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This page contains a list of quotes said by Luxu during the course of Kingdom Hearts χ, Kingdom Hearts Union χ, and Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover[edit]

  • "Huh."
    when the Master of Masters calls him number seven.
  • "No... Uh, um..."
    when the Master wonders if he himself does not count.
  • "The Gazing Eye?"
    wondering the name of the Keyblade given to him by the Master.
  • "Oh, what then?"
    when the Master denies that it is the name of the Keyblade.
  • "No Name..."
    proceeding to call the Keyblade as such when the Master says it has no name.
  • "Ew!"
    showing disgust that the No Name has the Master's eye in it.
  • "N-no!"
    when the Master asks if he thinks it is gross.
  • "So the Book of Prophecies..."
    when he figures out that the book exists because of his role.
  • "But I haven't done anything yet..."
    the Master congratulating him on his future success.
  • "Do I really have to go alone? What about the others?"
    worrying about his role and the others.
  • "What's in it?"
    asking about the contents of the box given to him.
  • "Great, now I really wanna know."
    when the Master insists that it is a secret and that he cannot open the box.
  • "I promise."
    when Master agrees to indulge him on the promise that he keeps it as a secret and not to open the box.
  • "But why?"
    surprised and confused on the contents of the box.
  • "May my heart be my guiding key."
    departing on his journey to fulfill his role.

Kingdom Hearts χ/Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

  • "Oh, it's you."
    approached by Ava.
  • "Watching. That's my role."
    when Ava asks what he has been doing.
  • "Watch. He asked me to watch."
    when Ava asks what the Master told him to do.
  • "I wasn't given a copy of the Book like the five of you. Instead, I need to make my way to the future as written in that book. I'll witness the end of this world and go on to the next. You're searching for a way to avoid the war, right? That's why you were looking for me, hoping I could lead you to the Master. Sorry, but I can't help you. This world is meant to end."
    explaining to Ava.
  • "What's written on the Lost Page...the page none of you have in your Books. The page on which the Master's intentions are inscribed."
    explaining the Lost Page.
  • "My role is to carry the secret with me. And to do that, events need to play out just as they're written on that page. The Master isn't interested in this world and what's to come. He's observing, doing what it takes for me to fulfill my role."
    on the Master's intentions.
  • "You asked for the truth, so there it is. Now that you know who the traitor is, can you accept it?"
    after telling Ava who the traitor is.
  • "Then follow your fate and fight. If there's another solution, it'll become apparent after the war is over. Has it occurred to you that maybe the Master wasn't so concerned about the world's future...but how we, his disciples, would let our hearts guide us?"
    when Ava is skeptical that it is the truth.