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The Worlds

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This article is about the musical theme.
You may be looking for the worlds of the Kingdom Hearts universe.
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
The Worlds
Theme Notes.png
Arranger Yoko Shimomura
Composer Yoko Shimomura
Length 2:05

"The Worlds" is a musical composition by Yoko Shimomura that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It is the theme of the world map.


"The Worlds" is the theme of the world map in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Terra's Story[edit]

Ventus’s Story[edit]

  • Lanes Between: “An Invitation to Danger”, “Sleep Well, Heart”
  • Radiant Garden: “To the City of Light”

Aqua’s Story[edit]

  • Radiant Garden: “In Search of Terra”
  • Destiny Islands: “The Warmth of Light”
  • Lanes Between: “Mickey in the Lanes Between”