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Lingering Will

Lingering Will KHIIFM.png

Japanese 留まりし思念
Rōmaji Tomarishi Shinen

Type Construct
Game Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
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KHII tracks
Battle theme - Rage Awakened
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
Keyblade Graveyard 3400[1] 86 51 0
Physical Fire Blizzard
×1.0 ×0.5 ×0.5
Thunder Dark Neutral
×0.5 ×0.5 ×1.0

Sora: Drive gauge +1
Donald: Max HP +3
Goofy: Max HP +4

Second and after
Manifest Illusion (100%)

If a blue seal core is…
…damaged: HP prize (1) ×1
…destroyed: HP prize (5) ×10

If an orange seal core is…
…damaged: MP prize (1) ×2
…destroyed: MP prize (3) ×10
Keyblade Graveyard

The Lingering Will is an unlockable secret boss featured in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It can be fought after unlocking The Gathering, then returning to Disney Castle's Hall of the Cornerstone, where a portal to the Keyblade Graveyard has appeared. Defeating the Lingering Will grants the Proof of Connection, and the Lingering Will can be fought again by leaving the Keyblade Graveyard and returning.


Sora should have High Jump, Dodge Roll, Aerial Dodge, and Glide all at Level 3, as well as some support abilities such as Once More, and Second Chance. He should pack as many Ethers as he can, and have at least one Combo Plus. Sora should also have Decisive Pumpkin equipped for its Combo Boost.

The Lingering Will has a very high forced retaliation point/Revenge Value, meaning that it is especially vulnerable to multiple combo attacks. Therefore, the player should equip Combo Boost, Air Combo Boost, and Combo Pluses. However, the player should be careful to back off before dealing a fifth normal combo finisher in a row, as the Lingering Will counterattacks quite harshly at this point. The combo portion of Ars Arcanum, without the Reaction Command finisher, is also quite useful for racking up damage without triggering any forced-retaliations. The safest and most effective setup would be for Sora to have his two Combo Pluses equipped, along with Guard Break and Explosion. This allows him to fit exactly three Guard Break finishers and one Explosion finisher before the Will forcefully retaliates.

It mainly attacks by Formchanging its Keyblade into multiple forms to assault Sora. The Lingering Will's most basic attack is when it leaps in the air, and dashes at Sora three times. The timing of the dashes are easy to predict, so avoid being hit by Dodge Rolling or Guarding. Anticipate where its third dash will end, and attack during its third dash. The Lingering Will can sprint towards Sora and perform a three-hit combo, Formchanging its Keyblade into a drill and thrusting it at Sora for the finisher. It isn't easy to predict when the Lingering Will is going to actually use this move after running, but Sora can easily defend himself using Guard, or Reflega. If Guard is used to block the attack, Sora must wait before attacking. If Sora starts the attack right after guarding, the Lingering Will's drill will take most of his health, and he will be knocked far away from the Lingering Will. The Lingering Will can Formchange its Keyblade into a whip and swing it around itself, dealing massive damage. Unfortunately, when it is going to use this attack is unpredictable, but it tends to use this move after dashing though Sora three times, or when receiving massive damage. Sora can defend himself with Guard or Reflega, but it is a lot better to just run away and quickly get close to the Lingering Will as soon as it is landing and attack it with a new combo. However, if Sora does get hit, do not try to resist with Aerial Recovery or Retaliating Slash. Being hit by this attack will more often than not leave Sora with only 1 HP left, if Once More (and preferably Second Chance) is equipped, so don't try to use Aerial Recovery of Retaliating Slash, or Sora will fall. To get out of the attack and save HP, activating a Drive Form, or using Trinity Limit with Donald Duck and Goofy are the only ways for getting some invulnerability.

The Lingering Will can Formchange its Keyblade into a cannon similar to the one used in Terra's Ultima Cannon from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and fire a giant sphere of energy that can home in on Sora. The explosion is huge, but Sora can deflect the sphere back at the Lingering Will by guarding, hitting it, or casting Reflega. If it is charging the cannon and Sora is too far away, then Dodge Roll, or Quick Run against it to nullify the explosion. If you are close enough to the cannon and guard against it, it will launch the Will leaving it vulnerable. The Lingering Will can Formchange its Keyblade into a bow-like weapon and shoots three deadly projectiles trying to catch Sora, but keep in mind that it shoots up five when low on HP. If any of the projectiles hits Sora, his health begins to drain and the command bar changes in a manner reminiscent of Xemnas's curse from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, only showing Release and Fall. To break free of the curse, simply press Release; if Fall is pressed, Sora's health drops considerably. The projectiles can be evaded with the right timing of Dodge Roll, or Reflega, and when it turns its Keyblade back to normal form, that is the time to attack. However, if the Lingering Will's projectile hits Sora, the best way to break free from the curse is to glide away while waiting for the "Release" command. Due to the timing of Dodge Roll, equipping Quick Run might be counterproductive in case one uses it by mistake.

The Lingering Will can also Formchange its Keyblade into Terra's Keyblade Glider and move around the map extremely fast. Using Guard is the best way to defend, and if Sora is in Final Form just Glide, as his Keyblades will protect him. Sora can attack when the Lingering Will lands, though it's hard to predict when and where. In addition to its Keyblade, the Lingering Will has some magical abilities as well, such as creating an strange looking seal that either creates a blue or orange orb above Sora's head. The orange orb prevents Sora from attacking, while the blue orb prevents Sora from using Magic or Items. To break free from the curse, Sora needs to deplete a new, smaller HP bar. If a blue orb in seen, attack to deplete the bar, if an orange orb is seen, use Magic, Valor Form's abilities, or Limits in Limit Form. Either way, Drive Forms are still usable. Sora can evade this move by using Dodge Roll, Quick Run, or Reflega if timed right. It is unexpected when the Lingering Will is going to use this move, but when if it teleports suddenly behind Sora, then be prepared. Another clue for Sora to dodge this attack is when the Lingering Will begins flying at high speeds and repeatedly landing right behind Sora.

The Lingering Will can conjure drone-like objects which fire beams of plasma at Sora, Donald, and Goofy. When it is low on health (usually six or seven bars left), it automatically launches them and disappears from Sora's sight for a few seconds, signifying the beginning of the second phase. Sora can react to this attack using Guard, Reflega, or simply gliding away. Sometimes though, even when the Lingering Will is full on HP, it can combine its other moves especially its Keyblade Glider attack, with the drones. This can make the battle more difficult as not even a correctly-timed Guard or Reflega can always protect Sora from several angles, although with some luck Sora may be able to deflect against the Lingering Will itself. They can be destroyed with Aerial Dodge but it's not worth it, but they can be destroyed if they run into a rock spire.

When the Lingering Will uses its desperation move, it enters a berserk state similar to Terra's Ars Solum. Its arm gauntlets and helmet will emit a bright red aura, and it then splits its Keyblade into two weapons. The first part of the attack is quite easy. Sora can either use Guard or Glide and no particular time is needed for blocking. In the second phase of the attack, Sora cannot physically block anything. Just Glide away, and land as soon the Lingering Will prepares the third and final phase of the attack. The third part is probably the most difficult move to block/evade in the entire battle. It is all about having perfect timing with Guard, Dodge Roll, and Quick Run. The Lingering Will starts by swinging its Keyblade in midair. Then the Will disappears, and reappears behind Sora and utilizes several teleporting dashes similar to Terra's Chaos Blade. To defend Sora from this attack, lock-on to the Will and Guard. Keep guarding until it uses the move similar to Thunder Surge and lands. The Will is then left vulnerable. Just like every other move, however, there are various ways to evade this one as well. If Sora happens to get hit, make sure to use Aerial Recovery at the right time to nullify its last spinning move. This way, Sora can still quickly reach the Lingering Will and start a new combo.

Thundaga is best for distracting the Will if Sora is too far away, giving him the time to reach it. A very useful trick is gliding and reaching a specific point on the edge of the map. This way, the Will is forced to always teleport in front of Sora, making it easier to block all of its attacks. In the second phase of the battle, while low on HP, the Lingering Will also makes use of Magic. There is a low chance that it may cast Magnega, that will put Sora into its path, and Blizzaga, both in some lethal combinations.

In the first phase of the battle, the Will usually executes its abilities in a predictable pattern, which corresponds to the first attack it used at the beginning of the battle. Remember to keep track of the Lingering Will's forced retaliation point to prevent being attacked unawares. In this phase, deflecting the Will's Ultima Cannon back at it will also count as a finisher that can fill up its hidden value towards the said point. When it is left with six or seven HP bars, however, it will use its desperation move for the first time, marking the end of the first phase.

During the final phase, the Lingering Will's AI can be exploited by always stopping Sora's combos just short enough, causing it to repeatedly retaliate-normally with its desperation attack in a predictable manner when manipulating its revenge value. Otherwise, the Lingering Will will instead generally retaliate with its devastating triple dash attack and whip attack in sequence if the forced-point is reached, often choosing randomly between which of the two to start with; even then the player can watch out for those in order to punish it accordingly regardless.

Technique Element Status Power Guard?
Drill Attack (ドリル攻撃 Doriru Kōgeki?) (Weapon) Physical x1.0

(Gear) Physical x0.5
(Finish) Physical x1.0
The Lingering Will performs a three-hit combo, the finisher consisting of the Lingering Will Formchanging its Keyblade into a drill, and thrusting forward.
Can be blocked with Guard or Reflega. May be used three times in a row when below half HP.
Cannon Gun (キャノン砲 Kyanon-hō?) (Weapon) Physical x0.5

(Light Bullet) Physical x5.0 O
(Explosion) Physical x3.0 X
The Lingering Will Formchanges its Keyblade into a cannon and fires a giant sphere of energy that homes in on Sora and causes a powerful explosion upon impact.
The projectile can be deflected back at the Lingering Will by Guarding, hitting it, or casting Reflega. Resembles Ultima Cannon.
Rush Attack (突進攻撃 Tosshin Kōgeki?) Physical x1.5
The Lingering Will leaps in the air, and performs three dashing attacks.
Can be dodged or blocked.
Wave Rider (ウェイブライダー Weiburaidā?) (Transformation) Physical x0.5

(Rush Start) Physical x1.5
(Rushing) Physical x0.5/x1.0
(Gravitational Field) Physical x1.0
(Ice Shot) Blizzard x0.5
The Lingering Will Formchanges its Keyblade into a Keyblade Glider and dashes across the field. At low health, it can draw Sora in with a gravitational field resembling Magnega or shoot icicles similar to Blizzaga.
Can be dodged or blocked.
Whip Attack (ムチ攻撃 Muchi Kōgeki?) Physical x1.0/x0.5
The Lingering Will Formchanges its Keyblade into a whip, and swings it around itself.
Can be blocked. Used either to signal a phase change, or as a counterattack.
Command Seal Attack (コマンド封印攻撃 Komando Fūin Kōgeki?) Physical Command Seal x1.0 X
The Lingering Will casts one of two seals; an orange seal, which disables Sora's attacks, or a blue seal, which disables Sora's Magic and Items.
Can be dodged. When sealed, deplete the Lingering Will's smaller HP bar to regain commands.
Command Change Attack (コマンド変化攻撃 Komando Henka Kōgeki?) (Light Arrow) Physical Command Change x1.0 X

(Gravitational Field) Physical x1.0 X
The Lingering Will Formchanges its Keyblade into a bow and fires three light arrows. When hit by an arrow, Sora's commands change to Release and Fall. Pressing Fall damages Sora, while pressing Release restores his commands. During Command Change, Sora takes 1 damage every 0.67 seconds. At low health, it shoots up to five arrows, and can create a gravitational field.
Can be dodged or blocked.
Bit (ビット Bitto?) Physical x0.25 O
The Lingering Will summons several Bits, which shoot light projectiles at Sora.
Can be dodged or blocked, the bits can be destroyed with an Aerial Dodge. Always used before Super Wild Dance. This attack can also be combined with others such as Wave Rider or Rush Attack.
Super Wild Dance (超乱舞 Chō Ranbu?) (Starting Light) Physical x0.5

(Weapon & Rush) Physical x1.0
(Gear) Physical x0.25, Finish: x1.0
(Shock wave) Physical x0.5
(Rotating Swing) Physical x8.0
The Lingering Will enters a berserk state, and uses several powerful combos in a row. Proceeds to rush at Sora and wildly swings its Keyblade multiple times, then it creates spinning gear around itself. Lastly, it warps at Sora's location and rushes through him multiple times, swings its Keyblade around several more times, and finishes with a final rush attack.
Can be dodged or blocked. Used below half HP.
Guard/Block: △ = Can be blocked; O = Can be blocked and interrupted (melee) or deflected back (projectile); X = Cannot be blocked.


Lingering Will – Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ The seal cores have 91 HP each.