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The Mayor

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The Mayor

The Mayor KHII.png

Japanese 町長
Rōmaji Chōchō
Voice actors (Ja:) Tōru Ōhira
(En:) Jeff Bennett [KH I]
Glenn Shadix [KH II]
Homeworld Halloween Town
Origin The Nightmare Before Christmas
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
The Mayor

Kingdom Hearts
The two-faced mayor of Halloween Town. He switches from his happy face to his sad face depending on his mood, which changes constantly. He's working with Jack to make this year's festival the best ever.

He appeared in "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993).
Kingdom Hearts II
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The two-faced mayor of Halloween Town. His face switches from a happy version to a sad one depending on his mood, which seems to change pretty often.

The Mayor relies on Jack to make preparations for Halloween. In fact, the Mayor can't decide a thing without Jack's help.
"Jack HELP! I am only an elected official, I can't handle this by myself!!"
—The Mayor

The Mayor is the two-faced "leader" of Halloween Town. Although he is the mayor, he is "only an elected official", and cannot do anything without Jack Skellington's guidance and help. The Mayor made his first appearance in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

During Jack's rehearsal in the town square, the Mayor introduces Jack while the Search Ghosts perform. After Dr. Finkelstein's first attempt at creating a heart, the Mayor comes into the entryway to the lab in distress and tells everyone that the Heartless have started rampaging. He later appears in the graveyard and tells Sora and company how to obtain the "surprise" ingredient, the Jack-in-the-Box.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

When Sora, Goofy, and Donald arrive in the Town Square, several Heartless are in the area. The Mayor stands to one side, yelling ineffectually at the Heartless to leave and calling for Jack to stop them. Jack soon appears and the three are ready to vanquish the Heartless threat.

After Sora and company defeat Oogie Boogie later on, the Mayor arrives in Christmas Town looking for Jack. He claims yet again that he cannot do anything without Jack's approval. Jack agrees, and the two walk off in order to discuss plans for the next Halloween. Jack's santa outfit triggers the Gate to appear, helping Sora to clear the world.

During Sora's return to Halloween Town, the Heartless have again invaded the Town Square, this time playing with Santa Claus's missing Christmas presents. The Mayor again tries to order the Heartless to leave Halloween Town, failing to provoke the Heartless. Jack and company arrive on the scene, defeating the Heartless to obtain the missing presents.

Some time after Xemnas's defeat, the Mayor is shown hurrying into Dr. Finklestein's lab to listen to Jack's plans for next Halloween along with Sally, Zero, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel.


The Mayor is rather short, especially when compared to Jack. His head is cone-shaped and displays the two faces he is most notable for. One face (as well as his hands) is peach-colored, with rosy cheeks and a face set in a permanent smile. The other face is bone-white, has a mouth set in a permanent frown (the teeth of which are pointed) with green lips and yellow eyes. There is a seam of some sort around the mouths of both faces because in the claymation for the movie, the mouths were replaceable to make the mayor talk. His top hat is gigantic, being the same height as the Mayor himself, but very thin.

The Mayor's body is also cone-shaped, with his body ballooning outward before ending on short, stubby legs with very tiny feet. He dresses in a black suit with a white undershirt and black-and-white pinstriped pants. He wears a pendant or bow-tie shaped like a black widow spider, though it only has six legs and the notorious red hourglass marking is on the spider's back and is much more detailed than in real life. There is a red ribbon with the word "MAYOR" printed on a white center pinned to the left breast of his blazer. He is never seen without his short, metal megaphone that he uses to issue orders, announcements, and, more often, call for help from Jack.


The Mayor has two split personalities, happy and sad (which is shown by his "rotating face"). He usually plans Halloween with Jack every year and he looks up to him as the town's hero. He is also quite unreliable and cowardly since he can't stand up to the Heartless by himself and asks Jack to get rid of them, even making an excuse that he is only "an elected official".


The Mayor originates from Tim Burton's 1993 stop-motion Disney film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. In the film, he and the citizens are preparing Halloween Town for Halloween. As per the Mayor's request, Jack also assists in the preparations. When Jack goes missing over night during his journey into Christmas Town, the Mayor panics, as he fears Halloween would be ruined without Jack's input. Jack returns and asks the Mayor to hold a meeting at town hall, to which the Mayor happily agrees to do. After Jack announced he wishes to celebrate Christmas, the Mayor supports Jack and helps him in his quest to bring his own version of Christmas to the world, despite his secret misgivings about it. When Jack is apparently killed by the U.S army while delivering presents in place of Santa Claus, the Mayor openly admits his misgivings about Jack's idea and sorrowfully goes off inform Halloween Town about Jack's "death". Later, he is told by Lock, Shock, and Barrel that Jack is still alive, and comes to retrieve him and Sally after Oogie Boogie has been defeated. At the end of the film, the Mayor of Halloween Town is seen among the surprised citizens when it begins snowing in Halloween Town.

In the film, the Mayor was voiced by the late Glenn Shadix, who did not reprise the role in Kingdom Hearts until Kingdom Hearts II, with Jeff Bennett replacing him in the first Kingdom Hearts.