Lump of Horror

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Lump of Horror

Lump of Horror KHIII.png

Katakana ジェル・オブ・ホラー Unversedlogo.png
Rōmaji Jeru obu Horā
Japanese Gel of Horror

Type Unversed
Game Kingdom Hearts III
Lump of Horror

Kingdom Hearts III
A hideous, gloopy giant that mucked about in Monsters, Incorporated. The fact that it listened to Randall is enough to tell you it wasn't very nice.

It shape-shifted and sprouted a dark army of arms from the ground, but in the end Sora and the gang reduced it to a lifeless pile of machinery.

The Lump of Horror is an Unversed that is found in Kingdom Hearts III. It is the final boss of Monstropolis.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

The Lump of Horror serves as the trump card for Randall and Vanitas for dealing with anyone trying to interfere with their plan.

The Unversed is kept inside a coffin-like box along with several canisters of scream energy. When Randall attempts to awaken it, he fails. However, Vanitas later appears following the heroes' departure and brings the Unversed to life, much to Randall's joy. He sends it to the door storage, where it hides in its inert state.

When Sora, Donald, Goofy, Mike Wazowski, Sulley and Boo arrive, Randall awakens the Lump of Horror to dispose of them and harvest Boo's screams. However, the Unversed is destroyed and Randall re-banished.


True to its name, the Lump of Horror is a goopy dark mass of negative emotions (primarily screams). It has a sad Unversed face at the bottom of its body. On top is the seal of the container, which is a blue sphere bearing the Unversed logo. To its sides and back are several canisters of screams, which give it power.

It takes a more slim, defined shape when it spreads its body over the area. It head now looms on top of a thin body, with wings to the side. The Unversed Logo now right above its eyes. This new form gives the Lump of Horror a more jack-o-lantern appearance.



  • The Lump of Horror slides across them room, tackling the party with its body. Its will do this three times in quick succession.
  • The Lump of Horror spits out a cluster of fireballs from its mouth, from three to seven fireballs.
  • The Lump of Horror emits steam from the scream canisters on its body, inflicting the thundercloud status aliment if it hits.
  • The Lump of Horror sinks its arms into the floor, summoning six arms that will toss fireballs.
  • In its winged form, the Lump of Horror will constantly flap its wings, creating a harmless gust of wind that will push the party back.

The Lump of Horror is regarded as one of the more difficult bosses of the game. The Unversed boasts high defense and has an arsenal of damaging attacks. Its most often used attack is a sliding tackle which it can perform three times in quick succession. It will also spit out a cluster of fireballs from its mouth. Another attack has the Unversed sink its arms into the floor, summoning six arms that will toss fireballs at the party. The arms have little HP and can be destroyed for HP orbs. Keep a safe distance when the Unversed emits steam from the scream canisters on its body. Getting hit will inflict the thundercloud status aliment on party members.

The boss can do major damage from tackles, often taking a chunk of Sora's HP with it. It's best to stay at a distance and use Fire, Water, Blizzard and Thunder magic as they can home in on the Lump of Horror using Scan. Aero is not recommended, as it only hits once in a single location. To ensure maximum damage, equip the Water and/or Fire cufflinks to gain access to the powerful -za level spells. The Mirage Staff, Double Arrowguns, and Hubby Spout Formchanges are vital choices for those who wish to fight at a distance.

Once the Lump of Horror has taken enough damage, it will change into a larger, winged form and darken the area. The core body will be more exposed, but the area becomes more dangerous due to numerous arms spreading out. Though they do less damage that the Lump of Horror's tackles, they hit almost consecutively. In this form, the Lump of Horror attacks with a harmless gust of wind that pushes the party back. Run and dodge, while sticking to the early method of long-distance magic. Though if Sora has a good stock of Potions and Ethers to restore MP for Cure, he can also charge straight at the Unversed for physical attacks. Though it will eventually revert to its normal form after enough time passes, it can be forced to revert to its normal form by preforming the Goofy Bombardier Team Attack while locked onto it.

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