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Artist Yoko Shimomura
Composer Yoko Shimomura
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Artist Yoko Shimomura
Composer Yoko Shimomura
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"Destati" is a song featured in the Kingdom Hearts series. Like "Dearly Beloved," variations of "Destati" are used throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.

In Italian, Destati is an imperative to "awaken!" It accompanies the conflict of Light over Darkness, a major theme in the series.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix[edit]



The songs below are based on the main themes of Destati

  • Darkness of the Unknown, although mainly based on the song Another Side, contains a brief element from Destati, which plays from the 4:36 to 4:45 mark. This song plays during the final battle against Xemnas.
  • A fuller, bolder version of Destati appears in Drammatica, which features Yoko Shimomura's most popular works. The last part of this variant track appears in the ending of A Fragmentary Passage.
  • The Eye of Darkness, the boss theme for Riku's final battle against the Armored Ventus Nightmare in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is a highly percussive remix of the original Destati track, featuring a fuller rhythm section, chimes, and brass, making it sound much grander than the standard theme.


Original Italian lyrics[edit]

Tendi la mano!

È giunta l'ora,
Le porte verranno schiuse
Destati, Destati, Destati

Su rimembra tu trepida!
Su sveglia! Ehi ricorda!

Destati! Destati!
Forza, tendi la mano!
Destati! Destati!
È giunta l'ora!

E ancora una volta
Apriranno le porte!

Su rimembra tu trepida!
Su sveglia! Ehi ricorda!

Eh? Come? Non lo vuoi!?
Tuttavia t'appartiene
Ciò che hai perduto
Diventerà uno solo!

English translation[edit]

Hold out your hand!

The time has come,
The doors will be parted
Awaken, Awaken, Awaken

Come on, remember, you who tremble!
Come on, wake up! Oh, remember!

Awaken! Awaken!
Come on, hold out your hand!
Awaken! Awaken!
The time has come!

And once again
They will open the doors!

Come on, remember, you who are anxious!
Come on, wake up! Oh, remember!

Eh? What? You do not want it!?
Still it belongs to you
What you have lost
Will become one!



  • According to Kingdom Hearts Ultimania, Destati is somewhat a "cursed song." Since the chorus is often used in other pieces, whenever the chorus is loaded by Square Enix staff, something bad happens, an example being the entire building's electricity getting cut off.[1]

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Kingdom Hearts Ultimania, interview with Sound Team; Yoko Shimomura: "In the beginning and ending of the game, there is a song with a chorus. That chorus is a phrase that expresses the dark side of Kingdom Hearts, and it was used in several songs. However, once we tried loading the chorus data in when we were creating the songs, something bad would happen. The worst thing that happened was when the electricity to the building was cut off."