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This page is a collection of userboxes, small colored boxes designed to appear on a Kingdom Hearts Wiki user page as a communicative notice about the user or to show things they like. You are free to make your own and add them here. If you cannot, then you can leave a request on the talk page. This section focuses on the iPod-version of characters/elements in the Kingdom Hearts series. If you are looking for non-iSeries userboxes or a guide to making them, we suggest you try KHWiki:Userboxes.

Userbox team's note: This is Kingdom Hearts Wiki's specialty and thus far, we haven't seen it on any other wiki!

Original characters[edit]

Code: {{user iSora}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 3
PzYBWQw.png iLove iSora.
Code: {{user iSora|1}}
YTqVBMW.png iLove iSora.
Code: {{user iSora|2}}
Code: {{user iSora|3}}
kwwFst4.png iLove iRiku.
Code: {{user iRiku}}   (edit, links)
KEctTjg.png iLove iKairi.
Code: {{user iKairi}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 2
KEctTjg.png iLove iKairi.
Code: {{user iKairi|1}}
aIa2xgF.png iLove iKairi.
Code: {{user iKairi|2}}
GHJo0rD.png iLove iNaminé.
Code: {{user iNamine}}   (edit, links)

Organization XIII[edit]

Code: {{user iXemnas}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 2
eFLou54.png iLove iXemnas.
Code: {{user iXemnas|1}}
Code: {{user iXemnas|2}}
FNil3l7.png iLove iXigbar.
Code: {{user iXigbar}}   (edit, links)
c6qeyyu.png iLove iXaldin.
Code: {{user iXaldin}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user iAxel}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 3
hZDPMzi.png iLove iAxel.
Code: {{user iAxel|1}}
Code: {{user iAxel|2}}
HukjRIC.png iLove iAxel.
Code: {{user iAxel|3}}
qU7cph3.png iLove iDemyx.
Code: {{user iDemyx}}   (edit, links)
4HtBZ7m.png iLove iLuxord.
Code: {{user iLuxord}}   (edit, links)
VFoQm5z.png iLove iMarluxia.
Code: {{user iMarluxia}}   (edit, links)
LKmWbwS.png iLove iLarxene.
Code: {{user iLarxene}}   (edit, links)
ThfL7Lq.png iLove iKeyofDestiny.
Code: {{user iRoxas}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 2
6UDxBjy.png iLove iRoxas.
Code: {{user iRoxas|1}}
ThfL7Lq.png iLove iKeyofDestiny.
Code: {{user iRoxas|2}}
bCQ0bSN.png iLove iXion.
Code: {{user iXion}}   (edit, links)

Disney cameos[edit]


DSYf2lE.png iLove iDuck.
Code: {{user iDonald}}   (edit, links)
LEXfynf.png iLove iGoofy.
Code: {{user iGoofy}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 3
LEXfynf.png iLove iGoofy.
Code: {{user iGoofy|1}}
EN6ryBB.png iLove iGoofy.
Code: {{user iGoofy|2}}
vLRCvqG.png iLove iGoofy.
Code: {{user iGoofy|3}}
5AMqfpH.png iLove iMickey.
Code: {{user iMickey}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 3
3xWkRr5.png iLove iMickey.
Code: {{user iMickey|1}}
5AMqfpH.png iLove iMickey.
Code: {{user iMickey|2}}
J9GIHTp.png iLove iMickey.
Code: {{user iMickey|3}}
UseriMinnie.png iLove iMinnie.
Code: {{user iMinnie}}   (edit, links)
UseriDaisy.png iLove iDaisy.
Code: {{user iDaisy}}   (edit, links)
UseriPluto.png iLove iPluto.
Code: {{user iPluto}}   (edit, links)
UseriJiminy.png iLove iJiminy.
Code: {{user iJiminy}}   (edit, links)


UseriBelle.png iLove iBelle.
Code: {{user iBelle}}   (edit, links)
UseriJasmine.png iLove iJasmine.
Code: {{user iJasmine}}   (edit, links)
UseriCinderella.png iLove iCinderella.
Code: {{user iCinderella}}   (edit, links)
UseriSnowWhite.png iLove iSnowWhite.
Code: {{user iSnowWhite}}   (edit, links)
UseriAlice.png iLove iAlice.
Code: {{user iAlice}}   (edit, links)
UseriAurora.png iLove iAurora.
Code: {{user iAurora}}   (edit, links)

Assistance/Party members/Summons[edit]

UseriMulan.png iLove iMulan.
Code: {{user iMulan}}   (edit, links)
UseriMushu.png iLove iMushu.
Code: {{user iMushu}}   (edit, links)
UseriPeterPan.png iLove iPeterPan.
Code: {{user iPeterPan}}   (edit, links)
UseriTinkG.png iLove iTink.
Code: {{user iTink}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 2
UseriTinkG.png iLove iTink.
Code: {{user iTink|1}}
UseriTinkP.png iLove iTink.
Code: {{user iTink|2}}
UseriSimba.png iLove iSimba.
Code: {{user iSimba}}   (edit, links)
UseriBeast.png iLove iBeast.
Code: {{user iBeast}}   (edit, links)
UseriGenie.png iLove iGenie.
Code: {{user iGenie}}   (edit, links)
UseriJack.png iLove iJack.
Code: {{user iJack}}   (edit, links)
UseriBambi.png iLove iBambi.
Code: {{user iBambi}}   (edit, links)
UseriDumbo.png iLove iDumbo.
Code: {{user iDumbo}}   (edit, links)
UseriStitch.png iLove iStitch.
Code: {{user iStitch}}   (edit, links)


UseriCheshirecat.png iLove iCheshireCat.
Code: {{user iCheshireCat}}   (edit, links)
UseriWendy.png iLove iWendy.
Code: {{user iWendy}}   (edit, links)
UseriHerculesBrown.png iLove iWonderboy.
Code: {{user iHercules}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 2
UseriHerculesBlue.png iLove iHercules.
Code: {{user iHercules|1}}
UseriHerculesBrown.png iLove iWonderboy.
Code: {{user iHercules|2}}
UseriMeg.png iLove iMegara.
Code: {{user iMegara}}   (edit, links)
UseriPumbaa.png iLove iHog.
Code: {{user iPumbaa}}   (edit, links)
UseriSally.png iLove iSally.
Code: {{user iSally}}   (edit, links)
UseriScrooge.png iLove iScrooge.
Code: {{user iScrooge}}   (edit, links)
UseriFlounder.png iLove iFlounder.
Code: {{user iFlounder}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 2
UseriFlounder.png iLove iFlounder.
Code: {{user iFlounder|1}}
UseriFlounderG.png iLove iFlounder.
Code: {{user iFlounder|2}}
UseriPoohR.png iLove iPooh.
Code: {{user iPooh}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 2
UseriPoohR.png iLove iPooh.
Code: {{user iPooh|1}}
UseriPoohL.png iLove iPooh.
Code: {{user iPooh|2}}
UseriRabbit.png iLove iRabbit.
Code: {{user iRabbit}}   (edit, links)
UseriTimon.png iLove iTimon.
Code: {{user iTimon}}   (edit, links)
UseriEeyore.png iLove iEeyore.
Code: {{user iEeyore}}   (edit, links)
UseriPiglet.png iLove iPiglet.
Code: {{user iPiglet}}   (edit, links)
UseriWhiteRabbit.png iLove iWhiteRabbit.
Code: {{user iWhiteRabbit}}   (edit, links)
UseriPegasus.png iLove iPegasus.
Code: {{user iPegasus}}   (edit, links)
UseriJane.png iLove iJane.
Code: {{user iJane}}   (edit, links)
UseriMerlin.png iLove iMerlin.
Code: {{user iMerlin}}   (edit, links)
UseriSebastian.png iLove iCrab.
Code: {{user iSebastian}}   (edit, links)


UseriJafar.png iLove iJafar.
Code: {{user iJafar}}   (edit, links)
UseriHook.png iLove iHook.
Code: {{user iHook}}   (edit, links)
UseriHades.png iLove iHades.
Code: {{user iHades}}   (edit, links)
UseriUrsula.png iLove iUrsula.
Code: {{user iUrsula}}   (edit, links)
UseriScar.png iLove iScar.
Code: {{user iScar}}   (edit, links)
UseriMaleficent.png iLove iMaleficent.
Code: {{user iMaleficent}}   (edit, links)

Final Fantasy cameos[edit]

UseriRikku.png iLove iRikku.
Code: {{user iRikku}}   (edit, links)
UseriCloud.png iLove iCloud.
Code: {{user iCloud}}   (edit, links)
UseriSephiroth.png iLove iSephiroth.
Code: {{user iSephiroth}}   (edit, links)
Variations: 2
UseriSephiroth.png iLove iSephiroth.
Code: {{user iSephiroth|1}}
Code: {{user iSephiroth|2}}
UseriLeon.png iLove iLeon.
Code: {{user iLeon}}   (edit, links)

Abilities, drives, and whatnot[edit]

UseriTrinityJump.png iGroove to iTrinityJump.
Code: {{user iTrinityJump}}   (edit, links)
UseriTrinityCharge.png iGroove to iTrinityCharge.
Code: {{user iTrinityCharge}}   (edit, links)
UseriTrinityLadder.png iGroove to iTrinityLadder.
Code: {{user iTrinityLadder}}   (edit, links)
UseriTrinityPush.png iGroove to iTrinityPush.
Code: {{user iTrinityPush}}   (edit, links)
UseriTrinityDetect.png iGroove to iTrinityDetect.
Code: {{user iTrinityDetect}}   (edit, links)
UseriValor.png iLove iValorForm.
Code: {{user iValor}}   (edit, links)
iWisdom.png iLove iWisdomForm.
Code: {{user iWisdom}}   (edit, links)
iMaster.png iLove iMasterForm.
Code: {{user iMaster}}   (edit, links)
iFinal.png iLove iFinalForm.
Code: {{user iFinal}}   (edit, links)
iLimit.png iLove iLimitForm.
Code: {{user iLimit}}   (edit, links)
iAnti.png iLove iAntiForm.
Code: {{user iAnti}}   (edit, links)

Enemies/Enemy factions[edit]

UseriShadow.png iLove the iShadowHeartless.
Code: {{user iShadow}}   (edit, links)
UseriCreeperPlant.png iLove the iCreeperPlant.
Code: {{user iCreeper Plant}}   (edit, links)
UseriDirePlant.png iLove the iDirePlant.
Code: {{user iDirePlant}}   (edit, links)
UseriFirePlant.png iLove the iFirePlant.
Code: {{user iFirePlant}}   (edit, links)
UseriBlizzardPlant.png iLove the iBlizzardPlant.
Code: {{user iBlizzardPlant}}   (edit, links)
UseriPoisonPlant.png iLove the iPoisonPlant.
Code: {{user iPoisonPlant}}   (edit, links)
UseriDancer.png iLove iDancer.
Code: {{user iDancer}}   (edit, links)
|| Template:Template Displa2y
UseriUnversed.png iAm an iUnversed.
Code: {{user iUnversed}}   (edit, links)
UseriHearltess.png iAm an iHeartless.
Code: {{user iHeartless}}   (edit, links)
kuvfANz.png iAm an iDreamEater.
Code: {{user iDreamEater}}   (edit, links)