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Code Break

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Code Break
(コードブレイク Kōdo Bureiku?)
Code Break KH3D.png
Attack Element Power Reaction
Status Guard?
Code Break
Moving Spark None 6.0
Auto Destruct None 6.0
Reload Speed Dream Eater Bonus

Code Break is a technique which appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It allows the user to manipulate the base code within a digital world for a variety of effects.


RS Sprite Code Break KH3D.png

In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Code Break is the Reality Shift in The Grid. Upon activation, a multitude of constantly-shifting letters will appear on the touch screen, which sometimes resolve into certain word fragments of a specific color. The player must use the stylus to select the word fragments which compose the desired subroutine. Once Code Break is activated, a variety of actions can occur depending on the exact subroutine chosen.

In Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, the word fragments have either X, Square, Circle, or Triangle in front of it, requiring the player to press the corresponding button to select the word fragments.

List of actions[edit]

Image Name Effect Fragments
Target: Enemy
Moving Spark (Code Break RS) KH3D.png MOVING SPARK When activated, MOVING SPARK charges the target with energy and gives the player control over its movement. After a short time, or when pressing A/X, the target explodes and damages nearby enemies. MOVING
PRIZE BOX Causes the enemy to drop an Item or Deck Command. PRIZE
Switch Target (Enemy) (Code Break RS) KH3D.png SWITCH TARGET When activated, SWITCH TARGET causes the target to attack its allies instead of the party for 15 seconds. Any circuit lines on the target will turn from CLU's orange to Flynn's white. SWITCH
Target: Turret
Auto Destruct (Code Break RS) KH3D.png AUTO DESTRUCT When activated, AUTO DESTRUCT immediately destroys the turret. If the turret is placed on a destructible wall, the explosion will also take out the wall, opening new paths and preventing the turret from ever respawning. Any enemies within a short distance of the turret will take damage. AUTO
Prize Shot (Code Break RS) KH3D.png PRIZE SHOT When activayed, turrets shoot small HP prizes, munny, or Droplets instead of lasers for 30 seconds. PRIZE
Switch Target (Turret) (Code Break RS) KH3D.png SWITCH TARGET When activated, SWITCH TARGET causes the turret to attack Nightmares instead of the party for 15 seconds. SWITCH
Target: Recognizer
Transport (Code Break RS) KH3D.png TRANSPORT When activated, TRANSPORT causes the target Recognizer to stop firing and become usable for transportation, indicated by its circuit lines changing color from CLU's orange to the white associated with Users. Recognizers will remain commandeered on future visits to The Grid. TR
Target: Switch
Unlock (Code Break RS) KH3D.png UNLOCK When activated, UNLOCK unlocks any doors connected to the lock mechanism by circuit lines, which change color from orange to white. However, the lock must be unlocked on each visit to The Grid. UN
Target: Rinzler
DISC JAMMER When activated, DISC JAMMER prevents Rinzler from attacking with his discs for a short time. During this time, Rinzler is surrounded by a red, pixelated aura. DISC
Target: Commantis
Energy Jammer (Code Break RS) KH3D.png ENERGY JAMMER Energy Jammer is used against the Commantis while it recharges its health. When activated, ENERGY JAMMER stop the Commantis from recharging. This Code Break is mandatory in defeating the Commantis. EN

Learning Code Break[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • Sora and Riku can use Code Break when a Reality Shift is triggered in The Grid.