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Bubble Burst

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The bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS as it appears during Bubble Burst.

Bubble Burst (ポッピングバブル Poppingu Baburu?, lit. "Popping Bubble") is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It allows the user to encase enemies in bubbles. Bubble Burst is the Reality Shift of Prankster's Paradise.


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In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, the player must use the stylus to blow bubbles at the targeted enemy. If successful, the target is encased in a bubble. The player can use the left analog stick to move the bubble around, trapping any enemies in the bubble's way, before pressing A to burst the bubble, or B to perform a Superjump.

In Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, activating the Reality Shift instantly encases the targeted enemy in a bubble. To adjust for the PlayStation 4's control scheme, bursting the bubble requires pressing X (Circle in the Japanese release), and jumping requires pressing Circle (X in the Japanese release).

Learning Bubble Burst[edit]

  • Sora and Riku can use Bubble Burst when a Reality Shift is triggered in Prankster's Paradise.