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Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album

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The Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album cover.

Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album is a compilation album of compositions from the Kingdom Hearts series arranged by several artists. It was released on March 25, 2015 in Japan for 2160 yen.

Track list[edit]

Track Title Length Artist Composer
1 "Dearly Beloved" 3:11 末光篤 (Suemitsu & The Suemith) Yoko Shimomura
2 "Riku ~ Kairi ~ Sora" 4:20 jizue Yoko Shimomura
3 "A Piece of Peace ~ Under the Sea ~ Traverse Town" 4:11 カワイヒデヒロ (fox capture plan) Yoko Shimomura
Alan Menken
4 "Traverse Town" 6:42 Jimanica Yoko Shimomura
5 "Always on My Mind" 6:10 Vampillia Yoko Shimomura
6 "Bustin' Up on the Beach ~ Shrouding Dark Cloud ~ Guardando nel buio" 5:40 牧歌電子 (BOKKADENcI) Yoko Shimomura
7 "Dearly Beloved ~ Hollow Bastion ~ Hand in Hand ~ Always on My Mind" 5:05 SOREMONSTER Yoko Shimomura
8 "Rage Awakened" 4:15 滝善充 (9mm Parabellum Bullet) Yoko Shimomura
9 "The 13th Struggle" 4:14 Marmalade butcher Yoko Shimomura
10 "March Caprice for Piano and Orchestra" 5:11 RIZM DEVICE Yoko Shimomura


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