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Card Break

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Card breaks are an element of the card-based battle system of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. All cards and sleights have a certain value, and they may be canceled, or "broken", by a card or sleight of equal or greater value. Cards or sleights with a value of zero can be broken by any value if played first, but if played second, they can also break any value, making zero cards an effective way to break sleights with a single card. If breaking an attack with a card or sleight with an equal value, both attacks are canceled. In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, successfully breaking the opponent's cards right after it is used, called a "Rapid Break", will boost Riku's attack strength.

The card break system is applied to an extent in the opening of new rooms in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: the player will need a certain quantity or total value of map cards to "break" open doors. If Sora or Riku presents an amount or value of map cards equal to that which is requested, he can access the next chamber.


In Reverse/Rebirth mode, card breaks are essential for earning Dark Points. Riku gets a certain amount of DP every time he breaks a card; the amount of DP he gets is the value of his card minus the value of the enemy card. When he performs a Rapid Break, he earns 5 extra points.