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Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts

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The cover of the Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts album.

Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts is a compilation album of compositions from the Kingdom Hearts series arranged for solo piano by Kaoru Wada. It was released on May 27, 2009 in Japan. It was featured in an ad in the North American edition of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days manual booklet that is now available on the Square Enix website.

Track list[edit]

Tracks 5 through 8 form a "Sonata on Themes of Kingdom Hearts".
Track Title Length Artist Composer
1 "Dearly Beloved" 2:35 Takehiko Yamada Yoko Shimomura
2 "Traverse Town" 3:37 Takehiko Yamada Yoko Shimomura
3 "Hand in Hand" 2:48 Hiroyuki Nakayama Yoko Shimomura
4 "Missing You ~ Naminé" 4:39 Hiroyuki Nakayama Yoko Shimomura
5 "1st Mov. : Sora - Allegro con brio" 4:18 Miwa Sato Yoko Shimomura
6 "2nd Mov. : Kairi - Andante sostenuto" 3:04 Miwa Sato Yoko Shimomura
7 "3rd Mov. : Riku - Scherzo e Intermezzo" 4:27 Miwa Sato Yoko Shimomura
8 "Finale : Working Together - Allegro vivace" 3:31 Miwa Sato Yoko Shimomura
9 "The 13th Side" 4:16 Takehiko Yamada Yoko Shimomura
10 "Roxas" 2:36 Hiroyuki Nakayama Yoko Shimomura
11 "The Other Promise" 4:40 Hiroyuki Nakayama Yoko Shimomura
12 "Concert Paraphrase on 'Dearly Beloved'" 4:06 Takehiko Yamada Yoko Shimomura

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