user Symphony Master|}}   (edit, links)
CursedCoach2_zpsngjtgazd.png Try to put the brakes on this user, now, would you?
Code: {{user Cursed Coach|}}   (edit, links)
SpiritMagMirror_zpsdcdmwq3i.png It takes coercion to make a powerful enemy.
Code: {{user Spirit Mag Mirror|}}   (edit, links)
TrinityArmor2_zpslqsaxjpe.png Taking out this big guy... it takes three.
Code: {{user Trinity Armor|}}   (edit, links)
Metamorphosis_zpsartxnlc7.png This user is a stowaway.
Code: {{user Metamorphosis|}}   (edit, links)
Mimicmaster_zpsbu0kwcey.png This user is a living photocopier.
Code: {{user Mimic Master|}}   (edit, links)
IronImpr1-2_zpsofqftucx.png This user willingly binds himself/herself in chains.
Code: {{user Iron Imprisoner|}}   (edit, links)
GameAccomplishments-userVanitasRemnant.png This user has taken on the Vanitas Remnant and won!
Code: {{user Vanitas Remnant|}}   (edit, links)

The Dream Eaters[edit]

The following userboxes have three variations
  • {{User ...|1}} for the Spirit Dream Eater
  • {{User ...|2}} for the Nightmare Dream Eater
  • {{User ...|3}} for the Rare Nightmare Dream Eater
TS4FH9z.png This user is a doggish cat-thing.
Code: {{user Meow Wow|}}   (edit, links)
t37eoUk.png This user has "mutton" to worry about.
Code: {{user Tama Sheep|}}   (edit, links)
F0Nsy4A.png Nobody rams like this user does.
Code: {{user Yoggy Ram|}}   (edit, links)
0IPcX36.png This user doesn't use magic, they hit you with magical awesome.
Code: {{user Necho Cat|}}   (edit, links)
p1G3B6n.png This user can outrun lightning.
Code: {{user Thunderaffe|}}   (edit, links)
SXDozxu.png This user knows how to tether the weather.
Code: {{user Pegaslick|}}   (edit, links)
smQO27A.png This user always carries knife and fork, just in case.
Code: {{user Ghostabocky|}}   (edit, links)
sP2GzsN.png This user is a snouted lout.
Code: {{user Zolephant|}}   (edit, links)
GkNncPd.png This user likes to pester their prey.
Code: {{user Halbird|}}   (edit, links)
4vFIzv2.png This user knows bun fu!
Code: {{user MeMeBunny|}}   (edit, links)
qOZ7cYk.png This user is a silly goose.
Code: {{user Ducky Goose|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Aura Lion|}}   (edit, links)
O5cgiKy.png This user is a mythical monstrosity.
Code: {{user Ryu Dragon|}}   (edit, links)
The following userboxes have two variations
  • {{User ...|1}} for the Spirit Dream Eater
  • {{User ...|2}} for the Nightmare Dream Eater
yPtD4mw.png This user is just vunderful.
Code: {{user Komory Bat|}}   (edit, links)
y54xjf0.png This user might turn red with rage.
Code: {{user Pricklemane|}}   (edit, links)
Sc8wCjs.png This user likes to burn rubber.
Code: {{user Hebby Repp|}}   (edit, links)
573b2u4.png This user is armed with plants.
Code: {{user Sir Kyroo|}}   (edit, links)
FTR1okt.png This user likes fishsticks.
Code: {{user Fin Fatale|}}   (edit, links)
IJqruU7.png This user is a bubble-blowing deadeye.
Code: {{user Tatsu Steed|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Peepsta Hoo|}}   (edit, links)
IcmZBt7.png This user is not very fast...
Code: {{user Escarglow|}}   (edit, links)
1egwt9e.png This user likes to keep their HP in the green.
Code: {{user Wheeflower|}}   (edit, links)
ru0KSVL.png This user can disassemble themself.
Code: {{user Fishboné|}}   (edit, links)
ErDUslB.png public void attack(DE CyberYog) {
beam = CyberYog.getLaser();
blast(beam, this.user);   }
Code: {{user Cyber Yog|}}   (edit, links)
vGfJFgh.png This user is skilled with a skillet.
Code: {{user Chef Kyroo|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Lord Kyroo|}}   (edit, links)
XO0LTES.png This user is prepared for burnination.
Code: {{user Tatsu Blaze|}}   (edit, links)
atj3oRW.png This user has the unfortunate habit of gloating when landing a hit.
Code: {{user Eaglider|}}   (edit, links)
F0oj8ML.png This user is a powerful dragon!
OK, not really...
Code: {{user Drak Quack|}}   (edit, links)
The following userboxes have only one variation
UserMeowjesty.png This user is a fan of Meowjesty.
Code: {{user Meowjesty|}}   (edit, links)
jpexR3P.png This user could really use some vacation.
Code: {{user RR Seal|}}   (edit, links)

Dream Eater bosses[edit]

WOlekDC.png This user makes life generally less pleasant.
Code: {{user Spellican|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Commantis|}}   (edit, links)
HoleyMoley_zps3jeccvq7.png Mole?... Mole. Mole. MOLEH MOLEH MOLEH MOLEH!
Code: {{user Holey Moley|}}   (edit, links)
WargoyleRiku_zpsyycesg6m.png This user is no demon. He/She is righteous judgement!
Code: {{user Wargoyle|}}   (edit, links)
BrawlamariSideRiku_zpspx8vdely.png This user is having Brawlamari for dinner tonight!
Code: {{user Brawlamari|}}   (edit, links)
PdkiEex.png This user was planned to be a regular enemy.
Code: {{user Queen Buzzerfly|}}   (edit, links)
MJJAfPq.png This user's identity remains a secret.
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