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MM Miracle

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MM Miracle (MMミラクル MM Mirakuru?) is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. It allows the user to summon Mickey Mouse to stun and deal damage to enemies, while restoring the user's HP and reloading their cards.


In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, MM Miracle is the effect of the King friend card, and MM Miracle Lv2 and MM Miracle Lv3 are Friend Sleights. Higher levels increase the effectiveness and strength of MM Miracle. MM Miracle is only available to Riku.

In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, each level of MM Miracle restores a different amount of HP.

  • MM Miracle: HP Restored = 20% of Max HP
  • MM Miracle Lv2: HP Restored = 50% of Max HP
  • MM Miracle Lv3: HP Restored = 100% of Max HP

Learning MM Miracle[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

  • Riku can use MM Miracle once the Mickey friend card becomes available, after reaching the B11F Entrance Hall.
    • The card combination for MM Miracle Lv2 is:
    The King (card).png + The King (card).png
    • The card combination for MM Miracle Lv3 is:
    The King (card).png + The King (card).png + The King (card).png