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This page is a collection of userboxes, small colored boxes designed to appear on a Kingdom Hearts Wiki user page as a communicative notice about the user or to show things they like. You are free to make your own and add them here. If you cannot, then you can leave a request on the talk page. This section focuses on the mini-games featured in the Kingdom Hearts series. If you are looking for other userboxes or a guide to making them, we suggest you try KHWiki:Userboxes or take a look at the navigation template at the bottom of this page.

HdZsMHu.png This user is a master pilot of Gummi Ships.
Code: {{user Gummi|}}   (edit, links)
9rCy1Fb.png This user enjoys helping the residents of 100 Acre Wood.
Code: {{user 100Acre|}}   (edit, links)
G9zpBBS.png This user doesn't mind doing odd jobs to earn a trip to the beach.
Code: {{user Summer Job|}}   (edit, links)
sh22X0s.png Ready...set...Struggle!
Code: {{user Struggle|}}   (edit, links)
X7t4BPu.png This user loves reenacting The Little Mermaid through song.
Code: {{user Atlantica Good|}}   (edit, links)
LAAjy5E.png Oh, Sora... you just lost all your cool points.
Code: {{user Atlantica Bad|}}   (edit, links)
jHo8Tgf.png This user wants to be a hero.
Code: {{user Tournament|}}   (edit, links)
uHxIqDT.png This user wants a challenge in the Underdrome.
Code: {{user Underdrome|}}   (edit, links)
UF5sqR6.png This user enjoys catching a tree with Tarzan.
Code: {{user Tree Surfing|}}   (edit, links)
NKFqxS6.png Whee! This user enjoys hanging out by Vine Swinging.
Code: {{user Vine Swinging|}}   (edit, links)
IiM1rm1.png This user enjoys skateboarding around the worlds.
Code: {{user Skateboard|}}   (edit, links)
LlNMoS7.png This user loves to burn photons on a Light Cycle.
Code: {{user Light Cycle|}}   (edit, links)
ClLDxZo.png This user enjoys clearing out Heartless in the Sandswept Ruins.
Code: {{user Carpet|}}   (edit, links)
ue7vBqZ.png This user loves to wrap presents for Santa.
Code: {{user Gift Wrapping|}}   (edit, links)
uasczv6.png This user loves to confront the Chasm of Challenges.
Code: {{user Chasm|}}   (edit, links)
rTaLEBT.png This user enjoys beating Riku at his own game.
Code: {{user Racing Riku|}}   (edit, links)
GTqHOot.png This user enjoys assembling Puzzles.
Code: {{user Puzzle|}}   (edit, links)
iRhh8aq.png This user has completed the Battle Missions!
Code: {{user BattleMission|}}   (edit, links)
Po9K5Gw.png This user enjoys playing Ice Cream Beat.
Code: {{user IceCreamBeat|}}   (edit, links)
p8dgTQL.png This user enjoys playing with their friends on the Command Board.
Code: {{user Command Board|}}   (edit, links)