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Stun (element)

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This article is about the element.
You may be looking for the status effect.

Stun (気絶攻撃 Kizetsu Kōgeki?, lit. "Stun Attack") is an element that appears in Kingdom Hearts. It deals damage and stuns opponents.

In later games, stun has become a status effect, rather than an element.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Attacks and abilities[edit]

Party members[edit]

Attack Type Description
Stun Impact[KH I FM] Combat Ability Has a 30% chance of unleashing a finishing combo attack that renders surrounding enemies unconscious.
Charge Combat Ability Charge and knock out an enemy with shield. [Special attack. Cost: 1 MP.]
Asp's Bite Combat Ability Knock out an enemy with a powerful blow. [Special attack. Cost: 1 MP.]
Furious Bellow Combat Ability Knock out surrounding enemies with a raging bellow. [Special attack. Cost: 1 MP.]
Sonic Blade: Sonic
Sonic Blade: Rave
Sonic Blade: Blast
Special Ability Slash an enemy while rushing past. Select followup attack at right time for a combo. [Mid-range attack. Cost: 2 MP.]
Proud Roar: Charge level 3
Proud Roar: Charge level 4
Summon Ability
Showtime: Stun Shot Summon Ability
Object Throw Other Hit enemies with pots, barrels, wooden crates, or pumpkins. Deals 1 damage when hitting a party member.


Enemy Attack Description
Barrel Spider Explosion (爆発
Trembles and self-destructs. May also run and self-destruct.

Weakness and Resistance[edit]

Party members[edit]

As enemies do not use Stun attacks, there is no need to raise Stun resistance.


Most bosses have resistance to Stun attacks.
Enemy Resistance
Behemoth x0.50
Destroyed Behemoth[KH I FM] x0.50
Arch Behemoth[KH I FM] x0.50
Black Fungus Deals 1 damage
Rare Truffle Deals 2 damage
Darkside x0.50
Leon x0.50
Guard Armor x0.50
Red Armor[KH I FM] x0.50
Opposite Armor x0.50
Trickmaster x0.50
Cloud x0.50
Cerberus x0.50
Yuffie x0.50
Hercules x0.50
Hades x0.50
Rock Titan x0.50
Sabor x0.50
Clayton x0.50
Stealth Sneak x0.50
Sneak Army[KH I FM] x0.50
Pot Centipede x0.50
Cave of Wonders Guardian x0.50
Jafar x0.50
Jafar (Genie) x0.50
Parasite Cage x0.50
The Shark x0.50
Ursula (First battle) x0.50
Ursula (Second battle) x0.50
Lock, Shock, and Barrel x0.50
Oogie Boogie x0.50
Oogie's Manor x1.00[KH I]
x0.50[KH I FM]
Shadow Sora x0.50
AntiSora x0.50
Captain Hook x0.25
Riku x0.50
Maleficent x0.50[2]
Maleficent (Dragon) x0.50
Chernabog x0.50
Ansem, Seeker of Darkness x0.50
World of Chaos x0.50
Face x0.50
Gigas Shadow[KH I FM] x0.50
Stealth Soldier[KH I FM] x0.50
Sniperwild[KH I FM] x0.50
Pot Scorpion[KH I FM] x0.50
Neoshadow[KH I FM] x0.50
Jet Balloon[KH I FM] x0.25
Ice Titan x0.50
Sephiroth x0.50
Kurt Zisa x0.50
Unknown[KH I FM] x0.50
Enemy Resistance
Phantom x0[KH I]
x1.0[KH I FM]
Black Ballade[KH I FM] x0
Grand Ghost[KH I FM] x0
Missile Diver[KH I FM] x0
Pink Agaricus[KH I FM] x0[3]

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Inflicts Stun-elemental damage when hitting other Heartless.
  2. ^ x1.00 for the platform.
  3. ^ Deals 2 damage while under the effect of Stop.