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Dark Splicer

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Dark Splicer
(ダークスプライサー Dāku Supuraisā?)

Dark Splicer KHBBS.gif

LV CP Required Attack No. of Hits Power
LV1 Dark Splicer 3 0
1st additional input 3 0
2nd additional input 5 0
Element Status Effect Reload Speed Command Gauge
Magic icon Dark 5 seconds +10
Dark Splicer
(ダークスプライサー Dāku Supuraisā?)
Stop an enemy in its tracks, then warp around as you pummel it.
Attack Element Power Reaction
Status Guard?
Stop attack Attack icon None 0 0 Stop (100%/[1])
Dark Splicer Attack icon Dark 1.0 1
Final attack Attack icon Dark 1.5 2
Reload Speed Dream Eater Bonus
32 seconds Strength +3, Dark Resistance +10

Dark Splicer is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It allows the user to teleport around the enemy multiple times while slashing at them.


In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Dark Splicer is a Friendship command that has a reload time of 5 seconds and fills the Command Gauge by 10%. Additional slashes can be added at the end of the technique by inputting two button presses. If a "bullet time" effect occurs, indicating that Vanitas used Dark Splicer at the same time, the player can input the indicated prompts to evade Vanitas's attack and slash him away.

In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Dark Splicer is an attack command exclusive to Riku that uses two slots in the Command Deck and has a reload time of 32 seconds. It inflicts Stop on enemies at the beginning of the attack and deals Dark damage. It also prevents the user from flinching and getting knocked back. It grants +3 to Strength and +10 to Dark Resistance when attached to a Dream Eater recipe.

In Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, Dark Splicer is an ability usable by Riku. It is triggered by activating an Ability Crystal near a grounded foe.

Learning Dark Splicer[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

  • Vanitas's D-Link has 4 copies of Dark Splicer in its deck.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory[edit]

  • Dark Splicer can be triggered by activating an Ability Crystal as Team 3D.

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Vanitas uses Dark Splicer when fighting Ventus at the Dive to the Heart.

Vanitas Remnant use Dark Splicer in its boss battle.

See also[edit]

  1. ^ The Stop status lasts until the attack ends.