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Once the player has cleared Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, they can access the Select World screen from any Save Point. From this menu, the player has a variety of options: "Questploration" allows them to explore the world freely, complete Quests, and explore new System Sectors; "Replay Episode" allows them to revisit the story portion of that world and obtain any missing Rare Prize Blox; and "Score Attack" allows them to go straight to the boss stages for each world and win prizes if their score is high enough, which is determined through factors and multipliers like the amount of score prizes obtained, time and remaining HP. While "Replay Episode" is available for all worlds, "Questploration" is not available for Hollow Bastion Part II and Castle Oblivion, and "Score Attack" is not available for Olympus Coliseum.

The player can also view the World Scorecard for each completed world, which lists the Rare Prize Blox and SP Rewards they have claimed, the Quests and System Sectors they have completed, and the highest difficulty, lowest level, and lowest HP they have completed the world with. Additional pages also list the high scores and prizes won for that world's boss stages on each difficulty.

List of boss stage rewards[edit]

Difficulty A B
Beginner Mode Fire Ether Potion
Standard Mode Fire Edge Fire Ether
Proud Mode Heat Dash Fire Edge Fire
Critical Mode Slow Heat Dash Fire Edge
Difficulty A B
Beginner Mode Thunder Aerial Sweep Fire
Standard Mode Thunder Edge Thunder Aerial Sweep
Proud Mode Spark Dash Thunder Edge Thunder
Critical Mode Thundara Spark Dash Thunder Edge
Difficulty A B
Beginner Mode Confuse Cure Blizzard
Standard Mode Sliding Rush Confuse Cure
Proud Mode Blizzara Sliding Rush Confuse
Critical Mode Rising Rush Blizzara Sliding Rush
Difficulty A B
Beginner Mode Air Spiral Rising Strike Hi-Ether
Standard Mode Blizzard Buster Air Spiral Rising Strike
Proud Mode Magnet Blizzard Buster Air Spiral
Critical Mode Magnera Magnet Blizzard Buster
Difficulty A B
Beginner Mode Cura Aero Confuse
Standard Mode Fire Slam Cura Aero
Proud Mode Triple Burst Fire Slam Cura
Critical Mode Thunder Tracer Triple Burst Fire Slam
Difficulty A B
Beginner Mode Triple Firaga Strike Raid Land Crash
Standard Mode Triple Pursuit Triple Firaga Strike Raid
Proud Mode Exo Spark Triple Pursuit Triple Firaga
Critical Mode Zantetsuken Exo Spark Triple Pursuit
Difficulty A B
Beginner Mode Stop Fire Slam Air Spiral
Standard Mode Aero Stop Fire Slam
Proud Mode Cura Aero Stop
Critical Mode Stun Impact Cura Aero
Difficulty A B
Beginner Mode Strike Raid Cura Thunder Slam
Standard Mode Muscle Strike Strike Raid Cura
Proud Mode Firaga Muscle Strike Strike Raid
Critical Mode Eruption Firaga Muscle Strike
Difficulty A B
Beginner Mode Elixir Chain Rave Aerora
Standard Mode Blizzaga Elixir Chain Rave
Proud Mode Triple Firaga Blizzaga Elixir
Critical Mode Gravity Drop Triple Firaga Blizzaga