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The Shark

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The Shark

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Katakana サメ Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Same
Origin The Little Mermaid
Game Kingdom Hearts
The Shark

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
The Little Mermaid (1989)
A great white shark that swiftly attacks its prey.
Before rescue 200 22 19 32 100
After rescue 300 35 27 49 500
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x0.49 x0.5 x1.0
Gravity Stop Stun Other
x0.04 x0.3 x0.5 x0.5
Hi-Potion (100%), Ether (80%), Mega Potion (30%)

The Shark is a vicious great white shark found in Atlantica, only appearing there in Kingdom Hearts. It first appeared in Disney's The Little Mermaid.

The Shark is normally found swimming around the Sunken Ship area. It is considered a minor enemy at first as the player can escape fighting it, but it must be defeated later to enter Ursula's lair. It attacks randomly, and can do a great deal of damage.

The Shark is one of only eight enemies in Kingdom Hearts who do not have entries in Jiminy's Journal (the others being AntiSora, Bit Sniper, the Cave of Wonders Guardian, Chernabog, the Crank Tower, Shadow Sora, and World of Chaos).


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

The Shark mainly appears around the Sunken Ship and attacks Sora and company while they are in the area. When the friends are searching for Ursula's lair, it attacks in an attempt to eat them. Upon being defeated, it flees. However, it still remains around the Sunken Ship after the sea-witch's defeat.


The Shark is a massive great white shark with a rotund body and yellow eyes. The top half of its body is a dark blue-grey, while the underside is a lighter blue-grey color. It has three gill slits on either side of its body and a small nick in its tail fin. The Shark only has one dorsal fin, without the second, smaller dorsal fin further down its body like most sharks. While its teeth are the typical triangular shape of a great white, they seem to lack serrations and, most notably, there is only one row of teeth in its mouth, as opposed to the multiple, rotating rows of teeth common to all sharks.


The Shark, nicknamed Glut in official Disney records,[1] originated from the Disney 1989 movie, The Little Mermaid. He first appears attempting to kill Ariel and Flounder in the Sunken Ship and pursues them, although the chase causes damage to the ship in the process. However, Glut ends up getting his head stuck in an anchor and is not seen again afterwards.


The Shark—Kingdom Hearts The Shark—Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (HD 1.5 ReMIX)

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