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(ドラゴンブレイズ Doragonbureizu?)
Dragonblaze limit
A Limit Command that unleashes Mulan and Sora's joint attack, Red Rocket. Consumes all of Sora's MP.
Attack Element Power Drive Value Deflect Finishing
Red Rocket Magic Command Fire x1.0 X
Flametongue Attack Command Fire x0.25 O
Heat Lance Magic Command Fire x0.5 O
Red Meteor Magic Command Fire x1.5 O
AP Cost 3 MP Cost All remaining Limit Gauge 5.2
"For China!"
—Mulan, when using Red Meteor

Dragonblaze is a limit that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. Together, Sora and Mulan can use the joint attack, Red Rocket.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Dragonblaze is an action ability exclusive to Mulan. It costs 3 AP to equip and all of Sora's MP to use. The limit begins with Red Rocket (レッドショット Reddo Shotto?, lit. "Red Shot"), causing Mushu to appear and fire a barrage of fireballs. Then, in the Attack slot, Flametongue (フレイムタン Fureimutan?) causes Sora to leap towards enemies surrounding himself in flame, while in the Reaction Command slot, Heat Lance (ヒートランス Hīto Ransu?) causes Mulan to fire a series of fireballs from her hand. After Flametongue or Heat Lance have been used five times, or when the use count of Flametongue substracted by the use count of Heat Lance equals five, the limit's command becomes the finishing move, Red Meteor (レッドメテオ Reddo Meteo?), where Mushu spits a volley of fireballs above for them to land on the ground and impact around the trio, damaging enemies. When the limit is active, Sora can fly freely, moving up and down with the right analog stick. The limit can be cancelled early through the Stop (やめる Yameru?) command in the Limit slot.

Learning Dragonblaze[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Mulan learns Dragonblaze after shedding her "Ping" disguise at the Summit.