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This page is a collection of userboxes, small colored boxes designed to appear on a Kingdom Hearts Wiki user page as a communicative notice about the user or to show things they like. You are free to make your own and add them here. If you cannot, then you can leave a request on the talk page. This section focuses on the many, many characters featured in the Kingdom Hearts series. If you are looking for non-character userboxes or a guide to making them, we suggest you try KHWiki:Userboxes.

Kindly click on the name of each template (for instance, User Sora) to see different versions of this template. This is still a work in progress, but once it is done, every userbox on this page will have multiple different versions of the same character, if there are.

Original characters[edit]

J5yHD64.png This user is a fan of Sora.
Code: {{user Sora|}}   (edit, links)
IAhl0t3.png This user is a fan of Kairi.
Code: {{user Kairi|}}   (edit, links)
3qjvQZL.png This user is a fan of Riku.
Code: {{user Riku|}}   (edit, links)
voYA2VW.png This user trusts Naminé.
Code: {{user Naminé|}}   (edit, links)
6ZwIyUF.png This user is a fan of Ventus.
Code: {{user Ventus|}}   (edit, links)
RVCFQLj.png This user is a fan of Terra.
Code: {{user Terra|}}   (edit, links)
mHk3Qak.png This user is a fan of Aqua.
Code: {{user Aqua|}}   (edit, links)
PJwgCoE.png This user is a fan of DiZ.
Code: {{user DiZ|}}   (edit, links)
Pw1Uc7F.png SUBMIT! This user is a servant of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness.
Code: {{user Ansem|}}   (edit, links)
7CpXKxM.png This user is a friendly sparring partner of Hayner.
Code: {{user Hayner|}}   (edit, links)
kTGonnl.png This user would gladly have ice cream with Pence.
Code: {{user Pence|}}   (edit, links)
7ax3PZz.png This user would rather sit down and do homework with Olette.
Code: {{user Olette|}}   (edit, links)
mInBOe7.png This user is a fan of the Riku Replica.
Code: {{user Riku Replica|}}   (edit, links)
3ch0QZn.png This user would like to be part of Master Xehanort's True Organization XIII.
Code: {{user Master Xehanort|}}   (edit, links)
JVkEVas.png This user is a fan of slave to Vanitas.

Code: {{user Vanitas|}}   (edit, links)
H0DHaC8.png This user is a fan of Eraqus.

Code: {{user Eraqus|}}   (edit, links)
7jSGSbY.png This user is intrigued by the Lingering Will, and hopes that one day he may set things right.
Code: {{user Lingering|}}   (edit, links)
BMdaYVP.png This user is a fan of Terra-Xehanort.
Code: {{user Terra-Xehanort|}}   (edit, links)
2Ux2GmM.png This user is intrigued by Ephemer.
Code: {{user Ephemera|}}   (edit, links)
hf0jKaA.png This user is a fan of Skuld.
Code: {{user Skuld|}}   (edit, links)
6ADLvEY.png This user loves the Chirithy and thinks they are cute!
Code: {{user Chirithy|}}   (edit, links)


wWkFd0N.png This user answers to Invi.
Code: {{user Anguis Foreteller|}}   (edit, links)
lJOMokj.png This user answers to Gula.
Code: {{user Leopardos Foreteller|}}   (edit, links)
YygPi4j.png This user answers to Aced.
Code: {{user Ursus Foreteller|}}   (edit, links)
YPvewS3.png This user answers to Ira.
Code: {{user Unicornis Foreteller|}}   (edit, links)
uWSufHU.png This user answers to Ava.
Code: {{user Vulpeus Foreteller|}}   (edit, links)

Organization XIII[edit]

DobGD0s.png This user is no more eternal than that radiance of yours...
Code: {{user Xemnas|}}   (edit, links)
yidmdso.png This user wonders if you've been a good boy.
Code: {{user Xigbar|}}   (edit, links)
Vfr6rba.png This user would like you to enlighten us about that pet project of yours.
Code: {{user Xaldin|}}   (edit, links)
vovomh3.png This user is a scientist... yes!
Code: {{user Vexen|}}   (edit, links)
JzCJIHh.png This user will not yield to the frail heart of an infantile coward!
Code: {{user Lexaeus|}}   (edit, links)
ha5QErC.png This user will make you see that your hopes are nothing... nothing but a mere illusion!
Code: {{user Zexion|}}   (edit, links)
zpt3vzO.png This user is a master of the moon. Now move aside!
Code: {{user Saix|}}   (edit, links)
Axel5_zpsuj8p5rir.png This user wants to let the flames burn you! Got it memorized?
Code: {{user Axel|}}   (edit, links)
Bzyb62y.png This user is a master of water.
Code: {{user Demyx|}}   (edit, links)
68TxGmg.png This user wonders if you know the rules.
Code: {{user Luxord|}}   (edit, links)
cjREgxg.png This user is a master of flowers.
Code: {{user Marluxia|}}   (edit, links)
YY2MDE5.png This user should warn you that they are in an EXTREMELY FOUL MOOD!
Code: {{user Larxene|}}   (edit, links)
hWn6qui.png This user is a fan of Roxas.
Code: {{user Roxas|}}   (edit, links)
sKrhMyD.png Who is this user? What are they here for?
Code: {{user Xion|}}   (edit, links)

Original selves[edit]

BMdaYVP.png This user is a fan of Terra-Xehanort.
Code: {{user Terra-Xehanort|}}   (edit, links)
YgfmCvP.png This user keeps forgetting not to mess with Keyblade wielders.
Code: {{user Braig|}}   (edit, links)
1PM96dd.png This user will not have Radiant Garden fall to the likes of you!
Code: {{user Dilan|}}   (edit, links)
fAgjO7V.png This user has a feeling that they are destined to cross paths with you again.
Code: {{user Even|}}   (edit, links)
qNmM0lS.png This user's poor parents aren't here to raise them.
Code: {{user Ienzo|}}   (edit, links)
Xo7lPal.png This user won't forget you, even though they try all the time.
Code: {{user Isa|}}   (edit, links)
Ei62VZC.png This user wishes to live on forever. Get it memorized!
Code: {{user Lea|}}   (edit, links)

Disney characters[edit]

Party members[edit]

8xoi8c0.png This user had better be discreet in gushing over Mickey Mouse...
Code: {{user Mickey|}}   (edit, links)
99NEBNU.png This user is a fan of Donald Duck. Quack!
Code: {{user Donald|}}   (edit, links)
NXVh8cE.png Gawrsh! This user is a fan of Goofy.
Code: {{user Goofy|}}   (edit, links)
gZMFWaf.png This user is a fan of Jiminy Cricket.
Code: {{user Jiminy|}}   (edit, links)
nphSNX7.png Tarzan will forever be in this user's heart.
Code: {{user Tarzan|}}   (edit, links)
XdDjl6H.png Genie, my final wish! Let this user be a fan of Aladdin!
Code: {{user Aladdin|}}   (edit, links)
vvFu7hZ.png This user is a fan of Peter Pan.
Code: {{user Peter Pan|}}   (edit, links)
mi1AOsy.png This user is a fan of the Beast.
Code: {{user Beast|}}   (edit, links)
ZFwmVqA.png This user is a fan of Ariel.
Code: {{user Ariel|}}   (edit, links)
l9wJgb6.png This user is a fan of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King!
Code: {{user Jack|}}   (edit, links)
CUkLU9z.png This user is a fan of Jack Sparrow. Savvy?
Code: {{user Sparrow|}}   (edit, links)
y3ck918.png This user is a fan of Simba.
Code: {{user Simba|}}   (edit, links)
yM2TFuu.png This user is a fan of Mula——... uh... Ping.
Code: {{user Mulan|}}   (edit, links)
C67aCxq.png C:\Users\Userboxes > run TRON.exe
Code: {{User Tron|}}   (edit, links)
juZ8bt5.png This user is a fan of Stitch.
Code: {{user Stitch|}}   (edit, links)
mAQ638K.png This user is a fan of Wonderboy.
Code: {{user Hercules|}}   (edit, links)
w04NPaD.png This user is a fan of Prince Phillip.
Code: {{user Prince Phillip|}}   (edit, links)


88LExZk.png This user is a fan of Minnie Mouse.
Code: {{user Minnie|}}   (edit, links)
QtKkYeT.png This user is a fan of Daisy Duck.
Code: {{user Daisy|}}   (edit, links)
QY3n77n.png This user is a fan of Huey.
Code: {{user Huey|}}   (edit, links)
vqn8WuL.png This user is a fan of Dewey.
Code: {{user Dewey|}}   (edit, links)
MO5XG1r.png This user is a fan of Louie.
Code: {{user Louie|}}   (edit, links)
rwCquLX.png This user is a fan of Horace Horsecollar.
Code: {{user Horace|}}   (edit, links)
eXQ8bln.png This user is a fan of Clarabelle Cow.
Code: {{user Clarabelle|}}   (edit, links)
t3N2IXo.png This user is a fan of Clara Cluck.
Code: {{user Clara|}}   (edit, links)
7efcG5B.png This user is a fan of Scrooge McDuck.
Code: {{user Scrooge McDuck|}}   (edit, links)
7xNfc6r.png This user knows how to flatter the Grand Councilwoman.
Code: {{user Grand Councilwoman|}}   (edit, links)
5RiSFxQ.png This user relies on Chip's technical expertise.
Code: {{user Chip|}}   (edit, links)
Gjf9yWl.png This user trusts Dale's engineering skills... even though he's a bit more laid-back.
Code: {{user Dale|}}   (edit, links)
Y4mwPwL.png This user thinks Pluto has a special talent for sniffing out hidden things. Atta boy!
Code: {{user Pluto|}}   (edit, links)
r6L9m9x.png This user wants to shield Kala from harm.
Code: {{user Kala|}}   (edit, links)
pDL5jLN.png This user wants to give Terk a big hug!
Code: {{user Terk|}}   (edit, links)
vTTBlC7.png Easy, Kerchak... this user likes you... and promises not to bring any escorts along, okay?
Code: {{user Kerchak|}}   (edit, links)
vXDQffc.png This user is a fan of Jane Porter.
Code: {{User Jane Porter|}}   (edit, links)
3Ej5u8x.png This user loves the feisty Pongo.
Code: {{User Pongo|}}   (edit, links)
YM5JZXM.png This user loves the serene Perdita.
Code: {{User Perdita|}}   (edit, links)
KxzseWW.png This user thinks the 99 puppies are the cutest things ever!
Code: {{User Puppies|}}   (edit, links)
vtAXsCj.png This user is a fan of Phil and has two words of advice for you: heroes only, now!
Code: {{user Phil|}}   (edit, links)
cu1NY4V.png This user would like to have their own winged steed made of clouds.
Code: {{user Pegasus|}}   (edit, links)
cclX6H0.png This user is a fan of Megara.
Code: {{user Meg|}}   (edit, links)
JZ0A4rL.png This user is a fan of Nala.
Code: {{user Nala|}}   (edit, links)
KYKD6TG.png This user turns to Rafiki for guidance.
Code: {{user Rafiki|}}   (edit, links)
TePG0Aq.png This user is a fan of Timon.
Code: {{user Timon|}}   (edit, links)
XSZOmPc.png This user is an admirer of MR. PIG!
Code: {{user Pumbaa|}}   (edit, links)
eQPgifX.png This user treats Mufasa's leadership with immense respect.
Code: {{user Mufasa|}}   (edit, links)
fJ1znQi.png Uh oh, it looks like Pinocchio's been a naughty boy... again.
Code: {{user Pinocchio|}}   (edit, links)
4pcxuqA.png This user is a fan of Geppetto.
Code: {{user Geppetto|}}   (edit, links)
Sxbi05D.png This user is awestruck by the life-giving powers of the Blue Fairy.
Code: {{user Blue Fairy|}}   (edit, links)
gOBLHhk.png This user likes the Grand Duke, who has a lot more horse sense than he appears to.
Code: {{user Grand Duke|}}   (edit, links)
2GYmtPR.png This user likes Dr. Finkelstein's contraptions.
Code: {{user Finkelstein|}}   (edit, links)
NQ0CSQk.png This user has a misplaced sense of trust in their local politician.
Code: {{user Mayor|}}   (edit, links)
Zdwbypc.png This user loves Zero, the faithful dog even after death.
Code: {{user Zero|}}   (edit, links)
LC6k3bm.png This user is a fan of Sally.
Code: {{user Sally|}}   (edit, links)
8GO6wGu.png This user wishes long life to the Emperor.
Code: {{User Emperor|}}   (edit, links)
0BLDku7.png This user answers to Li Shang.
Code: {{User Shang|}}   (edit, links)
F8kFwZ7.png This user is a fan of Hunny. Oh, and Pooh, of course!
Code: {{user Pooh|}}   (edit, links)
DyuCnRZ.png This user loves to bounce with Tigger!
Code: {{user Tigger|}}   (edit, links)
O7YL1YE.png This user thinks Rabbit is a good friend... and a great gardener too.
Code: {{user Rabbit|}}   (edit, links)
WDOqrOH.png This user is a fan of Kanga.
Code: {{user Kanga|}}   (edit, links)
WFOx8lb.png This user thinks Roo is better at bouncing.
Code: {{user Roo|}}   (edit, links)
Hx9a18V.png This user is a fan of P-P-Piglet... oh d-d-dear......
Code: {{user Piglet|}}   (edit, links)
UYBQEs7.png This user is a fan of Gopher.
Code: {{user Gopher|}}   (edit, links)
QgaEj1Z.png This user is a fan of Eeyore, who didn't expect any fans.
Code: {{user Eeyore|}}   (edit, links)
5bYkZYM.png This user is a fan of the wise old Owl, and wants to talk about his Uncle Albert's adventures at sea.
Code: {{user Owl|}}   (edit, links)
gBtgznm.png This user believes in Neverland, just like Wendy.
Code: {{user Wendy|}}   (edit, links)
f3nrkdc.png This user is a fan of Cubby.
Code: {{user Cubby|}}   (edit, links)
68HNWvd.png This user is a fan of Slightly.
Code: {{user Slightly|}}   (edit, links)
cJnnUDH.png This user thinks Abu would make a great treasure hunter.
Code: {{user Abu|}}   (edit, links)
j3iuLlC.png This user answers to King Triton, mighty ruler of the seas.
Code: {{user Triton|}}   (edit, links)
kwqe7ue.png This user is a fan of Sebastian.
Code: {{user Sebastian|}}   (edit, links)
PaJ8RRD.png This user is a fan of Flounder.
Code: {{user Flounder|}}   (edit, links)
EDNJND9.png This user is a fan of Jaq, zugk-zugk!
Code: {{user Jaq|}}   (edit, links)
XZjoTMr.png This user is a fan of the Prince.
Code: {{user Prince|}}   (edit, links)
30b6ZNt.png This user is a fan of the handsome Prince Charming.

Code: {{user Prince Charming|}}   (edit, links)
CQvHXdU.png This user thinks there is no better host than Lumiere.
Code: {{user Lumiere|}}   (edit, links)
Y9oBaNn.png This user adores Cogsworth and wants to tickle his clock face!
Code: {{user Cogsworth|}}   (edit, links)
Up7DgBk.png This user is a fan of Mrs. Potts, and would not mind her pouring a nice cup of tea.
Code: {{User Mrs Potts|}}   (edit, links)
Tr504OC.png This user is a fan of Chip.
Code: {{user ChipCup|}}   (edit, links)
6q8UOl6.png This user can vouch for Maurice's sanity.
Code: {{user Maurice|}}   (edit, links)
wc0N6fQ.png This user absolutely adores Quasimodo, no matter what he looks like.
Code: {{User Quasimodo|}}   (edit, links)
VTVaycF.png This user is entranced by the lovely Esmeralda.
Code: {{User Esmeralda|}}   (edit, links)
cdmmo1T.png This user is a fan of Victor.
Code: {{User Victor|}}   (edit, links)
utv381j.png This user is a fan of Hugo.
Code: {{User Hugo|}}   (edit, links)
5AWGUEc.png This user wishes the pigeons would keep off Laverne's back!
Code: {{User Laverne|}}   (edit, links)
7qjbwh5.png This user is a fan of Yen Sid, and admires his humility.
Code: {{User Yen Sid|}}   (edit, links)
cHxZv6D.png This user counts on Flora to keep the other good fairies in line.
Code: {{User Flora|}}   (edit, links)
upiJwfJ.png This user loves the kind and good Fauna.
Code: {{User Fauna|}}   (edit, links)
Tfd03BD.png This user loves Merryweather, and like her, can be a bit... bonkers.
Code: {{User Merryweather|}}   (edit, links)
PmDc0xM.png This user is a fan of the OLD loon.
Code: {{User Merlin|}}   (edit, links)
yET0AAD.png This user is a fan of Quorra, and is all for diversity over racial purity.
Code: {{User Quorra|}}   (edit, links)
leMRU06.png /add SAMFLYNN
Code: {{User Sam|}}   (edit, links)
Cq65jPU.png This user admires Kevin Flynn, the creator of Hollow Bastion OS.
Code: {{User Kevin|}}   (edit, links)

Neutral NPCs[edit]

YhY7ENB.png This user wishes Andrina was allowed to stand out a bit more.
Code: {{user Andrina|}}   (edit, links)
YMJ02O3.png This user wishes Attina was allowed to stand out a bit more.
Code: {{user Attina|}}   (edit, links)
GfQsBVB.png This user is a dan of Foc—uh, fan of Doc.
Code: {{user Doc|}}   (edit, links)
8rVq5a5.png This user is a fan of Bashful. Oh gosh...
Code: {{user Bashful|}}   (edit, links)
GzUoiPC.png This user is a fan of Happy.
Code: {{user Happy|}}   (edit, links)
ZuXTGqe.png This user is a fan a' Grumpy! *grumble*
Code: {{user Grumpy|}}   (edit, links)
fMmSL9J.png Thish yoosher... ish a fan ov Shleepy... *YAWN*
Code: {{user Sleepy|}}   (edit, links)
K7rhy0W.png This user is a fan of Sneezy, and probably has an equally volcanic nose.
Code: {{user Sneezy|}}   (edit, links)
5Tg1w9F.png This user is a fan of Dopey, and is also probably able to cause hilarity without speaking.
Code: {{user Dopey|}}   (edit, links)
DgEGoRh.png This user feels sorry for Iago, but still can't tell where his allegiances lie.
Code: {{user Iago|}}   (edit, links)
yxxAHPH.png This user says salaam and welcomes you to Agrabah.
Code: {{user Peddler|}}   (edit, links)
8cqYs9u.png This user is a fan of the Mad Hatter and wishes you a very merry unbirthday!
Code: {{user Mad Hatter|}}   (edit, links)
F2xo7DD.png This user is a fan of the March Hare.
Code: {{user March Hare|}}   (edit, links)
b4euk2H.png This user is a fan of the White Rabbit, and is running horribly late.
Code: {{user White Rabbit|}}   (edit, links)
PGSt9ol.png Is this user a fan of the Cheshire Cat? Or not? That's for you to figure out.
Code: {{user Cheshire Cat|}}   (edit, links)
FLlBeek.png This user wouldn't mind helping the Card Soldiers paint white roses red.
Code: {{user Card Soldier|}}   (edit, links)
JpKeFPd.png This user is part of the Doorknob fan club... how's a simple doorknob to get any sleep from this?
Code: {{user Doorknob|}}   (edit, links)
ipmbpg8.png This user is a fan of KNUCKLE SANDWICHES!
Code: {{user Yao|}}   (edit, links)
AjjI9vv.png This user is a fan of Ling.
Code: {{user Ling|}}   (edit, links)
40Jor9X.png This user is a fan of Chien Po, and prefers food over glory or adventure.
Code: {{user ChienPo|}}   (edit, links)
69KofXI.png This user has been warned never to smile at that crocodile...
Code: {{user Crocodile|}}   (edit, links)


us0qSIs.png This user is a fan of Tinker Bell.
Code: {{user Tink|}}   (edit, links)
aofMshi.png This user is a fan of Mushu, the bona fide guardian dragon!
Code: {{user Mushu|}}   (edit, links)
9KqAcdQ.png This user is a fan of the big blue lump!
Code: {{user Genie|}}   (edit, links)
A21ObxM.png This user pays homage to the Great Prince of the Forest.
Code: {{user Bambi|}}   (edit, links)
dGF3Quq.png This user is a fan of Chicken Little, the little chick that could!
Code: {{user Chicken Little|}}   (edit, links)
t2eGocf.png This user has finally seen an elephant fly!
Code: {{user Dumbo|}}   (edit, links)

Princesses of Heart[edit]

RIX3Qo2.png This user is a fan of Alice.
Code: {{user Alice|}}   (edit, links)
mmCXTLa.png This user is a fan of Snow White.
Code: {{user Snow White|}}   (edit, links)
xkCdpvH.png This user is a fan of Briar Rose.
Code: {{user Aurora|}}   (edit, links)
Ea9xnNP.png Oh là là, this user is a fan of Belle...
Code: {{user Belle|}}   (edit, links)
xZyibAq.png This user is a fan of Jasmine.
Code: {{user Jasmine|}}   (edit, links)
AXQlKaJ.png This user is a fan of Cinderella.
Code: {{user Cinderella|}}   (edit, links)
pBOFXRm.png This user is a fan of Kairi.
Code: {{user Kairi|}}   (edit, links)


mis5nEF.png This user is a fan of Experiment 221 and like him, electrocutes anyone in sight!
Code: {{user Experiment 221|}}   (edit, links)
UJebl2s.png This user likes to think that Gantu is merely big-boned.
Code: {{user Gantu|}}   (edit, links)
UpazvNF.png This user is fan of evil genius mastermind Dr. Jumba Jookiba.
Code: {{user Jumba Jookiba|}}   (edit, links)
43Y4Am5.png This user is a fan of Lucifer, and causes just as much trouble 'round the house as he does.
Code: {{user Lucifer|}}   (edit, links)
LFaBqcP.png This user somehow tolerates Lady Tremaine, and what a scary world they must live in...
Code: {{user Lady Tremaine|}}   (edit, links)
dKhYjaH.png This user is somehow able to sit through Drizella's flute-"playing"...
Code: {{user Drizella|}}   (edit, links)
dmiUTf4.png This user is somehow able to sit through Anastasia's "singing"...
Code: {{user Anastasia|}}   (edit, links)
oXQKtxC.png This user sympathizes with the man-eater.
Code: {{user Sabor|}}   (edit, links)
5vfHSAE.png This user is a fan of Clayton.
Code: {{user Clayton|}}   (edit, links)
J4EjvIe.png This streetrat bows to Jafar, the all-powerful genie!
Code: {{user Jafar|}}   (edit, links)
cuvg4Jo.png This user is a fan of The Oogie Boogie Man!
Code: {{user Oogie|}}   (edit, links)
U7tEYPT.png This user is a fan of Lock, and like him, leads people into causing havoc for others.
Code: {{user Lock|}}   (edit, links)
n5s8OOT.png This user, like Shock, knows how to keep calm while being naughty.
Code: {{user Shock|}}   (edit, links)
fJhTRQA.png This user, like Barrel, likes to make mischief but always gets left behind.
Code: {{user Barrel|}}   (edit, links)
Nmz1YQ4.png This scurvy brat be a fan of Captain Hook.
Code: {{user Hook|}}   (edit, links)
WvzGYOn.png This user is a fan of the timid Mr. Smee.
Code: {{user Smee|}}   (edit, links)
yewmFu9.png This user is a fan of the rogue racer, Captain Dark!
Code: {{user Pete|}}   (edit, links)
v29RX0D.png Hey. User, fan of Hades, yadda yadda yadda.

Code: {{user Hades|}}   (edit, links)
OqF707h.png This user is a fan of Pain. (The character, not the feeling.)
Code: {{user Pain|}}   (edit, links)
KYxqL7y.png This user is a fan of Panic... poor thing, he's trembling.
Code: {{user Panic|}}   (edit, links)
7GxNAj3.png This user is a fan of the Rock Titan.
Code: {{user Rock Titan|}}   (edit, links)
A3ow1Ka.png This user is a fan of the Ice Titan.
Code: {{user Ice Titan|}}   (edit, links)
pbLIltO.png This user is a fan of the Ice Colossus.
Code: {{user Ice Colossus|}}   (edit, links)
tUyQU80.png This user answers to the bloodthirsty Shan Yu.
Code: {{user Shan Yu|}}   (edit, links)
Ld0GyWX.png This poor unfortunate soul is captivated by Ursula.
Code: {{user Ursula|}}   (edit, links)
f9MEcvJ.png This user program is a fan of the MCP and is bent on world domination.
Code: {{User MCP|}}   (edit, links)
eEDv3hv.png C:\Users\Ansem> run DEREZZ.exe
Code: {{user Sark|}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Queen|}}   (edit, links)
qUzjKGi.png This user is part of Captain Barbossa's motley crew.
Code: {{user Barbossa|}}   (edit, links)
dAymBL8.png This user is a fan of Scar.
Code: {{User Scar|}}   (edit, links)
BRQTS2b.png This user looks up to Shenzi, leader of the pack.
Code: {{user Shenzi|}}   (edit, links)
HlrNvJv.png This user admires the cunning hunter Banzai.
Code: {{User Banzai|}}   (edit, links)
0ssv88X.png This user is a fan of Ed, and laughs just as much as he does!
Code: {{user Ed|}}   (edit, links)
jSuhyuA.png This user is a fan of the mistress of all evil!

Code: {{User Maleficent|}}   (edit, links)
R3asNK7.png This user is a fan of Chernabog, and awaits the eruption of Bald Mountain on Walpurgis Night.
Code: {{user Chernabog|}}   (edit, links)
j2yVVMo.png This user is a loyal subject of the Queen of Hearts and gets to keep their head.

Code: {{User QueenHearts|}}   (edit, links)
RnKyGtl.png This user wants a pet three-headed dog.

Code: {{User Cerberus|}}   (edit, links)
bD2Rbuy.png This user is a fan of Claude Frollo, and anyone who disagrees with them is a heretic.
Code: {{User Frollo|}}   (edit, links)
Gp9vElm.png This user submits to CLU, dictator of the regime.
Code: {{User CLU|}}   (edit, links)
k7lU2HL.png This user loves the forever bumbling Beagle Boys.
Code: {{User Beagle Boys|}}   (edit, links)
s2Qy4Jo.png This user is a fan of Julius.
Code: {{User Julius|}}   (edit, links)
W8EenQA.png copy C:\system32\TRON.exe C:\Users\Ansem\Remodification
Code: {{User Rinzler|}}   (edit, links)
KLXooPZ.png query process [Userboxes.exe] [/server:THEGRID] [/system] [/?]
Code: {{User Black Guard|}}   (edit, links)
Xsqs8C8.png This user is a fan of Gaston.
Code: {{user Gaston|}}   (edit, links)

Final Fantasy cameos[edit]

FCAtmvq.png This user is a fan of Aerith.
Code: {{user Aerith|}}   (edit, links)
vze3q9R.png This user is a fan of the great ninja Yuffie.
Code: {{user Yuffie|}}   (edit, links)
JOl1PW9.png This user is a fan of Squa-- uh, Leon. Whatever.
Code: {{user Leon|}}   (edit, links)
R0D1ykY.png This user is a fan of Tifa, and begs pardon for bothering you.
Code: {{user Tifa|}}   (edit, links)
hkKeT3X.png This user is a fan of Yuna.
Code: {{user Yuna|}}   (edit, links)
zKjsVTY.png This user is a fan of Rikku.
Code: {{user Rikku|}}   (edit, links)
4WoD3lF.png This user is a fan of Paine.
Code: {{user Paine|}}   (edit, links)
iws5VfD.png This user is a fan of Auron, and would like to be part of his story.
Code: {{user Auron|}}   (edit, links)
mEta5GV.png This user is a fan of Wakka, and likes seeing him play blitzball, ya?
Code: {{user Wakka|}}   (edit, links)
vtgsghn.png This user is a fan of Tidus.
Code: {{user Tidus|}}   (edit, links)
OG4aGzn.png This user is a fan of Selphie, the hapless romantic.
Code: {{user Selphie|}}   (edit, links)
xebaxK7.png This user is not interested in anything except Cloud.
Code: {{user Cloud|}}   (edit, links)
knFHeVL.png This user is a fan of the One-Winged Angel.
Code: {{user Sephiroth|}}   (edit, links)
aBMYB5B.png This user is a fan of Cid, the fatherly ace pilot.
Code: {{user Cid|}}   (edit, links)
nbYIG29.png User. Fan. Fuu.
Code: {{user Fuu|}}   (edit, links)
xg46PTd.png This user is a fan of Rai, y'know!
Code: {{user Rai|}}   (edit, links)
qmdS9UL.png This user is a fan of Vivi.
Code: {{user Vivi|}}   (edit, links)
5tQNubv.png This user is a fan of Seifer.
Code: {{user Seifer|}}   (edit, links)
tRrT22v.png This user is a fan of Setzer.
Code: {{user Setzer|}}   (edit, links)
leBSP7g.png This user is a fan of Zack.
Code: {{user Zack|}}   (edit, links)
ouzqTpm.png This user loves to ruffle the Moogles' pompoms!
Code: {{user Moogle|}}   (edit, links)
En7L3b3.png This user thinks that Biggs has an amazing announcer voice.
Code: {{user Biggs|}}   (edit, links)
Fp9nDDo.png This user is a fan of Wedge, the man with a humble, honest living.
Code: {{user Wedge|}}   (edit, links)
utMabfK.png This user thinks that Jessie should be the first person anyone talks to!
Code: {{user Jessie|}}   (edit, links)
HLQ1dku.png This user's days of rebellion are long gone.
Code: {{user Wallace|}}   (edit, links)
XqH31k1.png This user thinks that Wantz has got all the good stuff.
Code: {{user Wantz|}}   (edit, links)

The World Ends with You cameos[edit]

rdLcWHn.png This user is a fan of Neku Sakuraba.
Code: {{user Neku|}}   (edit, links)
6ULgYXW.png This user is a fan of Daisukenojo Bito, and wishes he would use that name more often.
Code: {{user Beat|}}   (edit, links)
mUOFeN3.png This user is a fan of Yoshiya Kiryu.
Code: {{user Joshua|}}   (edit, links)
IaMYMXu.png This user is Shiki Misaki's knight in shining armor.
Code: {{user Shiki|}}   (edit, links)
iqqatKX.png This user is a fan of Raimu Bito.
Code: {{user Rhyme|}}   (edit, links)