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Shadow_zps0ydzejak.png This user will chase their prey till the bitter end.
SoldierArt_zpsvjb2tyob.png This user is a member of the dark infantry.
AirSoldier02_zpsparr006k.png Tally ho, chaps. We're ready for another aerial chase.
Sniperwild_zpsrkb8jwqc.png This user calls their brethren to shoot from afar.
RedNctrn_zpsiwjfyap2.png This user is on fire!
BlueRhaps_zpsumpacily.png This user is cold as ice.
Yellowopera_zpslyggwsjq.png This user has a rather shocking personality.
GreenReqMobile_zpsokqhsa1t.png This user is a skilled medic. You know the rule: don't shoot the medic.
Blkblld_zpsazzyhgzf.png This user loves to sing in beautiful ballade.
Gigasshadow_zpsfapzxbtw.png This user is overgrown...
SearchGhostHT_zpsusorswdw.png This user has a penchant for draining others' health.
GrandGhost_zpseqlydl6q.png This user cannot be healed.
Wightknight_zpshdmkxj7y.png This user has been trained in the art of spooky dance...
Gargoyle_zpsxz4n9ala.png This user loves to slink away without notice.
Chimera_zpsrkxbquhu.png This user seems to have been cobbled together from various bits lying around...
Shelteringzone1_zpsnk57h894.png This user is a swift swimmer.
Shelteringzone_zpsqp5tbhtp.png This user causes massive damage when knocking things or people aside...
Aquatank_zpsqjqsiyot.png This user is a laid-back swimmer.
Screwdiver2_zpsvdpd8ufz.png This user knows that water and electricity always make a fatal combination.
ShadowSora_zpshf3t4c6g.png This user is a mere shadow of a newborn warrior...
PirateArt_zpswha6xmjb.png This user is a stark ravin' pirate, yarr!
Airpirate1_zpsxjpqrxou.png This user prefers to do their pillaging in the air.
Battleship1_zps67v4kife.png This user appreciates a fine pirate vessel.
Jet%20Balloon_zps1vycht8m.png This user lets other kamikaze fighters do the work for them.
Missilediver_zps2e3lquk7.png This user crashes into their adversary at top speed!
Darkball_zpsocbredqn.png This user pops up in front of you without warning.
Defender_zpspl6uxpya.png Beware this user's monstrous shield.
Wyvern_zpssrdpv2vr.png This user would rather be a winged dragon.
Wizard_zps7a7eclwx.png This user is a master of powerful spells.
InvisibleOrig_zpsh2ufefut.png This user attacks with a ring of dark flames.
BlackFungusMobile_zpssfq1erjp.png This user poisons its foes. Or stuns them. Pick your poison (pardon the pun).
Pinkagaricus_zpszdmlyyh7.png This user dances by swaying from side to side!
NeoshadowKHFM_zpsnjqntfd4.png This user is the next evolution of the dark being.
Stealth%20Soldier_zpsovm7n7ry.png This user is invisible...
CreeperPlantStd_zpsvtwdji6f.png This user is here to brighten up anyone's front garden.
Tornadostep_zpstinieetc.png This user never gets vertigo.
Silverrock_zpsagff55k0.png This user can transform into a devastating ball of light.
EmeraldBluesStd_zpsuvnkvys7.png This user creates wind just by twirling around.
Crimson%20Jazz_zpssxlsig5c.png This user derives much cruel pleasure from setting lots of mines!
SpringMetal_zpsw5m53l4i.png This user creates tornadoes wherever they go!
Trick%20Ghost_zpsnyvhy0gx.png This user has two faces.
Rabiddog_zpsscc0gy8s.png Down, you bad dog! Down!
Hookbat_zpslv0urift.png This user annoys foes... and does so pretty well.
Befuddler_zpsgpwkl0l8.png This user is only the start of your troubles...
Bookmaster2_zpsu7rcnjky.png This user has mastered the use of three major elements.
Hammerframe%20TR_zpsftp8lcfk.png This user loves creating shockwaves!
Ironhammer_zpswtyfdcwg.png This user enjoys spinning frantically in the air.
Fortuneteller2_zpsg5yab7jn.png This user foresees an attack!
Rapidthruster_zpswllcvaan.png This user appears in swarms.
Morningstar_zpsxy0bpitx.png This user is a living mace.
Fiery%20Globe_zps0qtz4szr.png This user is a little ball of fire.
Icecube_zpseuhyuznm.png This user is a small frozen specimen.
Lunabandit_zpspgjuwrkm.png This user is good with dual scimitars.
GargoyleKnight_zpstwv1vpjq.png This user becomes skilled with the sword when possessed by the darkness...
GargoyleWarrior_zpsre10ymph.png This user becomes adept at using an axe when possessed by the darkness...
Graveyard_zpsjtfytqi4.png This user respects the dead.
ToySoldier1_zps59pgrmct.png This user makes the perfect gift... if ruining someone's childhood is an option.
Aeroplane1_zps0avxpb71.png Tally ho, chaps. We have a target to gun down.
HotRod_zpsr3obo8dv.png This user cannot be trusted behind the wheel.
Madride_zpsoeur6kp2.png This user takes dangerous driving to a whole new level.
Nightwalker_zpszgsaqfdj.png This user is here to suck the life energy out of you!
Bolt%20Tower%201_zpsueybpi20.png This user would rather not be hit in the face.
MagnumLoaderY_zpsbjzmrskl.png This user enjoys zipping around the Game Grid at high speeds.
Strafer_zpssyz3wbwf.png C:\Users\Ansem>run ELECTRIFY.exe
Devastator_zpsgb5qnboi.png C:\Users\Ansem>run ERADICATE.exe
Reckless_zpszs24uxhg.png This user attacks without a care in the world.
LivingBoneFM_zps3jp2oq3g.png This user makes a fine steed.
Shaman1_zpsdmbrq5kn.png This user is a figure of utmost standing in their tribe.
AerialKnocker_zpspyyo1dcw.png This user is a decently skilled boxer.
Surveillance%20Robot_zps5uh1bngb.png This user steadfastly watches over all who pass by...
BitSniperArt_zpsftgqan9h.png This user awaits you at the end of the world...
AerialViking_zpsxqzcrvao.png This user is part of a mighty race of pillagers!
Megashadow_zps9zhkgejv.png This user is not your typical average grunt.
Scarlettango_zps5abaejdf.png This user is fiery and passionate.
GreyCaprice_zpscvxnpxsy.png This user has mastered the use of antimatter long before the rest of humanity will ever do so.
Sapphireelegy_zpss0sga16i.png This user has mastered the art of teleportation.
Turquoisemarch_zpsnma4aunl.png This user is a living water gun!
Emeraldserenade_zps2shxxh42.png This user is tricky to finish off...
Fireplant_zps5wyg4ub6.png This user spits fireballs.
Iceplant_zpsr65ahz69.png This user knows how to head-butt enemies.
MASSIVEPOSSESSOR_zpskglvict5.png This user is a big ball of chaos.
Guardian_zpsw9tjkrwe.png This user keeps constant guard over you...
Destroyer_zpsubi8hrr6.png This user is programmed to destroy everything in their path!
Deserter_zps5bmeduko.png This user has just abandoned his ranks.
Sergeant_zpskx504sxr.png This user will have you know that they are a sergeant and you will not disobey!
Commander_zpswl44cc4v.png This user has a high rank to boast about.
LargeArmor_zps7yvwd5cc.png This user blocks attacks from every direction.
Clay%20Armor_zpsatxelccs.png Look what this user made in pottery class.
LandArmor_zps26p8i5kz.png This user is huge and solid... but blow a gust of wind and it would work against them...
Bullydog_zpsddapufor.png This user is quite the bully.
Air%20Battler_zpsb7pfmrkb.png This user is aggressive in the air.
Aerial%20Master_zpscm4ljllm.png This user is a master of aerial combat.
Artfulflyer_zpsb0xki1tw.png This user is an expert in using wind.
Skygrappler1_zpsjyh0xail.png This user wrestles in the air.
SnowyCrystal_zpsyrifq9ro.png This user is a large frozen specimen and will take quite a while to melt...
SpikedCrawler_zpshdpqzr9o.png This user is a slow, defensive crawler.
ScorchingSphere_zpslgk36n1x.png Touch this user and you will burn!
CarrierGhost_zpseioqcmu7.png This user will sweep you off your feet... and take your life!
LivingPod_zpss7at9aw8.png This user will drain your life faster than you can say "Living Pod."
DualBlade_zpsx8ha5jp0.png This user has learnt from the best and the brightest: two blades work better than one.
Chill%20Ripper_zpsxlzepbvc.png This user kills in cold blood.
Blitzspear_zps9j0eylz7.png This user will pierce you with lightning!
Stalwartblade_zpssgubib2o.png This user is sturdily built.
Orcus_zpsmnlrr3ex.png Have you ever heard of a demon more powerful than your worst nightmare?
Tailbunker_zpsezkg3nkz.png Ready the anti-air batteries; a wild user with bombs has been sighted...
Phantomtail_zpsebqngl82.png Just how many Heartless is Captain Hook planning to summon—?!
Wavecrest_zpsk6u0tkyo.png Today's forecast: heavy rain.
zn52UZf.png This user has taken on the Dustflier, and won multiple times!
Eliminator_zpsr9oyeqxe.png This user is the kind of enemy that nightmares are made of.
Appleface_zpslfoe50xg.png This user blushes a delicious, juicy red.
Applehead_zps2dqwutgd.png This user makes no more pretenses over the fact that they are poisoned.
ArmedWarrior_zpsdnwwf4d3.png This user looks heavy-duty, and will soon show you they truly are!
ArmoredArcher_zps4htakxhd.png This user is here to punish. Don't you be naughty, now...
CommonSoldier_zps0wlahukq.png This user is so awesome that he rides a bear and plays with animals!
CreepBouquet_zpsift3eg3l.png This user's red roses have been planted with a pest...
PrankBouquet_zpsw770hur0.png This user has just received a gag bouquet.
Darkplant_zpsk7epnwu9.png This user knows what it's like to be a blight on an otherwise perfect world.
ChocolateStatue_zpszufanqhw.png This user is a delight for chocolate lovers everywhere.
WhiteChocStatue_zpsf48butjy.png This user is just as delightful a sweet treat as any.
Eggstealer_zpsrnxvktig.png This user is gonna help themself to all the Easter eggs before anyone else can!
Fireworks_zps4bytzmit.png This user is a firework and is about to show you what they are worth!
FireworksL_zps5axw00pk.png This user likes to think they sparkle brighter than most.
FireworksXL_zpssktioj1w.png This user loves a spectacular fireworks display!
FlowerRider_zpsupblkzag.png This user's preferred method of transport is a falling flower.
Pretender_zpscbjoympm.png BOO! This user can pretend to be much sought-after treasure, but not for long!
GreatPretender_zpseih8zsdd.png This user is a great pretender, pretending that they're doing well...
Watermelon_zps1mmwgmg6.png This user is here to celebrate the summer!
Large%20Watermelon_zps2o6qaw2y.png This user is here to be shared by many!
HUGE%20Watermelon_zpsvbuyjnk4.png This user brings ultimate sweetness to our summer season!
Wardrobe_zpszoizd3cf.png This user has a chest of horrors waiting to be unearthed.
Roundricecake_zpsk7asviqp.png This user has just possessed an auspicious rice cake.
RoundricecakeL_zpsatg7xumu.png This user desires to live long and prosper.
Jackolantern_zpsqa7ha074.png This user waits faithfully outside people's doors on Halloween night.
PumpkinSoldier_zpslouvntwm.png It's a chilly night, and this user has come out to play...
LionDancer_zpso7ugx1mw.png This user is about to sacrilege a sacred dance...
LargeSnowman_zps45ekzock.png This user melts away in the warmer months.
Ragereindeer_zpsn1p8hmma.png Uh, Santa... I think one of your reindeer has just turned rabid and is causing havoc all over the place.
RodeoRider_zpsjrtjxkl5.png This user is good on horseback.
StrangeTree_zpss88azikx.png This user's Christmas tree has just turned treant...
TowerMaccaron_zpsfg8ivtg2.png This user's bitterness has towered several times over with the passing of time.
Violetwaltz_zpsaefiwirb.png This user is just as dark and gloomy as they look.

WobbleTiptoe_zps5qgkvfjr.png This user is trying to copy the seven dwarves' awesome dance... but isn't doing as well as we hoped.
HeadBandit_zpssnlv7hbu.png This user often brags about all the loot they have stolen.

Windupleafcake_zpslhepxx3r.png This user is a delight to children.

DrawlyClown_zpsraez2odt.png There's a reason why we don't like clowns all that much...
CircusBalloon_zpsnxi9qcza.png For your second anniversary, we're giving you A HAUNTED BALLOON!
JugglerTower_zpsniwozac3.png This user is part of an act of three sinister jugglers.
Rowdymaster_zpsqad6t6y6.png This user is a brash and brutal circus master.
SwingingSpook_zps7wvvn5w0.png This user is a swingin' spook.
Darkside_zpsvtoy8gys.png The closer this user gets to the light, the greater their shadow becomes.
DarksideSubsp_zpssvpiaic5.png This user's shadow manifests a little... differently.
GuardArmor_zpsikmguu2c.png This user stands with the leader of the Heartless of Traverse Town.
RedArmor_zpsomoxapuh.png This user likes to paint the arena red.
GuardArmorSubsp_zpsfjudvx0q.png This user prefers a different kind of Guard Armor.
Trickmaster_zpsblomoogt.png This user confuses people with herky-jerky moves.
StealthSneak_zps3rm5f6za.png This user relates to the darkness in Clayton's heart.
Sneakarmy_zpsjzbrkh7b.png It appears that Clayton's darkness is back from the dead... and stronger than ever.
Pot%20Centipede2_zpssmieaj6t.png This user is a town-destroying menace.
ParasiteCageArt_zpsjyckqrge.png This user is as nasty as a stomach virus.
AntiSora_zps7z9m2nds.png This user needs to confront their shadowy doppelganger once and for all...
BehemothFM_zpszgzgfp68.png This user is enamored by the mighty and powerful.
DestrBehemoth_zpsoq1yskt1.png This user is not just mighty and powerful, but has great aptitude too.
Arc%20Behemoth_zpsj9plhwz1.png This user is mighty and powerful, but doesn't have as much aptitude as their brethren...
Phantom1_zpsxaul305p.png This user is here to steal your heart...
Thresholder_zps5tauqmwx.png You shall not pass this user!
Shadowstalker_zps0iqj94dr.png This user uses their boundless energy to break free of their chains.
Darkthorn_zpsubhrzrz9.png This user lives unbound and unchained.
Blizzard%20Lord_zpsptptugte.png This user is a big blue lump!
Volcanic%20Lord_zpsersuvmyk.png This user is a big orange lump... because it can be.
PrisonKeeper2_zpsydeowchr.png This user has the unsavory distinction of eating children for breakfast... and regurgitating them.
Stormrider_zpshn4t3hqb.png This user is a mighty guardian dragon... turned dark.
Groundshaker2_zpswpu1ea9m.png This user causes massive tremors with their every movement!
Veillizard_zpsxftdxms0.png This user likes to haunt old, uninhabited mansions.
Lurklizard_zpsd4f1zmnv.png This user likes to lurk in weird places.
Antlion_zpsinivlxly.png This user is the cause of desert sandstorms.
Leechgrave_zpsyno4mzmh.png This user bids you prepare to die!
Rulerofthesky_zps4jmvbczq.png This user is the embodiment of a pirate captain's greed.
Darkhide_zpsg6bgmipx.png This user is a newly-discovered specimen.
Cruelsweets_zpssrm7uwqq.png This user knows just how cruel rejection can be...
EggMaster_zpsal9mhfql.png This user is out to ruin everyone's Easter Sunday.
Jackinthebox_zpspxc4qa44.png This user is about to serve up a hot plate of herky-jerky this Christmas!
LionDanceHeadliner_zpsxi21dni8.png This user is headliner of a demonic dance.
TridentAnchorSubsp_zpsnux6h7pi.png Ha! Bet you're taking these jaws seriously now, aren't ya? Aren't ya?
Whitereturner_zpsnp7u2u0r.png This user is going to jilt someone on White Day...
WitchBomber_zpszxsngnwv.png Bombs away! Eeheeheeheehee!
FierceQueenSubsp_zpsmozdmz5x.png This user has warned you enough times about the honey. The gloves are off.
HocusPocus_zpszhz7smum.png Hocus pocus, how atrocious!
ViciousSpider_zpsejm2ydct.png This spider should not be touched within close range.
VenomSpider_zpsiwnzfzwh.png This user has a thing for poisonous spiders.
Dancer_zps1tw3iwb6.png Everybody dance! This user thinks Dancers are love.
UserAssassin.png This user is a paid Assassin.
UserDusk.png The user you see before you is known as a Dusk.
Gambler_zpsyu6xrvr7.png This user is a Gambler. Raise or Fold?
UserSniper.png This user is a Sniper and has got you in his or her sights.
Sorcerer_zpsylntasrz.png This user is an unstoppable Sorcerer. Dare you try to break his or her poise?
Berserker_zpsxrvxi22f.png This user is a mighty Berserker and warns you to move aside!
Dragoon_zpsbi69h5on.png This user is a powerful Dragoon. You would do well to learn from him or her.
UserSamurai.png This user is a noble Samurai, now draw your weapon.
UserCreeper.png This user is a stealthy Creeper; can you predict his or her next move?
UserTwilightThorn.png This user will be a thorn in your side for all eternity!
Specter_zpsvpzbwuan.png This user is a ghastly Specter, graceful yet carrying a traitor on their back.
Flood2_zpsujvkjiqt.png This user is tiny and tenacious.
Scrapper2_zpssmkrc4yq.png This user only travels in straight lines.
Bruiser1_zpslv0ymi4t.png This user knows that size matters.
RedHotChili_zpszqvm2fch.png Don't expect this spice churl to hold still.
Monotrucker1_zpsvfxplrie.png This user knows how to pick a fight with pickaxes.
Thornbite2_zpslzb1xrjg.png This user bears no roses... only thorns.
Shoegazer2_zpshzdixios.png This user only wants to hop around and defend! Leave this user alone!
Spiderchest2_zps7rxk0uyg.png This user is going to EAT YOU!
Archraven1_zpsh2aaectw.png This user will make off with your treasure... because they like to.
Hareraiser1_zpshwcze3yn.png Cute? Nope. Meet the anti-cuddly.
Jellyshade%20O_zpsy2dew4oo.png This user is fiery, but would rather stick with the group.
VilePhial2_zpsctavwe06.png This user would gladly pump their comrades full of HP.
SonicBlaster1-1_zpsjzcidl5e.png Currently acquiring coordinates...
WildBruiser1_zpsymxgqvum.png Where this user goes, a lot of monkey business will follow.
BlueSeaSalt_zps5obynu9r.png Don't expect this chilly adversary to hold still.
YellowMustard_zpsuaecmykh.png Don't expect this crafty condiment to hold still.
Mandrake1_zpsqmj3m1xb.png Get ready to be poisoned, confused, and generally messed around by this user.
ChronoTwister2_zpsazjyhzjs.png This user would rather hide in the sand in its hourglass.
Axeflapper_zpszagpnm7t.png This user gives out powerful wind blasts.
PrizePod1_zpsvnvs2gtt.png Do you call dibs on this user's deliciousness?
Blobmob2_zpsreeagbh4.png This user knows how to make duplicates of themself.
GlidewinderY_zpssbbrbzgm.png This user is an avid racer.
Flamebox_zpsmeuconsz.png This user is gonna set the place on fire!
LoneRunner_zps26h6xiep.png Try and catch this user... if you can...
Vitalityvial_zpsapmzr4xe.png This user is about to poison the room; can you keep up?
Ringer_zpsb685axe1.png One by one, they materialize, until there's a horde of this user around...
GluttonousGoo_zpsr4goodhg.png This user advises you to get your grubby hands away from their precious orbs.
FloatingFlora_zpswyskz3c8.png This user wants you to watch that they don't fall.
WheelMaster2_zpswttohjcw.png This user likes tearing up people's emotions with cruel timing.
SymphonyMaster1_zpsxa8e9xsg.png Drum roll please!
CursedCoach2_zpsngjtgazd.png Try to put the brakes on this user, now, would you?
SpiritMagMirror_zpsdcdmwq3i.png It takes coercion to make a powerful enemy.
TrinityArmor2_zpslqsaxjpe.png Taking out this big guy... it takes three.
Metamorphosis_zpsartxnlc7.png This user is a stowaway.
Mimicmaster_zpsbu0kwcey.png This user is a living photocopier.
IronImpr2-2_zpspfvarnyx.png This user wields a hammer of awesome.
zuD393l.png This user has taken on the Vanitas Remnant and won!
XZSXQaj.png Nobody rams like this user does.
WDFPB9k.png public void attack(DE CyberYog) {
beam = CyberYog.getLaser();
blast(beam, this.user);   }
Id6czMx.png This user doesn't use magic, they hit you with magical awesome.
p1G3B6n.png This user can outrun lightning.
vGlqfRN.png This user knows how to tether the weather.
sP2GzsN.png This user is a snouted lout.
wGwaOGA.png This user is a powerful dragon!
OK, not really...
G989atB.png This user is a mythical monstrosity.
igTYKXn.png This user is just vunderful.
PSMrCRP.png This user likes to burn rubber.
FTR1okt.png This user likes fishsticks.
ozdQ1IJ.png This user has the unfortunate habit of gloating when landing a hit.
q2v5Rpz.png This user likes to pester their prey.
AZTuK8z.png This user is a bubble-blowing deadeye.
AF8MI6Z.png This user is prepared for burnination.
RmAgHmD.png This user can disassemble themself.
UserMeowjesty.png This user is a fan of Meowjesty.
jpexR3P.png This user could really use some vacation.
VEWP9C9.png This user fights alongside their subjects.
WOlekDC.png This user makes life generally less pleasant.
MJJAfPq.png This user's identity remains a secret.
lQ9srJf.png This user tried to help a friend, but only made it worse.