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Percentage (element)

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Percentage (割合攻撃 Wariai Kōgeki?, lit. "Percentage Attack") is an element that appears in Kingdom Hearts. It deals percentage damage relative to the target's current HP. While Gravity magic is the most prominent, the element is also used for attacks that are meant to be extremely powerful.

Although other games sometimes have attacks that deal damage relative to a target's HP, they no longer have Percentage as an element.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Attacks and abilities[edit]

Party members[edit]

Attack Type Description
Gravity Break[KH I FM] Combat Ability Has a 30% chance of unleashing a gravity-based finishing combo attack that deals damage equal to a % of the target's HP.
Zantetsuken[KH I FM] Combat Ability Has a 30% chance of unleashing a finishing combo attack that can destroy a weaker enemy.
Ghostly Scream Combat Ability Summon dark spheres to crush enemies. [Special attack. Cost: 1 MP.]
Gravity Magic Wrings a percentage of HP from the target.
Effective against enemies with lots of HP.
Consumes 1 MP.
Gravira Magic Wrings a percentage of HP from the target.
Wider area of effect than Gravity.
Consumes 1 MP.
Graviga Magic Wrings a percentage of HP from the target.
Wider area of effect than Gravira.
Consumes 1 MP.
Trinity Limit Special Ability Channel the party's remaining MP to crush surrounding foes. Minimum 3 MP. [With companions nearby. Cost: All MP.]
Proud Roar: Charge level 5 Summon Ability
Showtime: Gravity Summon Ability


Enemies do not use any Percentage attacks.

Weakness and Resistance[edit]

Party members[edit]

As enemies do not use Percentage attacks, there is no need to raise Percentage resistance.


Most bosses have resistance to Percentage attacks. Most enemies gain Percentage resistance after rescuing Kairi.
Enemy Resistance
Before rescuing Kairi After rescuing Kairi
Shadow x1.00 x0.80[1]
Soldier x1.00 x0.80[1]
Large Body x1.00 x0.80[1]
Red Nocturne x1.00 x0.80[1]
Blue Rhapsody x1.00 x0.80[1]
Yellow Opera x1.00 x0.80[1]
Green Requiem x1.00 x0.80[1]
Powerwild x1.00 x0.80[1]
Bouncywild x1.00 x0.80[1]
Air Soldier x1.00 x1.00[KH I]
x0.80[KH I FM]
Bandit x1.00 x0.80[1]
Fat Bandit x1.00 x0.80[1]
Pot Spider x1.00 x0.80[1]
Barrel Spider x1.00 x0.80[1]
Search Ghost x1.00 x0.80[1]
Sea Neon x1.00 x0.80[1]
Sheltering Zone x1.00 x0.80[1]
Screwdiver x1.00 x0.80[1]
Aquatank x0.90 x0.75[2]
Wight Knight x1.00 x0.80[1]
Gargoyle x1.00 x0.80[1]
Pirate x1.00 x0.80[1]
Air Pirate x1.00 x1.00[KH I]
x0.80[KH I FM]
Battleship x0.50[3] x0.50[KH I][3]
x0.40[KH I FM]
Darkball x1.00 x0.80[1]
Defender x0.90 x0.75[2]
Wyvern x0.90 x0.75[2]
Wizard x0.50 x0.40[4]
Behemoth x0.03[5]
x0.01[6][KH I]
Destroyed Behemoth[KH I FM] x0.03
Arch Behemoth[KH I FM] x0.02
Invisible x0.80
Angel Star x0.50
Darkside x0.04[5] x0.03[5]
Leon x0.04[5] x0.03[5]
Guard Armor x0.04[5] x0.03[KH I][5]
Red Armor[KH I FM] x0.04 x0.03
Opposite Armor x0.04[5] x0.03[5]
Trickmaster x0.04[5]
Cloud x0.04[5] x0.03[5]
Cerberus x0.04[5] x0.03[5]
Yuffie x0.04[5] x0.03[5]
Hercules x0.04[5] x0.03[5]
Hades x0.02
Rock Titan x0.02
Sabor x0.04[5]
Clayton x0.04[5]
Stealth Sneak x0.04[5] x0.03[KH I][5]
Sneak Army[KH I FM] x0.03
Pot Centipede x0.04[5]
Cave of Wonders Guardian x0.04[5]
Jafar x0.04[5]
Jafar (Genie) x0.04[5]
Parasite Cage x0.04[5] x0.03[5]
The Shark x0.04[5] x0.03[5]
Ursula (Second battle) x0.04[5] x0.03[5]
Lock, Shock, and Barrel x0.04[5] x0.03[5]
Oogie Boogie x0.02[7]
Shadow Sora x0.04[5]
AntiSora x0.04[5]
Captain Hook x0.04[5]
Maleficent x0.02[7][8]
Maleficent (Dragon) x0.04[5]
Chernabog x0.01[5]
Ansem, Seeker of Darkness x0.01[KH I]
x0.02[KH I FM]
World of Chaos x0.02
Bit Sniper x0.80[1]
Main Core/Room Core x0.80[1]
Artillery x0.80[1]
Face x0.02
Gigas Shadow[KH I FM] x0.04 x0.03
Stealth Soldier[KH I FM] x0.04 x0.03
Sniperwild[KH I FM] x0.04 x0.03
Pot Scorpion[KH I FM] x0.04 x0.03
Chimera[KH I FM] x0.05 x0.04
Jet Balloon[KH I FM] x0.10
Ice Titan x0.02
Kurt Zisa x0.02
Unknown[KH I FM] x0.01
Enemy Resistance
Ursula (First battle) x0[5]
Oogie's Manor x0
Phantom x0
Riku x0
Black Ballade[KH I FM] x0
Grand Ghost[KH I FM] x0
Neoshadow[KH I FM] x0
Missile Diver[KH I FM] x0
Pink Agaricus[KH I FM] x0[9]
Sephiroth x0

Notes and references[edit]

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