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Dark (element)

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Dark (ダーク Dāku?) is a recurring element that appears in the Kingdom Hearts series. It is generally opposed to Light. The Dark element is associated with the Dark material and, in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the Blind status.

Attacks and abilities[edit]

Dark-type abilities are rarely available to party members, although enemies frequently use Dark attacks. Terra and Riku have exclusive access to a number of Dark-type abilities, as does Sora's AntiForm.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Ability Type Character Description
Side Spin Action ability AntiForm Ground combo move. Pressing Square during a combo on the ground, Sora blazes in a circle around the enemy, slashing with claws and dark magic.
Wild Dance Action ability AntiForm Ground combo finishing move. Sora moves around the enemy and scratches repeatedly, finishing with a diving attack.
Air Wild Dance Action ability AntiForm Air combo finishing move. Sora scratches an enemy and finishes with a diving attack.
Midair Doom Action ability AntiForm Air combo finishing move. Sora launches a blast of dark magic below him, hitting all enemies around.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Ability Type Character Description
Dark Haze Attack Command Terra Cloak yourself in darkness, then charge at faraway enemies. The attack has a chance of dooming them, leaving them five seconds to live.
Chaos Blade Attack Command Terra Press the Triangle button at the right times to perform a series of charging attacks that blind or bind some foes.
Dark Firaga Magic Command Terra Launch a ball of dark fire that blinds some targets.
Wrath of Darkness [KH BbS FM] Magic Command Terra, Ventus, Aqua Fire a single orb of darkness at an opponent.
Dark Volley Shotlock Terra Launch dark projectiles at targets. Has a high lock-on count.
Dark Link Shotlock Ventus
Dark Cannon Shotlock Vanitas, Vanitas Remnant
Dark Impulse Command Style Terra
Dark Screen Status Ability Terra, Ventus, Aqua Increases your resistance to darkness-based attacks. Multi-install the ability to bump it up even further.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Ability Type Description
Dark Break Attack Command Leap above enemies and rocket toward them three times, generating shockwaves on the final impact.
Dark Aura Attack Command Multi-rush the enemy, then drive your Keyblade into the ground to make a shockwave.
Dark Splicer Attack Command Stop an enemy in its tracks, then warp around as you pummel it.
Shadowbreaker Attack Command Assail enemies with two spin attacks in a row; one of darkness, then one of light.
Dark Firaga Magic Command Launch a ball of dark fire toward enemies that splits apart and ignites some foes.
Counter Aura Reprisal Command Press A right after a successful block to blow away nearby enemies with a dark aura
Payback Blast Reprisal Command Press Y after an attack knocks you into the air to retort with a dark projectile.
Vacuum Ghost Link Attack Have your Spirit slurp up surrounding enemies, deal damage, and then spit them back out. Use Circle Pad to move your Spirit.
Darkest Fears Link Style Grow dark claws and terrorize foes.
Dark Screen Stat Ability Increases your resistance to dark attacks. Multi-install the ability to bump it up even further.

Dream Eater skills[edit]

Ability Type Dream Eaters
Bat Tackle Dream Eater attack Komory Bat
Vampire Strike Dream Eater attack Komory Bat
Miasmic Maul Dream Eater attack Toximander
Poison Tongue Dream Eater attack Toximander
Triplet Spin Dream Eater attack Necho Cat, Frootz Cat
Musical Storm Dream Eater attack Necho Cat, Frootz Cat
Bon Appetit Dream Eater attack Ghostabocky
Fork Jab Dream Eater attack Ghostabocky
Knife Slice Dream Eater attack Ghostabocky
Chomp Dream Eater attack Ghostabocky
Tongue Tie Dream Eater attack Ghostabocky, Jestabocky
Slurp 'n' Burp Dream Eater attack Ghostabocky
Go Go Ghostling Dream Eater attack Ghostabocky, Jestabocky
Propeller Strike Dream Eater attack Woeflower
Force of July Dream Eater attack Woeflower
Poison Whip Dream Eater attack Woeflower
Toxic Doomdelion Dream Eater attack Woeflower
Mousetrap Dream Eater attack Woeflower
Degen Sun Dream Eater attack Woeflower
Chomparound Dream Eater attack Jestabocky
Pirouette Dream Eater attack Jestabocky
Chomp Dream Eater attack Jestabocky
Dark Waves Dream Eater magic Komory Bat
Confusing Waves Dream Eater magic Komory Bat
Poison mine Dream Eater magic Toximander
Confusion Gas Dream Eater magic Toximander
Dozer Mine Dream Eater magic Necho Cat, Frootz Cat
Dark Firaga Dream Eater magic Chef Kyroo, Peepsta Hoo, Keeba Tiger, Majik Lapin

Dark Resistance[edit]

Dark Resistance is a recurring stat in the Kingdom Hearts series. Increasing it through various means will reduce the amount of damage taken from Dark attacks. In most games in the series, Dark Resistance can be raised by equipping accessories or, in Kingdom Hearts II, armor. Dark Resistance is raised in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance by equipping the Dark Screen ability (see above).

Accessories and armor[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Name Dark Resistance
Chaos Ring +20%
Dark Ring +20%
Raven's Claw +20%
Heartguard +20%
Inferno Band +20%
Ribbon +20%

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix[edit]

Name Dark Resistance
Obsidian Ring +20%

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Name Dark Resistance
Shadow Anklet +20%
Dark Anklet +20%
Midnight Anklet +20%
Chaos Anklet +25%
Gaia Belt +20%
Petit Ribbon +10%
Ribbon +20%
+15%[KH II FM]

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix[edit]

Name Dark Resistance
Grand Ribbon +25%

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Dream Eaters have a natural resistance or weakness to Dark, and Spirits will gain a boost in Dark Resistance if certain Deck Commands are added to their recipes, as detailed below:

Command Dark Resistance
Dark Break +10
Dark Aura +10
Dark Splicer +10
Shadowbreaker +20
Dark Firaga +20
Dark Roll +20
Dark Barrier +30


Darkness attacks are used by the majority of Sora's enemies.

Enemies that use the Dark element[edit]


Nightmare Dream Eaters

Enemies that absorb/are immune to Dark[edit]


Enemies that are weak against Dark[edit]

Nightmare Dream Eaters

Themes and other appearances[edit]

Main articles: Dark and Blind

Darkness is a major component in the Kingdom Hearts universe and lore, and it is incorporated into the design or conceptualization of several recurring elements in the series.

The Dark synthesis materials are said to contain the essence of darkness.

The Darkness-G Wing Gummi is designed as a demonic wing.

The accessories and armor that protect specifically against Dark damage are named after darkness-related terms. Certain weapons and accessories are associated with darkness. The Oblivion Keyblade is associated with Riku, who is in turn associated with darkness, and its design incorporates the kanji for darkness (闇). Roxas also wields a number of Keyblades named after terms of darkness, including Glimpse of Darkness and Darker than Dark.

Riku's Soul Eater represents the darkness he wields, which is also incorporated into the design of the Way to the Dawn. The demonic eye that appears in their designs is incorporated into a number of other Keyblades, including No Name, which has an overall demonic appearance representing his darkness, Young Xehanort's Keyblade, the Void Gear, Terra's Chaos Ripper, and the End of Pain, which is designed as a counterpart to No Name. Terra also wields the Darkgnaw, which has a dark design.


Dark is a recurring element in the Final Fantasy series. It is the opposing element of Holy. While Dark-element spells appear rarely in the series, there are a number of abilities and weapons that inflict Dark damage.