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This section focuses on the worlds in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Currently a work in progress.

zC5tyQf.png This user lives in a small, idyllic paradise.
Code: {{user Destiny Islands|}}   (edit, links)
dxlSTdF.png This user lost their world to the darkness and ended up in Traverse Town.
Code: {{user Traverse Town|}}   (edit, links)
4TL30pL.png This user fell down a Rabbit Hole.
Code: {{user Wonderland|}}   (edit, links)
LGIIGwR.png This user likes to test their strength at the Coliseum.
Code: {{user Olympus Coliseum|}}   (edit, links)
j9xU61a.png This user has undertaken a mission to save the gorillas.
Code: {{user Deep Jungle|}}   (edit, links)
lzUy9hi.png This user is now stuck in the belly of a giant whale...
Code: {{user Monstro|}}   (edit, links)
pK1rxNb.png This user is making preparations for next year's Halloween.
Code: {{user Halloween Town|}}   (edit, links)
wIxrHUR.png This user likes to frolic under the sea.
Code: {{user Atlantica|}}   (edit, links)
NYTMwNL.png Where has this user flown? Second star to the right and straight on till morning!
Code: {{user Neverland|}}   (edit, links)
52ZB2WQ.png This user was a resident of what was once Hollow Bastion.
Code: {{user Hollow Bastion|}}   (edit, links)
LOid690.png This user is willing to journey through the very end of the world to save those they love.
Code: {{user End of the World|}}   (edit, links)
2zcSJYT.png This user loves making friends and playing games at the 100 Acre Wood.
Code: {{user 100 Acre Wood|}}   (edit, links)
G7kotH9.png This user loves hanging out and eating ice cream in Twilight Town.
Code: {{user Twilight Town|}}   (edit, links)
jEetj7O.png This user is a resident of The Land of Dragons.
Code: {{user Land of Dragons|}}   (edit, links)
AoYJVQ8.png This user is a resident of Beast's Castle.
Code: {{user Beast's Castle|}}   (edit, links)
5f98Ne1.png This user loves the good old days of black and white.
Code: {{user Timeless River|}}   (edit, links)
Wfj89Ok.png This user is part of the animal kingdom. No "human animal" technicalities.
Code: {{user Pride Lands|}}   (edit, links)
XE6EF7a.png This user is adept at servicing a mainframe computer system.
Code: {{user Space Paranoids|}}   (edit, links)
t68Uamd.png This user is training to be a Keyblade master at the Land of Departure.
Code: {{user Land of Departure|}}   (edit, links)
IseJOaB.png This user has come to seek counsel from the wizard who lives high atop this tower...
Code: {{user Mysterious Tower|}}   (edit, links)
jLOvdK1.png This user enjoys the perpetual celebrations at Disney Town!
Code: {{user Disney Town|}}   (edit, links)
3Yenaui.png This user is a stowaway on an intergalactic prison ship.
Code: {{user Deep Space|}}   (edit, links)
gLPE2go.png This user enjoys defeating some of the toughest enemies at the Mirage Arena.
Code: {{user Mirage Arena|}}   (edit, links)
GQwW7YO.png This user has taken sanctuary in Notre Dame.
Code: {{user La Cité des Cloches|}}   (edit, links)
Vz4P2mu.png This user is part of a musical odyssey.
Code: {{user Symphony of Sorcery|}}   (edit, links)