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This article is about the musical theme.
You may be looking for the character.
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Kingdom Hearts II
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Artist Yoko Shimomura
Composer Yoko Shimomura
Length 1:29
Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts
1st Mov. : Sora - Allegro con brio
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File:1st Mov. : Sora - Allegro con brio Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts.ogg
Artist Miwa Sato
Composer Yoko Shimomura
Length 4:19

"Sora" is a musical composition by Yoko Shimomura that is first introduced in Kingdom Hearts II.


"Sora" serves as the character theme for Sora.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]


  • Twilight Town (first visit): "A Familiar Face," "The Fairies' Gift"
  • Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden (first visit): "Gathering of the Organization"

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]


  • Disney Castle: "Beneath the Hood"
  • Hollow Bastion: "What Friends Are For"

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]


  • Prologue/Mysterious Tower/Main Story: "Keyblade Master Riku"