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This page contains a list of quotes said by Mulan during the course of Kingdom Hearts II.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Mushu, I'm not sure... I haven't even joined the army yet. I have to take my father's place to preserve the Fa family honor. I just hope I don't get discovered."
    talking to Mushu upon Sora and company arriving at The Land of Dragons.
  • "I'm Mulan. Um, no, I-I mean..."
    trying to introduce herself to Sora and company.
  • "Just... Ping. I am Ping, son of Fa Zhou."
    reintroducing herself to Sora and company.
  • "Mushu's one of my family's guardians."
    talking about Mushu.
  • "You didn't notice?"
    after Goofy figures out that Ping is a girl.
  • "What are they?"
    upon Heartless appearing.
  • "B-but... That would dishonor my family!"
    talking to Li Shang.
  • "It's all right, Sora. I'll find a way to show him what I'm made of. Just give me a chance."
    talking to Li Shang.
  • "Captain, the enemy! Where did they go?"
    after Shang collapses.
  • "It... was nothing."
    after the avalanche.
  • "Thank you, everyone. Sorry I got you in trouble."
    after her identity as a woman is compromised.
  • "Thanks. You're all wonderful friends."
    talking to Sora and company.
  • "He's heading for the Imperial City! We've got to warn Shang!"
    after they see Shan-Yu is still alive.
  • "Shan-Yu is supposed to be a master swordsman, but so are you, Sora. If you can parry his attack, I'm sure you'll have a chance to strike back."
    telling Sora he can parry Shan-Yu's attack.
  • "It ends now!"
    before fighting Shan-Yu.
  • "Goodbye, Sora, Donald, Goofy!"
    after Sora and company leaves.
  • "I'm following him, too!"
    upon meeting her in the second visit to The Land of Dragons.
  • "I knew it! There's a rumor in the Imperial City about a spy in black, lurking in the mountains. I'd been up here tracking him, but when you arrived, I lost him."
    talking about a guy in black.
  • "What was that? Come on, we better get off the mountain."
    after a rumble on the mountain.
  • "Wait!"
    talking to a cloaked figure.
  • "Your Excellency! Shang! Something terrible has happened! We saw a huge monster fly out of the mountains and toward the city!"
    talking to the Emperor.
  • "Shang---guard the Emperor! I'll be fine---with them!"
    talking to Shang.
  • "I'd like Shang...I-I mean...well...The Captain."
    making her request of the emperor.
  • "Could the Captain have a vacation, please?"
    asking the Emperor if Shang could have a vacation.
  • "Thank you, Your Excellency!"
    thanking the Emperor.

Action Quotes[edit]

Mulan / Ping[edit]

  • "Sora!"
    when supporting Sora.
  • "Donald!"
    when supporting Donald.
  • "Goofy!"
    when supporting Goofy.
  • "Here goes!"
    when supporting herself.
  • "Okay!"
    when supporting herself.
  • "Sorry..."
    when knocked out.
  • "I'm back!"
    when revived.


  • "That's great!"
    when supported.
  • "Here I go!"
    when switched into the party.
  • "For China!"
    when starting or finishing Dragonblaze.
  • "Let's do this together!"
    when starting Dragonblaze.
  • "Think I'm in trouble..."
    when falling into low health.


  • "Thanks!"
    when supported.
  • "Not good..."
    when falling into low health.