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Port Royal

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This article is about the original world that is featured in Kingdom Hearts II.
You may be looking for the expanded world in Kingdom Hearts III.
Port Royal

Port Royal KHII.png
Port Royal Logo KHII.png
Japanese ポートロイヤル

Romaji Pōto Roiyaru
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Allies Jack Sparrow
Origin Pirates of the Caribbean:
The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
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KHII tracks
Field theme - Nights of the Cursed
Battle theme - He's a Pirate
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Port Royal is a world that is featured in Kingdom Hearts II, based on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The world consists of Port Royal, Isla de Muerta, the Ship Graveyard, and the decks of the Interceptor and Black Pearl. The world's moonlight mechanic revolves around the Aztec curse from the film, and so much of the layout is designed to provide areas of shadow, which make the Undead Pirates invulnerable, and areas of moonlight where they can be defeated.

The world is expanded with The Caribbean from Kingdom Hearts III.

It follows Disney Castle in availability.


In the NTSC and PAL version of Kingdom Hearts II some cutscenes have been edited, such as Will not aiming a gun to his head when he is threatening to commit suicide and Barbossa's sword is removed from Jack's chest. The medallion that Barbossa first uses to attempt to break the curse is only shown coated in blood in the respective scene, and is afterward untainted (in the original, the blood remains throughout the escapade.) Also, Barbossa's monologue with Elizabeth on the Black Pearl is edited to omit the mention of lust and women (however, the replacement, which talks of "pleasurable company" is actually the line as it appears in the original film). Gameplay wise, undead pirates do not catch fire, however, the Grim Reaper Heartless still does. The Rifle Pirates' muskets have been changed to crossbows, even though they still retain the original sound effect of a rifle shot. All of these changes carry over into the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix build of the game. Strangely, the scene where Barbossa takes a drink from his wine bottle is kept in both versions, but this is the reason why the American version of the game is rated E+10 for alcohol use.

Settings and Areas[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Port Royal is divided into three main areas: the actual town of Port Royal, the cursed Isla de Muerta, and the Ship Graveyard. Traveling between locations centers around The Interceptor (インターセプター号 Intāseputā-gō?) and The Black Pearl (ブラックパール号 Burakku Pāru-gō?), and from the Gummi Ship, Sora can only land at the location where the ships are docked. Both ships can be attacked by pirates or monsters en route, but when he needs to escape, Sora can usually retreat inside the ship where enemies will not follow. These areas, the Interceptor's Ship's Hold (船倉 Sen-sō?, lit. "Hold") and The Black Pearl's Captain's Stateroom (船長室 Senchō-shitsu?, lit. "Captain's Cabin"), contain save points to quicken healing.

The wreckage from the Interceptor.

Sora and the gang land on the Rampart (高台 Kōdai?) of Port Royal's fort, which holds several defensive cannons. The town's prison can be seen from here, and the two sets of stairs lead to the rest of the island. Taking the left set of stairs, Sora arrives at the Harbor ( Minato?), where he first encounters the undead pirates. From here, the bridge leads into the main Town ( Machi?) area. Finally, a road leads from the Town to the other set of stairs back at the Rampart.

While fighting Barbossa, Sora and Jack must travel to Isla de Muerta (死の島 Shi no Shima?, lit. "Island of the Dead"), "an island that can not be found, except by those who already know where it is." Sailing the Interceptor, Sora's group first lands at the Rock Face (岸壁 Ganpeki?), an outcropping that leads to the inner caves. From the Cave Mouth (洞窟入口 Dōkutsu Iriguchi?, lit. "Cave Entrance"), Sora accesses the Powder Store (火薬置場 Kayaku Okiba?, lit. "Powder Yard"), where pirates wait in ambush behind explosive gunpowder crates. Sora must detonate these crates to create paths for the precious moonlight. Next is the Moonlight Nook (月明かりの間 Tsukiakari no Ma?, lit. "Chamber of Moonlight"), a small area that serves as a perfect battleground due to the abundance of moonlight, making it easy to defeat pirates. The last area of Isla de Muerta is the Treasure Heap (宝の山 Takara no Yama?, lit. "Treasure Mountain"), a cave where the pirates store all the treasure they have obtained within the years of their curse. In the center of the Treasure Heap is the stone chest containing the 882 cursed gold coins, where Sora and Jack have their final duel with Barbossa.

While tracking Luxord, Sora also gains access to the Ship Graveyard (船の墓場 Fune no Hakaba?), where the sea's currents have carried the wrecks of the many ships sunk in the vicinity of Isla de Muerta, including the Interceptor. Sora begins in The Interceptor's Hold (船倉 Sen-sō?, lit. "Hold"), one of the few remaining pieces of the ship. From here, Sora can go to Seadrift Row (がれきの道 Gareki no Michi?, lit. "Road of Rubble"), a long corridor consisting of the remains of destroyed ships. The last area is Seadrift Keep (がれきの砦 Gareki no Toride?, lit. "Fort of Rubble"), a shipwreck that bears a resemblance to a makeshift fort.

Area Map in Kingdom Hearts II



Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive at Port Royal and notice something different about this world (being that the world and its citizens are based on a live action film, instead of cartoons). They find Pete talking to Captain Barbossa and fight his pirates. However, Sora and co's efforts are proven unsuccessful, as Pete hints that the pirates are vulnerable to the group's magic and moonlight. After defeating the pirates, Sora and company meet William Turner. He tells them that the Governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swann, was kidnapped by Barbossa. After watching them sail away, they meet Jack Sparrow who agrees to join them to rescue Elizabeth. He only agrees so he can hear Will's name and get back his ship, the Black Pearl.

Upon reaching Isla de Muerta, Jack and Will go ahead to save Elizabeth while Sora, Donald, and Goofy stay behind. After a while, Will appears with Elizabeth (but not Jack), fearing for her life, as she gave her name as "Elizabeth Turner". This means she would have the blood of Bootstrap Bill Turner, the one needed to lift the curse. She then tells how she took a cursed medallion from Will as a child so he would not be prosecuted as a pirate. Will reveals he had to attack Jack so he and Elizabeth could escape.

Barbossa and his pirates catch up and attack the Interceptor. Barbossa captures Elizabeth and Will threatens to kill himself and tells Barbossa that it is his blood he needs. Barbossa leaves Sora, Jack, Donald, Goofy, and Elizabeth on the ship, which is rigged to blow up and infested with Heartless, while he takes Will with him and his pirates to free themselves of the curse.

Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Jack clear the bombs and catch up to Barbossa. They end up fighting his pirate minions, while Jack is busy fighting Barbossa himself. Jack is distracted by Sora's yelling and is stabbed by Barbossa but does not die, because he had recently stolen a medallion and become cursed. Barbossa calls for Pete's help, who summons his special Heartless, the Illuminator, which has the power to cause all light to go out.

They defeat the Illuminator and Barbossa, and Pete runs off again. Jack finally defeats Barbossa by shooting him. Barbossa knows he cannot die because he is with the living dead, but Jack throws Will a medallion with his blood on it. Will, who has a medallion with his blood on it also, drops the two medallions in the chest, which causes the curse to be lifted and Barbossa to be mortal. Barbossa then dies from the gunshot wound.

Afterward, everyone heads back to the Black Pearl and Jack's compass glows. Sora uses it to unlock another Gate to two worlds to explore, Agrabah, and Halloween Town.

On the second visit, Sora, Donald, Goofy and Jack discover that the medallion issue is not over. The pirates are back, still under the curse's influence. Elizabeth tells them that Will went to investigate Isla de Muerta and has not returned. Jack says he will not do anything unless he is rewarded for his efforts, which Elizabeth agrees to. While sailing, they find the Interceptor with Will aboard passed out.

He recovers enough to tell them that a man in a black coat and white creatures stole the chest. Then Luxord, an Organization XIII member, invades the ship and uses the Grim Reaper Heartless to attack the crew. They defeat it, but Luxord takes four Cursed Medallions and gives them to four Gambler Nobodies. The Grim Reaper Heartless reappears and blows Sora, Donald, Goofy and Jack onto the Interceptor. Luxord then fires at Interceptor with the Black Pearl's cannons.

When Sora wakes up, he finds that Jack has been cursed and is now undead. After defeating a Gambler Nobody, they receive a Cursed Medallion. They travel around Port Royal and find three more Gambler Nobodies hidden around the Ship Graveyard and Isla de Muerta and steal the medallion each one holds. Once this is done, the trio plus Jack return to Port Royal and return the medallions, but Jack is still cursed. Goofy says that Jack was cursed by the Heartless, not because of the medallions.

To battle the Grim Reaper, Sora has to collect all 882 medallions and return them to the chest before being able to injure the Grim Reaper. After the battle, Luxord commends Sora on his defeat and takes the heart from the Grim Reaper Heartless. Jack is freed from the curse and knows of a way so the medallions will not be able to be used for evil again.

Sora, Donald, Goofy, Jack, Will, and Elizabeth go out to sea to dump the chest. Jack then asks for his reward from Elizabeth and requests for Sora's Keyblade. Jack is unable to keep the Keyblade (as it returns to Sora), but Goofy says he might be able to someday, because Jack and Sora are a lot alike. Jack vows that one day he will form a bloodthirsty crew and steal the Keyblade.

Some time after Xemnas's defeat, Will, Elizabeth, and Jack sail on the Black Pearl. As Jack steers, the moon comes out and Jack glances at his hand, verifying that he is still human.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Main article: The Caribbean






Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

A still shot of Luxord's attack on Port Royal is shown in the game's opening video.

Notes and references[edit]

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