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Diamond Dust (ability)

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This article is about the ability.
You may be looking for the Keychain.

Diamond Dust
(ダイヤモンドダスト Daiyamondo Dasuto?)
.gif of Diamond Dust
Attack Power Critical Chance Flinches
Ice 0.75 X X
Ice block 1.17 X X
Final Limit
Ice 0.75 X O
Ice block 2.03 X O

Diamond Dust
(ダイヤモンドダスト Daiyamondo Dasuto?)
Diamond Dust
Attack No. of Hits Power
Weapon 1-2 1.25
Icicle 1 1.0
Combo Finish 1 2.5
Element Status Command Gauge
Attack icon Blizzard +8
Diamond Dust
Attack No. of Hits Power
Cold air 1 3.0
Icicle 1 3.0
Weapon 1 3.0
Element Status Command Gauge
Attack icon Blizzard +0
Diamond Dust
(ダイヤモンドダスト Daiyamondo Dasuto?)
Launch a series of spinning ice blades toward targets.
Attack Element Power Guard? Status
Form Value Reaction Value Revenge Value Repel LV
Diamond Dust Magic icon Neutral (Rapid-fire) 0.8 (x1~23) X
0 0 0.1 (x1~23)
Diamond Dust
(ダイヤモンドダスト Daiyamondo Dasuto?)
Diamond Dust KHUX.gif
Attributes Target Gauge Cost Damage
Magic Reversed All 1 7★: x7.07 - 8.27
7★: 4 turns: ↑ S-DEF & M-DEF by 1. HP recovery LV 2. Inflicts more damage the more turns have passed.
"I've had enough of this."
—Vexen during his Limit Break.
"You're too much trouble!"
—Vexen during his Final Limit.

Diamond Dust is a technique introduced in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It allows the user to raise ice from the ground to freeze enemies.


In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Diamond Dust is Vexen's Limit Break. It summons three large mounds of ice that ascend from the ground to strike enemies, dealing ice damage and freezing enemies. During the Final Limit, the three mounds of ice are replaced by one large glacier. This deals greater ice damage, continues to freeze enemies, and temporarily makes them gradually lose HP.

Diamond Dust KHBBS.png

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Diamond Dust is a Command Style that can be used by Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. It is activated by using Blizzard-related Deck Commands or the Snow Bear ice cream item. When using Diamond Dust, the user gains an icy blue aura around them. Particles of ice emanate from the user's body as well. Terra, Ventus and Aqua's attacks become faster and deal ice damage. The standard four-hit combo deals Blizzard-type damage and the combo finisher consists of summoning three ice pillars that spin at a rapid speed. An ice pillar may be summoned during a combo. The finish command consists of the user producing a giant glacier, then bursting it around the user, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

In Kingdom Hearts Union χ, Diamond Dust is a special attack that targets all enemies. It costs 1 special attack gauge to perform. It moderately recovers HP and inflicts more damage the more turns have passed.

Special attack Rarity Base •• ••• •••• ••••• Hits
Diamond Dust +4 5★ x1.55 - 2.75 x1.61 - 2.81 x1.67 - 2.87 x1.73 - 2.93 1
Diamond Dust +5 6★ x1.61 - 2.81 x1.67 - 2.87 x1.73 - 2.93 x1.79 - 2.99 x1.85 - 3.05 x1.91 - 3.11 1
Diamond Dust +6 7★ x7.07 - 8.27 1

Special attack Player Buff Target Debuff Duration
+4-6 +4-6
Diamond Dust Speed-based defense +1
Magic-based defense +1
4 turns

In Kingdom Hearts III, Diamond Dust is the basic Shotlock of the Crystal Snow Keyblade and has a max lock of 23. When activated, Sora hovers in the air and launches a series of ice blades towards enemies, with the amount of ice blades launched depending on the number of locks.

Learning Diamond Dust[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • Vexen has Diamond Dust as his Limit Break.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

Diamond Dust is an enemy Sleight that Vexen uses against Riku. It conjures an ice storm that covers the entire battlefield and slowly deals damage. In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, the attack finishes with an ice blast.

Vexen - A (card).png + Vexen - M (card).png + Vexen - M (card).png


Diamond Dust is a recurring technique in the Final Fantasy series, most often as the signature attack of Shiva, a recurring summon.

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