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Berserk (Limit Break)

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This article is about Saïx's Limit Break.
You may be looking for the ability.

(バーサク Basāku?)
.gif of Berserk
Attack Power Critical Chance Flinches
Swing around 0.63 X X
Fall swing 2.03 X X
Final Limit
Swing around 0.63 X X
Shockwave 2.03 X O
"You're on."
—Saïx during the Limit Break.
"Don't vex me."
—Saïx during the Final Limit.

Berserk is a Limit Break that appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It allows the user to rush across the battlefield, causing shockwaves.


Berserk is Saïx's Limit Break. It causes Saïx to enter a state of berserk and his claymore to change form. Pressing A will make Saïx leap at targets with an aerial shockwave, while not pressing anything causes Saïx to rush in a single direction, leaving shockwaves in his wake. During the Final Limit, the rate and range of Saïx's attacks are increased, and pressing A will cause Saïx to jump into the air and release an area burst shockwave, inflicting massive damage to nearby targets.

Learning Berserk[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • Saïx has Berserk as his Limit Break.