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The Candy-Filled Kingdom

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Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]
The Candy-Filled Kingdom
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File:The Candy-Filled Kingdom KHUX.ogg
Artist Tsuyoshi Sekito
Composer Tsuyoshi Sekito
Length 2:35

The Candy-Filled Kingdom is a musical composition by Tsuyoshi Sekito that appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]. It is primarily used as the field theme for Candy Kingdom.


"The Candy-Filled Kingdom" is the field theme for Candy Kingdom in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross].

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross][edit]

  • Candy Kingdom: "A Sweet Encounter", "Vanellope", "The Empty Racetrack", "King Candy's Request", "King Candy's Request", "To the Kart Bakery", "The Glitch", "Racing Practice", "Practice Continues", "Venellope May Know", "A Visit to the Castle", "A Difficult Decision", "'My Hero'", "Talk!", "King Candy's Agenda", "To the Fungeon", "Success!", "A Happy Reunion?", "Let the Race Begin!", "A Great Plan", "Sugar Rush Royalty"