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King Candy


Japanese ターボ
Rōmaji Tābo
Other names King Candy (キャンディ大王 Kyandi Daiō?)
Homeworld Candy Kingdom
Game Central Station
Origin Wreck-It Ralph
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ

Turbo is a character from Candy Kingdom in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. Originally from another game, he took over Candy Kingdom disguised as King Candy. He originated in the Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph.


Before Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

Turbo was once the star of his own game called TurboTime, but due to the fame and popularity of his game, he became arrogant and conceited. When a new game arrived, he got extremely jealous, desperate to get his popularity back he tried to take over the new game, but in doing so, he caused interference leading to both games crashing for good. His actions resulted in the coining of the phrase "going Turbo".

Unknown to the citizens of Game Central Station, Turbo secretly survived and took over Sugar Rush. Under the alias "King Candy," Turbo hacked the game by removing Vanellope's code, which resulted in her being reduced to a glitch and everyone forgetting about her. Aware that Vanellope was still around, he tried to prevent her from racing, the game's programming would reset if she would win.

While the events occur, King Candy was responsible for putting the Heartless in the game's code. Quest 921: Find Vanellope! Pt. 1

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

When Heartless invade King Candy's world, he believes that Vanellope is responsible and flees to safety with Sour Bill. Quest 918: Wreck the Heartless Pt. 1 During the scuffle, he sees that Vanellope has entered the race and Player defeating the Heartless. After King Candy thanks Player for their efforts, he commands Sour Bill to find Vanellope to stop her from racing, but upon taking his advisor's suggestion, he asks Player if they know her. Hearing of their acquaintance, he feigns concern and requests that Player retrieve her to prevent Vanellope from winning the race. Quest 920: Chocolate Monster Madness

With the Heartless, King Candy found Vanellope, Ralph, and Player in the Kart Factory and chases after them. Quest 930: Heartless Mayhem Pt. 4 After losing sight of them, he hastily orders the Heartless to find Vanellope and destroy her kart, unaware that Player is listening. Quest 932: Vanellope's Hideout

After retrieving Ralph's medal from the machine at the racetrack and locating him, feigning concern again King Candy tells Ralph about Vanellope's condition and hopes he could convince Vanellope from not entering the race. Quest 941: Follow Ralph Pt. 1 Through Sour Bill, Ralph and Player discover King Candy's deception and that Vanellope was the true ruler of Sugar Rush. Quest 947: Chasing Sour Bill Pt. 2 After announcing the race from his zeppelin, King Candy was enraged that Vanellope was in the race and did everything he could to knock her off the track but in do so his true colors were revealed as Turbo admitted to Vanellope that he is responsible for turning her into glitch. Just as he was about to finish her off, he was shock Vanellope mastered her ability and as she made through the tunnel Turbo was stopped by a cy-bug. Quest 966: Pest Control Pt. 4


Turbo is a diminutive man with grey skin and golden eyes, with a normal nose. He wears a white racing suit with red highlights, and has a white helmet with a big, red letter "T" emblazoned on the front.

When disguised as King Candy, he appears as an elderly man who is mostly bald, except for a few strands of grey hair. He has fair skin and a large, round head, thick eyebrows, and a bulbous, pink nose. He wears a white shirt with a red bow tie and a prominent collar, a purple jacket, a golden crown, and golden, checkered pants with red tips on his shoes.



He has the ability to hack and rewrite an arcade game's code.


Turbo first appeared as the main antagonist of the 2012 Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, voiced by Alan Tudyk. He was originally the attention-loving lead character from the fictional racing game TurboTime, but when RoadBlasters came and took the attention away from TurboTime, Turbo became jealous and tried to take over RoadBlasters, resulting in both games being taken away. To regain his popularity, he usurped the racing game Sugar Rush from its princess, Vanellope, hacking the game's code to reduce her into a glitch and disguising himself as King Candy.

In the film, he encounters Wreck-It Ralph after he breaks into the Nightly Roster Race to regain his medal from Vanellope. King Candy orders his guards to throw Ralph out of the game, but Ralph meets with Vanellope and helps her get into the race. When his minions are unable to find the duo, King Candy finds Ralph's medal in the game's code and manipulates him into destroying Vanellope's kart before abducting her. However, Ralph reconciles with Vanellope and frees her. During the race, King Candy discovers that Vanellope has broken free and tries to kill her when she accidentally exposes him as Turbo. She manages to teleport away, and he is eaten by a Cy-Bug, but he merges with the virus. Now believing he can take over any game of his choice the arcade, Turbo engages Ralph in a brief fight before forcing him to watch Vanellope meet her end to the Cy-Bugs, but Ralph breaks free and activates a beacon from Diet-Cola Mountain, which Cy-Bugs are weak to. Though Turbo tries to resist the Cy-Bug's instincts, he ultimately succumbs and perishes.