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Drive Recovery

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Drive Recovery
Drive Recovery KHII.png
"Restores up to one full Drive Gauge. Usable only from the Main Menu.[KH II]
Restores up to three full Drive Gauges. Usable only from the Main Menu.
Japanese ドライブリカバー
Rōmaji Doraibu Rikabā

Translation Drive Recover
Item Rank Buy Sell
Drive Recovery Material Class Icon C KHII.png 20 Munny

The Drive Recovery is an item that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. In Kingdom Hearts II, it replenishes one Drive Gauge outside of combat, while in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, it replenishes three.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Drive Recovery KHII.png Drive Recovery
Requires Amateur Moogle (LV1)
Recovery Recipe
Ingredients Mythril Shard KHII.png Mythril Shard x3
Dark Shard KHII.png Dark Shard x3
Frost Shard KHII.png Frost Shard x1
Lightning Shard KHII.png Lightning Shard x1
Rank C
EXP 16
High Drive Recovery KHII.png High Drive Recovery
Requires Junior Moogle (LV3) Modifier Serenity Shard KHII.png Serenity Shard x 1

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