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Dawn of Hope

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Kingdom Hearts III
Dawn of Hope
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Artist Yoko Shimomura
Composer Yoko Shimomura
Length 4:21

"Dawn of Hope" is a musical composition by Yoko Shimomura that appears in Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. It is one of the boss themes of Terra-Xehanort.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Keyblade Graveyard: "Final Confrontations III"

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit]

  • Keyblade Graveyard: Terra-Xehanort and Vanitas, Terra-Xehanort[1]
  • Keyblade Graveyard: "Resolve", "Past Redux: Final Confrontations III"


"Dawn of Hope" is four minutes and 21 seconds long.

The track uses the melody of "Organization XIII", referencing how Terra-Xehanort and Vanitas are part of the real Organization XIII, as well as "Rage Awakened", the original boss theme of Terra-Xehanort.


Notes and references[edit]

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