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Petite Ribbon

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Kingdom Hearts II
Petite Ribbon
Petite Ribbon
"Slightly increases all resistances and extremely increases defense."
Katakana プチリボン
Rōmaji Puchi Ribon
Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark
+10% +10% +10% +10%
Shop Buy Sell
Item Synthesis
Kingdom Hearts III
Petite Ribbon
Petite Ribbon
"Grants a small boost in Defense and all resistances."
Fire Blizzard Thunder
+20% +20% +20%
Water Aero Dark
+20% +20% +20%
Shop Buy Sell
Chest at the Main Floor: 2F; Item synthesis

The Petite Ribbon, also translated as the Petit Ribbon, is a type of armor introduced in Kingdom Hearts II.


The Petite Ribbon is a thick, red ribbon with three very small, silver diamonds decorating each of its ends.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Petite Ribbon KHII.png Petite Ribbon
Requires Amateur Moogle (LV1)
Style Recipe
Ingredients Mythril Crystal KHII.png Mythril Crystal x3[KH II]/2[KH II FM]
Orichalcum KHII.png Orichalcum x1
Dense Stone KHII.png Dense Stone x1
Dense Shard KHII.png Dense Shard x1
Rank A
EXP 24
Ribbon KHII.png Ribbon
Requires Junior Moogle (LV3) Modifier Serenity Gem KHII.png Serenity Gem x 1

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Petite Ribbon KHII.png Petite Ribbon
Requires Complete Photo Mission #20.
Ingredients Orichalcum KHII.png Orichalcum x2
Sinister Crystal KHIII.png Sinister Crystal x1
Dense Crystal KHII.png Betwixt Crystal x1
Serenity Crystal KHII.png Hungry Crystal x1
Serenity Shard KHII.png Hungry Shard x3

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